Editorial was misquoted in response

Responding to a Sun Journal editorial Sunday, four Maine legislators quoted a Sun Journal editorial several times, but once in error.

The editorial in question never said the expansion of Medicaid in Maine would be funded by "free money," as reported by Sen. Jim Hamper and Reps. Richard Malaby, Deb Sanderson and Heather Sirocki.

The expansion would be funded with federal tax money, paid in part by Maine citizens. The money we refuse to accept, about $250 million per year, will be used in other states or by other federal programs.

The word "free" never appeared in the editorial.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

It's part of their "Key Word" list...................

The term "free money" is controversial . It's used constantly to argue about who will actually fund the ACA.
Evidently, tax money being used for an actual program that will benefit millions, is unacceptable to the Right. Therefore they start accusing supporters of the ACA, of looking for free money to pay for the program. Republicans think they are the only ones who know the true source of the funding. They have made it a crime to expect the taxes we pay everyday, to be used for something positive and beneficial. It completely debunks their "No Taxes" ideology.......................

RONALD RIML's picture

Let me guess....

Republicans - all of them.


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