Lawyer suspended for bomb threat to continue practicing

RUMFORD — Lawyer Ron Hoffman was suspended from practicing law a year after admitting to phoning in a pair of bomb threats to schools in 2012.

Daryn Slover

Ronald Hoffman

The suspension itself comes with a twist — according to the Maine Overseers of the Bar, Hoffman's suspension was, itself, suspended, meaning he can continue to practice law on a probationary basis.

Hoffman had been charged with misdemeanor terrorizing after phoning bomb threats to Cushing and Academy Hill schools in Wilton on March 29, 2012.

He later pleaded no contest to the charge. He was ordered to serve a year in jail, although that sentence was also suspended.

Hoffman, 53, lives in Sumner and practices law in Rumford.

According to the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar, Hoffman is required to comply with the conditions of his Maine Assistance Program contract for the next five years. He is subject to random mental health and drug testing and must submit his law practice to monitoring by a Wilton lawyer. Additionally, Hoffman was ordered to attend and complete a seminar focusing on stress management in the law field.

If Hoffman violates any of those conditions, his suspension could be implemented.

When he entered his plea in September 2012, Hoffman's attorney, James Martemucci, told the court that Hoffman suffers from multiple severe and chronic diseases. Martemucci said that at the time the threats were made, Hoffman was taking 10 medications a day with no monitoring of interaction.

Along with diabetes, Hoffman suffers from Graves' disease, which is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, compulsive disorder and depression, Martemucci said. There is a "Graves' rage" from the disease that can cause irrational behavior, but Martemucci said Hoffman has accepted 100 percent of the responsibility.

“I apologize to Franklin County. It's my fault, and I take responsibility,” Hoffman said at the court appearance last year. “I'm not asking for forgiveness or for anyone to feel sorry for me.”

Hoffman spoke of how his actions deeply affected his wife, their two adopted children, a foster child, colleagues and friends. He also said he was highly sensitive to medications.

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Lewis Tracy's picture

It's amazing..

This man has basically been allowed to get away with everything and yet they are charging an 11 year old girl from bath with felony terrorizing for doing the same thing. He was charged with misdemeanors on both counts. What a bunch of ......

 's picture


that's all I have to say!

 's picture

Right on

Right on Genise I agree wholeheartedly.

Your kidding right ?

All i can say is WOW Genise... Did you not read the full story ? This man has a clean record but a very difficult and complicated health history.. There for the grace of God go we... Why would you condemn anyone who has medical matters that caused a period of irrational behaviors ? If anything look at it as a caution to all that medications need to monitored closely and that is the role of a physician...which clearly was not in place for this man... I know Ron and he is a wonderful man who is taking full responsibility for this matter even though it was not of his normal actions but of the wrong medications... and lack of close monitoring of side-effects.. Yes i work with medications and side effects daily and i know first hand how they can change a person's mentality, personality,judgement and values causing people to do and say things that are not safe or appropriate.. HOW ABOUT looking at the whole person before the adverse reaction to judge them... This man and his family are going through enough without people being mean and nasty over something that was medication induced , however he has learned many things that day one being who his friends are... I got your back Ron....

 's picture

Brenda, I have a right to my opinion...

and based on past experiences with him I'll hold to mine. You have a right to yours and to be his friend!

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

That's a bit harsh don't you think?

We all make mistakes and apparently Mr. Hoffman was going through some medical issues and may have been improperly medicated. I believe in second chances for non violent offenders, although I know if I had done the same I'd be sitting in jail right now.


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