Rumford manager resigns for 'personal reasons'

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Town Manager Carlo Puiia submitted a letter of resignation to the Board of Selectmen following Thursday evening's selectmen meeting, citing personal reasons.

RUMFORD — Town Manager Carlo Puiia submitted his resignation after Thursday evening's Board of Selectmen meeting, citing personal reasons.

At the end of the meeting, the board held an executive session and afterward in public session voted 4-0 to accept Puiia's resignation. Selectman Brad Adley was absent.

In his letter of resignation, Puiia said his decision to resign was “a personal one, and is based primarily on family values.”

“I believe having a new town manager in place for the next budgeting cycle would be of great benefit to you,” he wrote.

“Looking back on my time employed with the Town of Rumford, I consider it to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers that I could have ever possibly chosen. I will always admire and value the scores of volunteers who unselfishly give their time and energy in order to make Rumford a better place to live,” the letter said.

Selectman Jolene Lovejoy said that the board accepted his resignation "with deep regret."

"He said that he was resigning for personal reasons, and I respect that," Lovejoy said. "It was definitely a surprise for all of us."

The next step for the board, according to Lovejoy, is to decide what route to take in searching for a new Town Manager.

"We've got to call the Maine Municipal Association and see what a package would cost us, in terms of them looking for us," Lovejoy said. "I think all of us on the board have been through the process before. Carlo was generous enough to stay on with us until we're able to hire a new Town Manager, so in fairness to the community and to Mr. Puiia, we'll try to get through this as fast as possible."

Puiia was named to the position in 2009 after serving as the town's tax collector. His resignation is effective upon the appointment of a new town manager.

Nearly a month ago the Board of Selectmen approved a three-year contract for Puiia. It said he would take a salary cut of $1,300 the first year, making his pay $67,600. His pay would be $70,200 for 2014-15 and $72,800 for 2015-16.

It's the second resignation this year for the town. Selectman Jeremy Volkernick resigned in April after growing frustrated when the town wouldn't reduce the budget.

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Edward Bulger's picture

Thank you Carlo

Thank you Carlo for all the work you have done for our town.

Richard Greene's picture

Sad to hear the news

Carlo has done a great job as the town manager. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. I love the way he added so much to the town, dressing up as characters on different occasions and always looking out for the towns best interest. I wish him the best.

THOMAS FALLON 's picture


I wish Carlo Puiia well in the future.

THOMAS FALLON 's picture


I think the continuing negativity from the Rumford "governors" during the town's budget situation has caused problems for them as well as the community. I think continuously blaming SAVE Rumford and citizens who voted no on the budget has helped negativity to grow week by week. The "governors" should have taken a cue from Black Mountain of Maine which lost the citizens' financial support. The ski area went to work to gain funding without participating in the "blame game." This was a mature attitude toward their loss that I personally respect. And, something for our "governors" to think about...

Jack Kaubris's picture

Thank you Carlo

...for your service to our hometown. You have brought integrity and dignity to all that you have tried to do for this town.(Please reconsider)

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Walking away from 200 large

must be nice :)

 's picture

I don't like this game anymore..

I'm gonna take my toys and go home.


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