L. Lyons: Poor choice for EBT card use

I was recently at a local grocery store standing in line to be checked out. The woman in front of me had six 12-packs of soda among other items. After she was rung up, she paid with an EBT card (Food Stamps).

People should not be allowed to buy soda on the taxpayers' dime. It has no nutritional value and is a major cause of obesity.

Lori Lyons, Litchfield

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JOANNE MOORE's picture


No one is abusing the system by buying soda are they? What business is it of anyone's to monitor what other people buy with their food stamps. The cashier knows what is ok or not.

Maybe if this letter writer got a life or does passing judgements on other people make her feel superior? Perhaps, perhaps not.

There may have been a birthday party coming up or a celebration. There may have been a sale on the soda. Or, maybe the purchaser couldn't get to the store all that often and was thinking ahead.

Whatever. It is none of my business. Live and let live.

RONALD RIML's picture

So she'll expire sooner on non-nutritional garbage

And we taxpayers will be off the hook on this one.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Thank you doctor Riml........

Any other weighty prognostications from the peanut gallery?

David  Cote's picture


If one is allowed to purchase soft drinks with an EBT card then who are we to judge? The consumer is not violating the system IF THE SYSTEM ALLOWS IT! If one wants to complain then make a call to, or e-mail Health & Human Services. But don't hold it against the consumer, and I say this for two reasons... First, there is no abuse of the system, and second, you don't have the right to.

 's picture


Do you think Coke and Pepsi will ever give up that market willingly?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If you're referring to the

If you're referring to the market of people on the dole abusing the system; NO!!

RONALD RIML's picture

Try 'Self-Abuse' with a can of sugared cola.....

Watch out for the sharp edges.......

Jim Cyr's picture

Market trend

Monsieur Wrenn, this is not their call !! If this is what some purchases are made for their family, then their actual need for assistance should certainly be in question !! The system should be handing out food not cash cards !! Substantial savings in the system would be realized immediately.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The more convenient it is

The more convenient it is made for them, the easier it becomes to 'game' the system.
Benjamin Franklin said, and I paraphrase, "The best way to lift a man out of poverty is to make him uncomfortable in that poverty.


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