Thousands of state employees could be furloughed next week if shutdown continues

Troy R. Bennett/Bangor Daily News

The State House in Augusta in May.

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage has cleared his Friday schedule so he can meet with department heads to gauge the potential damage of a prolonged U.S. government shutdown.

The shutdown has sent hundreds of state employees and National Guardsmen into temporary layoffs, and if it continues into next week, “thousands” more could be furloughed, according to LePage press secretary Adrienne Bennett.

Employees at risk of furlough are those whose positions are funded, in whole or in part, with federal dollars. Bennett said Friday morning that the state has “floated” those positions this week in hopes the shutdown would be short-lived. However, she said, the state cannot sustain that policy indefinitely.

On Thursday, LePage’s administration announced that 44 administrative employees in the state Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management had been placed on furlough.

“To date, the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management has been the hardest hit of all state agencies,” LePage said in the written announcement. “Unless there is a resolution to the shutdown by Monday, the state of Maine will have no choice but to address how to proceed with other state employees or programs that are partially or fully funded by the federal government.”

Additionally, more than 400 National Guardsmen in Maine were temporarily laid off as a result of the federal shutdown, while Acadia National Park has locked its gates to tourists and greatly reduced its staff. Federally funded research positions statewide have also been affected.

The Maine AFL-CIO said Friday that other workers around the state have already been temporarily laid off. Others, such as workers at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and employees at the Veterans Medical Center at Togus who process veterans’ benefit claims, face the specter of being furloughed next week, the labor group’s statement said.

More than 500 employees of Defense Finance and Accounting Services in Limestone, which does accounting for the U.S. Air Force, may also be placed on unpaid leave if the shutdown continues, the labor group said.

Many others, such as air traffic controllers and aviation safety inspectors, are working without pay, according to Sarah Bigney, spokeswoman for Maine AFL-CIO, which includes the unions that represent those workers.

“We work closely with these workers and thousands more who are worried that they will not be able to pay their bills,” Bigney wrote in a prepared statement. “Many are living paycheck to paycheck.”

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Bill McLean's picture

The left is not listening so

The left is not listening so here it is - NBC broke this story : "Sylvia Mathews Burwell smiles as President Barack Obama announces her as his choice to be the next White House budget director on March 4." (To show who she works for).

Read this and then try to argue that the GOP shut down the government. They helped for sure, but they did not pull the trigger. Obama's administration did.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Housee... no payee, then

Sylvia by LAW has to do her job...your horse is behind the cart and your nose is up the horses patut....

or the Congress would hold Sylvia and her debt in fault of her duty...

Man you are must of fell off the back of the turnip truck your dad drove and did some serious damage to your head....


well thats one way

well thats one way to balance the budget I only hope these politicians don't go back and give back pay to these employees that would be a slap in the face to all taxpayers.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Well folks, the federal

Well folks, the federal government has been in partial shutdown for a week.

Life still continues in America. In my opinion, this non-eventful week shows that the US can cut the federal government by at least 15% .

Bill McLean's picture

Let's go for 25%, or 45%...

Let's go for 25%, or 45%...

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Bill, You have a new best


You have a new best friend. I would like to see the Federal Government cut spending 1/3 to match real, tangible revenues over a four year period.

The 15% number I used about is to placate the "sky will fall" liberals. That is, the government shutdown equates to about 18% of current spending, and the sky did not fall; hence, we can trim that amount immediate. The House of Representatives should tell the Senate and the President - guess what folks, the sum of existing CR's is the new budget; we are done! What is the next item on the agenda?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Cheap rates at Motel 6 for your like, since I stay at Hiltons...

You and Billy Bob can get a real cheap room together and swap tales and become better best friends....placate that with each other and see which one of you gets off with a better arousal of moves.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

“The Tea Party is not looking at the big picture,” = LaLa land

“When you have a small segment who dictate to the rest of the party, the result is what we have seen in the last two days. People need to stand up and not be afraid of the Tea Party.”

“We are finding a marvelous way to grab defeat from the jaws of victory,” said Fred Zeidman, a Houston-based businessman who was a major donor to both of George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns. “The way we are handling this has been a mistake from the beginning. I think we misread where the country was.”

Zeidman pointed to the way the Republicans handled Syria, which, he said, “allowed the administration to fall on their own sword.” He contrasted that with the negotiations around the budget, which he said have overshadowed what should be a winning issue for the GOP, Obamacare.

“The Tea Party is not looking at the big picture,” he said. “In the long run it will have deleterious effects on the whole party when we could have taken the high road. There is so much going on right now with Obamacare, and no one is saying a word about it.”

“I am not writing a check to anyone,” he added. “That is not working for the American people.”

Bobbie Kilberg, a Republican fundraiser who has worked for four Republican presidents, echoed Zeidman. She has hosted fundraisers for ideological warriors such as Reps. Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, and is hosting Arkansas Senate candidate Tom Cotton later this year, but she said she will not give to the NRCC.

“When you have a small segment who dictate to the rest of the party, the result is what we have seen in the last two days,” she said. “People need to stand up and not be afraid of the Tea Party.”

“This may be a turning point,” she predicted. “People may say, ‘Enough already.’”

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

So folks you have the cognitive bias of Dennis and his mooks

GOP Donors Revolt Against Republican-Led Government Shutdown
by David Freedlander Oct 3, 2013 5:45 AM EDT
It’s not just Democrats who are angry at the Tea Party-led shutdown. Republican donors are furious their party has managed to ‘grab defeat from the jaws of victory’ on Obamacare—and some are withholding funds, reports David Freedlander.

On a Monday last month, Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, met with some top GOP donors for lunch at Le Cirque on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The donors, a youngish collection of financial industry types and lawyers, had some questions for Walden, a mild-mannered lawmaker from eastern Oregon known for speaking his mind.

“Listen,” Walden said, according to several people present. “We have to do this because of the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.”

Repubs in fear of being primaried by the baggers started this shutdown with the whack job Cruz and they own this.

So Dennis Arsenault and his trio of idiots has the same issues as Miriam Carey and should rent a car a run around DC with his madness of voices in his head and release his anger, that would help his issues of cognitive bias mood swings.



reality show ever!


The real problem

The House has not passed a budget in 6 years. That is their job according to the Constitution they keep waving around. Perhaps they should read it. Instead they use different parts of the funding, our credit and our jobs as hostages to shove their unpopular ideology past the democratic process. When the people vote down their loony ideas they just throw another budget tantrum. Way easier than doing their job or bothering with elections. What we need is to stop the extortion, the drama and the lies. Then maybe sanity will be restored to Washington. The democrats need to stand firm and end this stupidity once and for all. With any amount of luck this last one will cost them states like Florida and Texas which are on the verge of turning blue.

Theres no need for this, the

Theres no need for this, the GOP Congress has passed funding for all these people. Call Senator King and his buddy Harry Reid, tell them to move and approve funding the Congress passed.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Senate passed one too..Hands off on Healthcare...

We refuse to go back to a time when health insurance companies could charge women more for insurance than men, or cherry pick their customers. We will not go back to the days when companies could refuse to take kids with “preexisting conditions” like asthma, or establish caps on care.

SInce you want children to die Dennis you will be judged by whom....your grandkids for one.....

your the one for death panels

your the one for death panels I'm not.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Really again you have only repeated same

bagger rhetoric...THAT IS ALL YOU KNOW HOW TO DO........

Please provide WHERE in the ACA where it states any of your BS about death camps....or anything remotely close to your asinine remarks. That is why they showed last night, people of your caliber stating that same BS, those were the ones that have no education like you.

You take second hand information as gospel! Really you do, whether you want to accept that at all!
With you being a HS dropout without an education or knowledge to research your absurd remarks, you spout off repeated rhetoric.

This is why you have cognitive bias cannot think on your own, but repeat wing nuts drool.

Please, just for once, provide your PROOF Dennis...or should we call you the Parrot that sits on Pauls perch....squawking and making faux noise sounds...


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

All these 'non-essential'

All these 'non-essential' positions that are being furloughed should be permanently terminated. Non-essential means not necessary. After all, aren't we being denied non-essential services by our health care insurance providers?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You want to see us with no protection to blame... Obama

The furloughs have created broad ripple effects across the military. The Air Force has halted training for many units not scheduled to deploy overseas any time soon. Scores of classes at military schools have been cancelled. Intelligence analysts and civilian policy advisers have been sent home. Bases across the country have shuttered commissaries.

Hagel (R)..."I'm not a lawyer, but I do have some appreciation for common sense, and common sense tells you that if you're working for the Department of Defense, you're supporting the defense and the security of America, and you're supporting those who are on the front lines," he said.

The decision comes one day after the ripple effects of the shutdown began to seriously hit the defense industry.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What does that all have to do

What does that all have to do with my post? Doesn't non-essential mean non-essential or does it take on a new meaning in lib-speak? I'm asking.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Federal and military terminology, in laymen terms

Having little or no importance; not essential for the purpose of operations for a time period, but are necessary in the long run of operations....not difficult to read between the lines....

They eventually all come back, and why, because they have a purpose and a function in much needed operations, so that it gets back up to steam for a more constructive operation after letting all the undone work get caught back up.

Hence the 407 - 0 Congressional vote to pay them back pay says a whole hell of a lot about them having a meaning and purpose to keep them there, YOU THINK!

You with your small thinking, just assume they are there sitting on their hands and do nothing and so they are not needed and man if you're really seriously think that, than all I can say is WOW, you are not a critical thinker in any sort.
You are thinking with your civilian pants on or not ....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Once again, the hammer tells

Once again, the hammer tells us how little he knows. Anybody got a nail to keep him occupied.?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You certainly

just did that, about your own self.....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Of Course you want to put Americans in harm's way..smartman...

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering most of the Defense Department's 400,000 furloughed civilian workers to return to work, a Pentagon official said Saturday.

The Pentagon was the department hardest hit by the furloughs of government workers triggered by the government's partial shutdown Tuesday. About half of the 800,000 federal workers who were forced to leave their jobs work for the Defense Department.


The good news

While hundreds of thousands or workers are being laid off thanks to this fiasco and many in Congress have pledged to forego their paychecks in support of the suffering of these workers, one of the Tea Party congressmen says he NEEDS his paycheck and can't afford to support the workers. All of this happened because Boehner won't let them vote. The votes are there for a clean CR. He is too scared to lose his leadership position. The longer this goes on the more obvious it becomes that they do not believe in democratic processes. We went to war in 1776 to get rid of a tyrant only to end up with a cabal of 81 tyrants.

Boehner and the congress did

Boehner and the congress did their job passing funding, its time Senator King and the Dems did their job.


how about layoffs of secretaries

how about layoffs of secretaries the 20+ lepage secretaries and, the others as well, let these politicians start knowing what work is about! and learn cuts need to be felt by those being paid by the taxpayers before you cut taxpayers benefits.

Bill McLean's picture


Hey, here's an idea... tell Obama to agree to the terms of the bill and stop grandstanding and showboating. All he has to do is say "OK" and all of the government's expenses will be paid EXCEPT for Obamacare (ACA). Sounds pretty simple right? It is. He won't, and therefore he will punish the little people because he isn't getting what he demands.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Two lane highway

GOP releases its chokehold on government funding and the economy by letting the House vote on a six-week funding bill that the Senate passed.

So the House passes theirs and the Senate passed theirs and stalemate. You see Billy the founders created this hopeful balance to achieve compromise and closure after debate and conference by both bodies of one branch. But when you hold the country hostage with a shutdown, NOW twice by the GOP, it doesn't look pretty and stinks to high heaven for the GOP. Ask the Newt who got his payments in the front seat of his car in the Capital parking lot from his third wife.

Bill McLean's picture

Checks and Balances

You see, Jerry - I know what checks and balances are. I have read the constitution and am familiar with the Bill of Rights. You don't know me and you obviously didn't read what I posted. It takes both sides to tango. BOTH sides. Obama refuses to help the little people by not agreeing to the current proposal. That is on Obama just as much as the GOP. I love how you call the GOP terrorists among other things, because they are doing their jobs. The left always calls names when they can't provide an intelligent debate. You said BOTH sides should work together, but previously you blame only one. Open your eyes.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You undoubtedly are confused

Obama refuses to help the little people by not agreeing to the current proposal. ????WTF....

Lets see, the first President to finally put in place a Repub idea of Health Care for those that can't afford it, allowing children and those that insurance companies would deny coverage for pre-existing, allowing children to be on parents coverage until 26...I could go on/...

Now you have the Repub side that wants to deny health care, that is 10 fold the major financial problem of this country and the GOP favors that...

Billy reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which not only have I done several times but have been within 2 feet of both,,,doesn't mean squat when it comes to the actions of the house today, as how hey want it one way with FYI...19 times the Dems have wanted conference and DENIED...Do I have to provide those facts to you also or can you research that on your own like your reading of the countrys well renowned documents?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Stick to your day job, actors live in a bizarro world

Murray in Slow Burn over GOP Refusal to Negotiate

“I have been asking time and time again to go to conference so that we can give them that certainty,” she added. “The insistence that we don’t go to conference is dragging us into another economic calamity this fall. -

See more at:

See Billy negotiations is a two way street not just only a GOP way to hold hostages and act like terrorist or as the Media as laid it out Spoiled Children or a Dem way of holding ground for a CLEAN approach, which the GOP would want as well if the role was reversed....19 times the have wanted to conference and the GOP KNEW they were going to shut it sown being terrified of the primaried candidates by the teabaggers of the terroristic party.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I have no qualms with keeping

I have no qualms with keeping this partial shutdown indefinitely. The country will survive just fine.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Backfire burns

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. House of Representatives agreed on at least one issue as the government shutdown entered its fifth day Saturday: Federal employees will receive back pay for the time they were out of work.

The Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act sailed through the lower chamber by a vote of 407-0 Saturday morning. The bipartisan bill, co-sponsored by Virginia Reps. Jim Moran (D) and Frank Wolf (R), was expected to pass, since Congress has typically granted back pay to furloughed workers after previous government shutdowns.

So much for denying pay to those furloughed 800,000 Federal workers, who have bills, children in colleges and mouths to feed...

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"Federal employees will

"Federal employees will receive back pay for the time they were out of work."

That is a stupid move. No work, no pay! Get pay, go to work.

If all federal employees will get full pay regardless, then they should temporarily work without pay now since they will be paid later.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


do you blame the workers and why should they have to suffer for being at a job they were fired for?

Again remember the post I sent you that this President has not, I repeat NOT, had any addition approved for workers, by his party in power then and the purse holders today, added to the present workforce established by GWB...

If you have family and sons or daughters depending on their income, you would be singing a whole different tune.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

How in the hell to you

How in the hell to you justify pulling GWB into the discussion - it exposes your limitations.

"If you have family and sons or daughters depending on their income, you would be singing a whole different tune."

The alternative not to cut now is to wait until the national debt hits everyone. That is certainly fuzzy logic.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

No limitations... Only the facts Mame only the facts."Dragnet"

the federal workforce swelled by about 300,000 over the last decade and now stands at around 2.7 million. And although Barack Obama has called for more government workers in his various budget plans (none of which passed, even when his party ran both houses of Congress) most of the increase came under George W. Bush, who was ostensibly a conservative Republican.

Read more:

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Of course you would

But when this is all said and done and the damage assessment starts rolling out and the billions that are lost just like the shutdown in "95" and will need to be taxed or more cuts to recoup...Then you will be going off like a tea kettle about wasted money...

It is a slippery slope and the grande finale will be the little guys, the middle class will suffer once more, from incompetent legislatures of the Repub Congress that has a 10% approval that has passed 15 bills with NADA about or for jobs and the same amount last session.

Who you going to blame then?

Bill McLean's picture

Both sides. I blame them

Both sides. I blame them both.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Let's explore how that lost

Let's explore how that lost sum of money is calculated:

1. National parks are a net money generator, so closing parks creates lost revenue. Makes you wonder why the government is spending lots of money to barricade parks - more lost money. That decisions is on Obama.

2. Money is lost furloughing federal employees - another stupid move, which cost money.

I openly challenge Congress and the Whitehouse to let me show them how to save money.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

407-0 --- as the half-wit Texan Gov would say...oops

Looks like the baggers even voted for back pay, the ones that started this shutdown with the hairbrain Cruz as the pied piper....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

That decisions is on Obama.

That is of Office Management that follows the rules set by past administrations and present. So again the rule of thumb, you follow the rules set up for tightening the belt, but this time, well again I should say; like in 95, the noose is going over Boehner's neck like is was for Newt and the GOP and come 2014 say Bye-Bye to a controlled house of incompetent GOPers.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

So what you are telling

So what you are telling readers is that one Government makes a stupid discussion, it must repeat it? I'm not buying into that one, but it does explain a lot.

Bill McLean's picture



JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Got to run and finish

I have been putting off finishing the laminating of the tops for my bathroom base and draw cabinets I built, since it has been raining for three days, but got to fire up the heat in the shop and get some work done.
The new bathroom was a needed addition since my mother in law had to move in two months ago. At least my man cave is complete with my own private room to drop the GOP off at the pool. I will be thinking of you and your ilk as I hear the sounds of plop plop....


MARK GRAVEL's picture

Funny, or fitting, that you

Funny, or fitting, that you chose the bathroom to be your man-cave. That explains the nickname - SM.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture



MARK GRAVEL's picture

Folks, Bill is 100% on the


Bill is 100% on the mark. Compromise takes two. The republicans put several offers on the table. What have the Democrats offered?

It is time the government stop terrorizing me with tax and spend polices.

 's picture


The dems have offered to go to conference 19 times with the bipartisan senate budget passed months ago. So there goes that.


The republicans are holding the budget

The republicans are holding the budget hostage period what have you not figured out yet, duh! the house, senate, and supreme court has all made sure the law was passed now deal with it! the republicans are terrorists in the worlds eye!

Bill McLean's picture

Terrorists kill people.

Terrorists kill people. Remember 9-11? How many people do you think are sick of hearing your lefty name-calling? Call them names and cry like a baby - that's your solution. Grow up.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Name calling a distasteful GOP behavior

Anti-Hillary Clinton Buttons Reportedly At California GOP Convention Are Just Disgusting

You should take off those rose tinted glasses.....

Bill McLean's picture

Look, another link to a

Look, another link to a left-leaning newspaper. Way to be objective...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Your wannabe actor attempts, as another waiter wanting a break....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Oh please

That is just one of several others,,,pictures were made by Huff too huh!

Weak on your defense as to what source it came from....the reality is you can't handle the truth, pal....

Bill McLean's picture

Here's a little truth for you

Here's a little truth for you - and the source is plain to see.

Imagine that - NBC (left -leaning) is actually telling a truth here. How's that for some truth? (PS - my dad was a trucker too, tough job).

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


House refuses to pay bills....Office of Management and Budget, has to do what is required by law....

Bill McLean's picture

In case you can't see the

In case you can't see the link - it states that Obama's underling actually gave the order to shut down the government...

Bill McLean's picture

In case you can't see the

In case you can't see the link - it states that Obama's underling actually gave the order to shut down the government...

Sharon Dudley's picture

Too bad the people who are

Too bad the people who are working can't hold their tax money hostage.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Sharon, My apologies, I


My apologies, I actually agree with your statement. I misappropriated my BS meter. It was meant for Frank below.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Hey Bill, here's another idea........

Try getting your facts straight. The Republican party is solely responsible for this shut down. If you have any doubt, just watch FOX News. They have spent every waking hour, blaming the Obama Administration, as well as the Democratic Party. We all know Fox News has never been right about anything. There is a simple fix to this idiotic shutdown, but its the Republicans allowing one simple vote. It's not going to happen because the Republicans have finally attained their ultimate goal, shut down the American Government. This is what they came into this last election looking for, and it's what they got.
Your entitled to your opinion, but don't go blaming someone until you have all the facts. I'm afraid it's people with your opinion, that will cause this thing to drag on indefinitely.....................

Bill McLean's picture

Fact - and I know your kind

Fact - and I know your kind hate facts, the GOP did not issue the order to shut down the government. Unless you know something I don't know - the GOP is not in the white house...

FRANK EARLEY's picture

If your going to put it that way.........

I guess I know something you don't.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

How dumb can Billy Bob be, Frank

"I know your kind hates facts".....when you see someone lay that formation of words, you know he has to be dumber than a pile of hammers.

We provide them facts from many sources, from the precise people that said it and they do a double take and reverse the point of facts provided for them in front of their eyes, avoiding the true facts, say like Dennis the Menace...

They assume that we made it up and it isn't true...stupid is as stupid does, by them avoiding the facts.....

FRANK EARLEY's picture

And some claim the shutdown is having no effect........

I've read in numerous posts that this shutdown, could just go on indefinitely, it's having no effect, it's nothing at all. Well I beg to differ. It's pissing a lot of people off. Democrats and Republicans alike. People are coming out of the wood work now and jumping to all sorts of conclusions, with or without the so called facts that we all hate so much. If anyone saw any of the Sunday morning news shows today, the blame game was at full throttle. Unless someone has kept up on who's doing what, there really isn't any way to tell who's telling the truth. They want to believe that their party couldn't possibly be behind this travesty. Problem is, one side is behind it, and the evidence is strongly on the right hand side of things. This isn't just an opinion, its a well documented fact.
This morning I was in this discussion with someone from south of Boston in a forum down there, and this guy actually tried to defend the ACA as being so much more sensible than Obama care. I mean where do you go after a statement like that? These people are basing their information on sound bites and what ever news they hear on the radio on the way to and from work. They only get bits and pieces and go from there.
When someone is convinced that the shutdown was initiated by the White House, there is no way they will believe otherwise. Especially when Rand Paul is all over the airwaves lying to the American people. By lying, I'm referring to his twisting the facts to work in his favor. I'm not going to buy it, but someone just rushing out the door, hearing just a bit of the broadcast will. As long as the Republicans are going to intentionally mislead the American people, in the hopes that people believe incomplete information. This mess will not end.
I guess if the truth be told, President Obama is in a way responsible for this shut down. He caved to the Republicans demands back in 2011, therefore opening the door for the Republicans to do it again. Now they don't know where to go. Short of the ACA, I really don't think the Republicans ever planned this far ahead. There's no way they will get the president to compromise on his health care law. Now their stuck on that one issue with nowhere else to go. I hope this shutdown can go on indefinably, because that's where I see it going..................

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I'll correct the analogy

Bag of hammers---pile of rocks....same ---same for that covers his mentality.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ignorance is bliss highly on your part

Rep. Doug Lamborn was among 80 House conservatives who signed onto a letter late last week saying an autumn government shutdown would be better than funding the new federal government health care law.

Lamborn, a Colorado Springs Republican, said through his spokeswoman Tuesday that his constituents “overwhelmingly” say they don’t want Obamacare and want it defunded — at any expense.

Some Republicans, including Lamborn, have urged shutting down the government over funding of Obamacare, but House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans are resisting that option. The rest of Colorado’s Republican Reps. Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton did not sign onto the letter.

Gardner, R-Yuma, and Tipton, R-Cortez, do support proposed legislation to prohibit federal money from going to the implementation of Obamacare. Neither Gardner nor Tipton believe in shutting down the government for the cause however.

Coffman has not signed onto the government shutdown letter, nor is he a co-sponsor of a bill to defund the new health care law.

FACT, House don't pay bills, Government is forced to shutdown.....move past the source, which is difficult for you, trying reading and looking as to and what was said by WHOM...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And you saying FOX never gets

And you saying FOX never gets anything right is a FACT???

FRANK EARLEY's picture

It must be........

I never heard anything to the contrary on FOX News....................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Where do YOU get all of your

Where do YOU get all of your factual, unimpeachable, irretrievable knowledge?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

It's the result of way to much free time on my hands..........

I read a lot of newspapers every day. Before computers I would go to someplace like Boarders Books and buy a ton of papers you can't get around here, like Washington Post, the NY Times, The LA Times. Just like when I drove truck, I read newspapers everywhere I went. Now with computers, I get a ton of them on line and am able to join a few forums like this to bitch and moan my way through the day, and sometimes night. The trick is, as difficult as it is to do, I read both sides of the table in most big cities. Like in Boston, you have the Herold, and the Globe. If one says the earth is flat, the other says it's round. two totally different points of view. Then at the end of the day, I wind up my day with whats really going on in the world, with a good dose of The Daily Show with John Stuart..................................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hahaha...that's good.

Hahaha...that's good.

The shut down is the fault of

The shut down is the fault of the Dems,the GOP never proposed a shut down, the Dems with Senator King and Obama did.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Some shut down. The house and

Some shut down. The house and senate just voted to pay, retroactively, all 800,000 of the "furloughed" federal workers. Looks like extra paid vacation time to me. They refer to these workers as providing 'critical' services, but they are referred to as 'non-essential' personnel. Talk about having it both ways, eh?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...............

Shutting down the Government was the Republican battle cry during the last election. It was the ultimate goal of the Tea Party gang. These people have no interest in politics, at least politics concerning the people. They just enjoy having the control and to just be able to shut down the government. They were so "Gung Ho" about this, you wait, I'll bet the next thing you hear is that they have no clue what to do now that it's happened. They never drew up an exit policy should their plans work, or they fail to break the presidents unwillingness to barter on his ACA. That's how stupid this whole thing is. If your still having trouble understanding this whole thing, there are two things that will help you to understand. (1) lower you IQ level by forty points. If that fails to do it, move to Texas............

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Was the coward that shut down the Gov, because the baggers were going to primary the GOP candidates if he didn't shut it down....the proof is all over the papers with photos of Teabaggers with signs saying SHUT IT DOWN....

time for your meds Dennis...use that barrel to scratch that itch in your head and don't jerk, squeeze....

Its quite evident who is off

Its quite evident who is off his meds, its you Jerry!

A positive from a negative

Now things might happen as State and Fed employees now face what we " the once middle working class" has been up against for years.. Living paycheck to paycheck, going without, and never knowing if your job will be there tomorrow... Karma has a way of evening out the playing fields.. I am sorry so many people are/will be effected however it may shift the focus back to the working class and much needed changes...We the hard working people need to know that we will have a job,have a paycheck that will support our families, that we do not work just to carry the State of Maine... Family first !

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Oh, I get it.

You are or have been hurting and you want thousands of others, through no fault of their own to be hurting, too.

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Dems are always telling us to

Dems are always telling us to share the wealth. High time to share the pain.

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Not true. They usually call

Not true. They usually call us names and DEMAND we share everything.

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Yup...I like that better.

Yup...I like that better.


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