Rome homeowner kills Livermore Falls man during home invasion

ROME — A Livermore Falls man was shot to death after breaking into a man's house Saturday evening, state police said.

Christopher Dennison, 44, of Livermore Falls was wearing a ski mask and brass knuckles when he broke into a mobile home on Foss Hill Lane around 8 p.m. Saturday, according to a statement by Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Homeowner Richard Duffy, 48, shot Dennison after a brief altercation in the living room, McCausland said. An autopsy by the State Medical Examiner’s Office showed Dennison died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Duffy and his teenage son were watching television when Dennison entered the home, McCausland said. They were not injured, he said.

Dennison broke through a door into the home, he said. It was unknown Monday afternoon what he was seeking.

State police have learned that a second man was in Dennison's vehicle outside the home, and heard the gunshots and took off, McCausland said. Police located him Sunday and spoke to him, he said.

There was no indication that Dennison and Duffy knew one another, he said.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the shooting and no one has been charged, he said.

The case will also be reviewed by the Maine Attorney General’s Office.

Livermore Falls police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said that the last contact police had with Dennison was to serve a subpoena in August 2012 at his residence, listed then, as 80 Hunton Loop in Livermore Falls.

Livermore Falls police issued Dennison two citations for speeding in 2007 and 2009. Police arrested him on a warrant for an upaid fine in 2007, Steward said.

He was found guilty in 2007 of operating under the influence in a Kennebec County court in Augusta, according to court information. He paid a $750 fine.

State police also arrested Dennison on May 18 on a charge of operating under the influence after he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed on Route 27 in Pittston, according to State Police Troop D call entries on its website. It was unclear what stage that charge was in or if it had been dismissed.

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RONALD RIML's picture

He broke into a mobile home in Maine

Thinking it was a 'Gun-Free Zone????'

That musta rattled both his brain cells.......


Thank you, Mr. Duffy. That's

Thank you, Mr. Duffy. That's one less perp we have to deal with.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Case in point

Don't bring brass knuckles to a gun fight. Fool!

If it was a true home

If it was a true home invasion, I think its great. With all of the home invasions happening these days, news like this is the best way to stop it. Anyone who comes into your home with the intentions of hurting or robbing deserves a just punishment.

Jason Theriault's picture

Not really.

I mean, how many people watch TV with a gun handy?

Don't get me wrong - if faced with this situation, and you have a gun, then go for it.
But most gun owners I know don't walk around armed in their own home.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"how many people watch TV

"how many people watch TV with a gun handy?"

An example of why one should have a gun handy vs. locked way in a gun safe.

Kudos or the Second Amendment

Jason Theriault's picture

More to it than that

I don't own a gun, and I will probably stall to get one as I have two young children in my house. I think the chance of catching a home invader vs chance of accident make it a more than just having a gun handy.

If you want to walk around your house armed, thats your business, and I have no issue with it.

Ken Allen's picture

You'd be surprised.

I know of someone who has a loaded gun in every room of his house and as a responsible gun owner (also able to carry and conceal), we're taught to have it ready just for the reason stated in this article. They say if you can't have your gun loaded and ready in a few seconds, then it's useless for "home invasions". Many keep their firearms locked away and have the ammo separated for their own security within the home and that's ok too, but won't be much help during an invasion.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Kudos [f]or the Second

Kudos [f]or the Second Amendment

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Believe me...........

I live in a trailer, They are not the most secure structures on the face of the earth, but you can keep the door locked. If someone were to break through my front door, at any time of day or night. no matter where I am in the trailer. Trust me by the time Mr.criminal, has time to get his bearings, He will find himself in imminent danger of being shot. My guns may not be sitting on the coffee table but they are not far enough away to give anyone any time to act. That is the reason I have them.
I have seen first hand how brazen some of these drug addicts are getting, It's like there is no obstacle to big when it comes to getting that money for drugs. I'm not going to be caught off guard. I would almost guarantee that Mr Dennison wasn't accidentally at the wrong house. I'd love to hear what his friend outside in the car, thinks he was waiting for.

I don't have a gun, but I

I don't have a gun, but I definitely have a very sturdy sword, and the training to use it.... No edge (it's technically a stage prop, but not a fencing sword) but a very sharp point.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I have a really cool...............

I have a really cool 1940's era Japanese Army rifle Mt father bought back from the South Pacific, during WW!!. The rifle itself is starting to show it's age, but it has a beautiful attachable dagger. Pull off the sheath, the blade looks brand new. Could you imagine some poor druggie when I come running out of the back room with that rig? Maybe the sight of the shiny dagger will hide the fact that the rifle itself hasn't been fired in seventy years. I guess I'll stick to my trusted side arm......................

Yeah it would be very cool to

Yeah it would be very cool to shoot a intrusive home invader right between the eyes with that!

Eric Yoder's picture


Never advertise that you don't have a gun. DOH!

You're right. Marsters might

You're right. Marsters might come to my house tell me to get one or leave town.

Eric Yoder's picture


Wayne, careful playing with pointy objects. You are more likely to put out your own eye. Ha ha ha!
But if you should ever decide to buy a gun for home safety, come see me. I'll give a good discount since we were former co-workers. Oh and bring some of that beer!!!!!!

I learned to handle it pretty

I learned to handle it pretty well, I daresay. How much of a discount for a case of decent homebrew? Oh hey you still have my empties!

Bob Berry's picture

Uh huh.

Well said.


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