LePage sends $10,000 to Maine murder victims memorial

Mario Moretto/Bangor Daily News

A rendering of the Maine Murder Victim's Memorial, for which ground was broken in September. On Oct. 2, when he proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Gov. Paul LePage announced he would use $10,000 from his contingency fund to help complete the monument.

AUGUSTA — Maine Gov. Paul LePage is directing $10,000 from a state contingency fund to help complete a memorial for murder victims.

The Republican governor announced the donation during a ceremony at the State House on Wednesday.

LePage is also declaring October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The groundbreaking for the Maine Murder Victims' Memorial was Sunday at the Catholic Holy Family Cemetery in Augusta.

LePage has made domestic violence awareness a key issue in his administration since taking office. On Wednesday, LePage urged Maine men to continue fighting to eradicate domestic abuse violence against women.

The governor's office says that six of the 17 homicides that have taken place in Maine this year have been related to domestic violence.

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Jason Theriault's picture

Just as an FYI

When I was in college, my fraternity took on a second charity(Special Olympics being the first) and helped out with the silent witness program. We helped make plywood cut outs of a woman's silhouette, and on them had the story of someone who was the victim of domestic abuse. These were then set up on campus, because then they raised awareness.

Granted, we had ulterior motives(it made us look more like stand up guys to the sororities), but we recognized the need and the effectiveness of this, and that this was an issue that men needed to help address.

Anywho - these were cheap and very visable, money well spent. This memorial is going to be at a cemetery, where few will see it. Money not well spent.

So when I'm critical of this, it because I don't see a value in a hidden away memorial when 10 grand can buy a whole lot of prevention.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Do they include the aborted babies

Do they include the aborted babies among the list of murder victims?

 's picture

55%? Now Theres Quite the Statement

Just how much was the state paying before?! If it was less that 55% and it IS law that places some questions However what it looks like to me is the gimmee crowd is at work

Jason Theriault's picture

Your true colors.

Yeah, I'm in the gimme crowd....The gimme a break crowd.

BTW - Would your response be the same if the cuts were to medicare or social security?


Sounds like you aren't too

Sounds like you aren't too interested in helping to eliminate domestic abuse. This is what Mr. Lepage is talking about. Your comment says it all. Now, bring on the name-calling--we know you can do it.

Jason Theriault's picture

No, I am

No, I am interested in stopping domestic abuse. Now tell me, how does a statue stop domestic abuse?

Because that $10,000 could fun alot of programs that will be a hell of alot more effective at stopping domestic abuse that a statue.

And it's galling when he on one hand is cutting millions from education, but has no problem funding a statue.

Jason Theriault's picture


Maybe we should create a uneducated students memorial so schools can get some money from LePage.

Why? are you looking for a

Why? are you looking for a free handout?

Jason Theriault's picture


No, just looking for the state to meet it's LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS. It is the law that the state fund 55% of the cost of schools. LePage seems to think we only need to pay our obligations to business and not children


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