H. Lord: Editorial cartoon unfair

The choice of editorial cartoon on Sept. 24 was, to say the least, unfortunate. The cartoonist (Carlson) depicted a smirking U.S. House of Representatives Republican elephant keeping score on his votes — multiple votes to repeal Obamacare, zero votes to reduce mass shootings. I don't think it was fair.

The second generation of so-called "gun-free zone" law — a revision of the Gun-Free Schools Zone Act of 1990 that was ruled unconstitutional — was pushed through Congress by former President Bill Clinton and the Democrats in 1996. All of the mass killings at schools (such as Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc., and at military installations such as Fort Hood and the Navy Yard) were in those insane "gun-free zones."

Declaring an area to be a "gun-free zone" is like declaring the steamship Titanic to be "unsinkable."

I have to wonder if there would have been as many casualties in those shootings if Clinton's law had not been pushed through by Democrats.

Harvey Lord, South Paris

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 's picture

May I assume...

...you are in favor of more guns for more people so more people can be gunned down?

 's picture

What a stupid question.

I'm in favor of more guns for those people who have received the most training in their judicious use - the military - to protect themselves and their comrades from lunatics who take advantage of liberal lunacy to create their killing grounds. I'm in favor of extending that training to others to help protect other innocents, military and civilian, from the ever expanding domestic jihadist barbarians.

I don't understand how Clinton can face himself in the mirror. But given his other escapades, he drained all dignity from the office of president, leading directly to the current occupant-in-chief.

 's picture

We think alike...

...on the gun issue. Your link, bonding Clinton to Obama, is somewhat convoluted but just somewhat. Understandable, but just barely.


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