I. Lagasse: Another embarrassing moment

Are you kidding me? Gov. Paul LePage once again embarrasses me.

In a hospital repayment segment in the news recently, he referred to "every people." Holy Moses. I am French-Canadian (just look at my last name, and my maiden name is Theriault), and I am not in politics, yet I know saying "every people" is like saying "my hairs look awful today."

The governor should learn to speak English properly before running for public office again. He is embarrassing me.

Irene Lagasse, Lewiston

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

Good one Irene!

He is an embarrassment to most of us in many ways.

I'll take Lepage any day,

I'll take Lepage any day, complete with his foot in his mouth, over others who would have their hands in my pocket.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Me heard it too, Irene.

Sorry your having a bad hairs day. I think Lepage was having a bad mouths day.


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