D. Harrison: Proud of Gov. LePage

In response to Irene Lagasse's letter of Sept. 22, how come she is so embarrassed by Gov. LePage's ineloquent speech?

I'm sure, in the instance she mentioned, the governor meant to say "every group of people," not "every people," and simply misspoke.

The governor has done more for this state in his three years in office than 40 years of governors before him. His speech is the language of many Franco Americans who have come here from Canada to work in the mills of the city of Lewiston, have brought their religion and family values, work ethic of hard work and helping others with them.

I am not Franco American, but I work alongside them and would be proud to say I was one of them. Their language doesn't bother me one iota, because I know their hearts are pure gold.

Donna Harrison, Greene

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To be fair

I thought Irene's letter was excessively nit picky myself, that out of all the things she could have pointed to to show how she was embarrassed by him, she picked a simple grammatical error. He has said far more embarrassing things in the last three years, not just to the Franco-Americans but to the entire state.

More importantly, its his actions that are most embarrassing, and no one, especially not the Francos, should be proud of that. Unless, that is, they see it as pay-back for generations of some perceived mistreatment.

MARC A JALBERT's picture


You said in your letter: “The governor has done more for this state in his three years in office than 40 years of governors before him.” I agree and most if not all of it bad for the State, and not much if any of it good for its people.

Know that I am Franco-American and I certainly don’t look up to Mr. Lepage. In this regard, he is a big disappointment.

I think she meant....

"The governor has done more TO the state..."

He didn't use vaseline either. Or K-Y. (And, see, it's ok for me to say that because I am not an official representative of the Great State of Maine.)

 's picture


...and I would NEVER run down this state and make it the laughing stock of the country the way LePage has.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Are you familiar with the Governor??????????

Sometimes I wonder if folks actually know the people they write about. How Paul LePage says something is the least of his problems. What he says, and when he says it are right there near the top of his problems. It's not his dialect in question, it's his intellect we have problems with..........

Beverly Gallant's picture


You're are either very blind or very uncaring


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