Selectmen to continue discussion on LEAN program at Sept. 23 meeting

DIXFIELD — The Board of Selectmen this week heard a presentation on the LEAN business model and will continue discussion at their next meeting, Town Manager Linda Pagels-Wentworth said Tuesday.

She said a representative from the LEAN program gave a presentation on what the business model could offer Dixfield, adding that the selectmen “seemed excited” about the program.

The LEAN program is a business model in which professionals job-shadow town employees to see whether there are ways to make work more efficient and make suggestions for cutting costs.

The presentation, Pagels-Wentworth said, will help the town “figure out ways we can provide the maximum amount of customer service and where we can improve to help get us there.”

She said the next step is to meet with Wayne Messer of the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments to discuss their thoughts on the presentation.

“The LEAN management style is one of the two best in the country,” Pagels-Wentworth said. “It's definitely something worth pursuing.”

The Board of Selectmen will meet on Monday, Sept. 23, when the LEAN presentation will be among the topics discussed.

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 's picture

Best of luck to them trying

Best of luck to them trying the LEAN management style. The company I worked for tried doing that and it was nothing but a headache. Everytime there was an issue that could be resolved with a simple phone call, you'd have to put a flag out and then wait an hour for someone to come by and retrieve it and go through 30 people just to get something accomplished.

You'd have to have everything labeled from staplers to office equipment. If someone can't look at a stapler and know it's a stapler - they shouldn't be in the workforce!

You'd spend so many working hours figuring out steps of each process in the work environment and then map out strategies to fix it. Really this wasn't terrible and some good conversations came out of it, but in the end, it does no good. It is a waste of company time. And time is money.

Lean management is designed to allow more micro-managing and less independence of employees. Managers would be amazed at how well a work environment could function if they allow their employees to do their jobs without holding their hands through every task of the day. And if a manager feels they have to do that in order to get things accomplished, then they've hired the wrong people.

The more an employee is micro-managed. The more they won't care or take pride in their job. Here's hoping LEAN works better in this office environment than it did for a manufacturing environment.


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