H. Perron: Kudos to stay-at-home moms

I read with sadness two articles in the Sun Journal, one on Sept. 12 about the choice not to have children in the article about the chairwoman of the University of Maine's sociology department, and another on Sept. 13, headlined "Scathing obituary about the abusive Nevada mother of eight goes viral."

Interacting in the local community, I see and hear more and more about large, healthy and happy families. I see them in church, coming out of stores and visiting the fairgrounds. I read about them in magazines. I hear of them shopping at farmers' markets. Many of the moms homeschool the children. The husbands work steady jobs. The mothers may have small part-time jobs or none at all, staying at home and raising the children.

Stay-at-home mothers often sacrifice money, travel, a social network of peers. Some may feel they are not fully using their gifts and talents to change the world for the better. They spend money on homeschooling curriculum after paying the local school department. They may get no verbal affirmation from family or friends, no public recognition, awards or headlines.

But in life's work, they are making a deep, positive impact on society, one that is unmoved by social trends. They make a lasting impact on generations to come.

They are, indeed, changing the world for the better, providing the soil where peace can flourish.

Holly Perron, Sumner

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Excellent Letter!

Holly, thank you for the excellent and inspiring letter to the editor. A welcome change to what seems to appear here lately.

My wife and I made this decision together early in our lives and it is one that we NEVER EVER regret.

She is a college graduate, former military, summa cum laude, who used her education, skills and values to accomplish the most important thing in our lives; to raise our children.

Your comment, "They make a lasting impact on generations to come" is absolutely on correct.

Amedeo Lauria's picture


She was Magna Cum Laude...

Excellent letter Holly!

Excellent letter Holly!


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