LePage promises to shave his head for charity

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage says he'll shave his head if Maine state employees and retirees raise $350,000 this year for charity.

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Can you picture Gov. Paul LePage bald? He promises to shave his head if maine state employees and retirees raise $350,000 for charity.

The Republican governor made the remark on Friday during a kick-off event at the State House for the 34th annual Maine State Employees' Combined Charitable Appeal.

LePage says he was upping "the ante" after Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Patricia Aho, who is leading this year's campaign, vowed to dye her hair pink if the group reaches their goal of $300,000.

The governor's office says the campaign has raised $6 million over 33 years. State workers and retirees contributed nearly $300,000 last year to organizations through one-time gifts or schedule payroll or retirement reductions.

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 's picture

I think it would be great if

I think it would be great if he keeps his hair,and vows to keep his mouth shut for the rest of his time in office.A vow of silence.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

He Should shave

his arse and they could walk him backwards, that is his perfect form.


Actually I do not Hate the

Actually I do not Hate the man....I just wish he would but his brain in gear before he opens his mouth. I have always tried to teach my children to think before they speak and when my son hears what the governor says he wants to know why he doesn't have to think first. As a governor the man is a role model for the people and he has shown our kids how to throw a temper tantrum, how to be a bully, and how to speak first and then think about what he says. I say enough of that.

 's picture

Very well said!

Very well said!

They don't have Bush in

They don't have Bush in office to hate anymore. So they've got to hate someone.

Jon Cantin's picture

Good charity

It's a good cause, no need for the hate.


Ain't that odd...

...to steal a phrase from a great Maine journalist - Bob Elliot.

When the left criticizes or gets sarcastic about a Republican pol, it's hate.

When the right does the same about a Democrat, it's just a joke or it's been taken out of context..

We disagree - totally - about Paul LePage, his policy and his style. Not hate, not a joke, not sarcastic - just a statement of fact.

Jon Cantin's picture

Well stated. Maybe he should

Well stated. Maybe he should not have made the offer for the charity. He'll need the hair for warmth when he's voted out into the cold.


I would rather he promise to

I would rather he promise to duct tape his mouth for the rest of his term. I am tired of explaining what he is saying to my son

Walter Burbank's picture


My first thought exactly.

Claudette Therriault's picture

Actually, I'd rather that he

Actually, I'd rather that he promised to step down. Heck, I'd even donate to that charity.


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