E. Graham: Disservice to a great church

"Revitalize." That is a word used by Pope Francis in reference to the church. Revitalize means to bring back to a healthy condition.

The pope talks about ministering to "wounded souls." I agree, but the wounded souls are all those who refuse to obey the disciplines of our great Judeo-Christian faith.

To me, revitalization is repentance and healing of all unholiness. It is redemption, transformation and revival.

The only way that early Christianity survived and grew was because the early Christians rejected the moral depravity of the Roman society. That took discipline and commitment to the holy laws of the new Judeo-Christian religion.

Recently, on a Christian television station, I saw a young priest who pleaded for revival. He anguished over the Legionaires. That was a call for repentance and revitalization (similar to Billy or Franklin Graham) but in black priestly garb.

As Pope Francis speaks, he caters to the secular culture and seems to disdain true repentance in his church. That is a great disservice to a great church.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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 's picture

Ok, but

"The only way that early Christianity survived and grew was because the early Christians rejected the moral depravity of the Roman society." That's the current re-write of history by the clueless. The real story is the Christianity grew after it was adopted as the State Religion of the Roman Empire and the old pagan religions were suppressed and those that didn't fall in line well they were fed to the lions. The Bible was first created by the Roman Emperor who selected which holy books would be acceptable to him and rejected those that were not. "Rejecting moral depravity" is re-write code for "the priesthood went into the cloister where it learned new and much more exciting forms of moral depravity" resulting in the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Beverly Gallant's picture

Pope Francis

Keeping in mind that it is the Holy Spirit who was sent to lead the faithful, Pope Francis is the best thing that has happened to our Church. When you grow up in faith and love, it is not about the discipline of the people, it's about the Love of His people.
When you Love your God, and you grow up in your faith, it is not about law, but about Love. Jesus said," The law was made for the people, not the people for the law". What you need to do becomes very easy to follow when you love your God with all your heart, you do it because He is so special to you, you wouldn't do anything to hurt Him, but you do everything you can to please Him.

 's picture

Not bad

He is a breath of fresh air.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

It is now all about filling

It is now all about filling the pews for cash.

Beverly Gallant's picture

filling the pews

Let me know how you feel when you are on your deathbed and you need the sacraments, forgiveness and a re-connection to your Father, then tell me it's all about the money.


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