Intoxicated Hermon woman gets stuck, spins tires until car catches fire

 HAMPDEN — A Hermon woman who drove to town early Wednesday to drop off some friends after drinking at a Bangor bar, apparently got disoriented on Canoe Club Road and drove over a lawn and got stuck in the woods, Hampden police Officer Ben Eyles said Saturday.

“She got turned around and confused and ended up spinning her tires until the car caught fire,” the officer said.

Barbara Willigar, 44, was driving a recently purchased 2011 Kia SUV that still had the paper registration plates, said Eyles, who gave her a field sobriety test. She was arrested and charged with operating under the influence.

Willigar and her Hampden friends were at the Penobscot Pour House on Larkin Street in Bangor before driving to town and getting stuck at around 2 a.m., the officer said.

“She got into someone’s driveway, drove across this guy’s lawn and got stuck,” Eyles said. “She was spinning her tires in an attempt to get free. She did that to the point the car caught fire and burned.”

The vehicle was destroyed, with much of it melted, by the time firefighters arrived, the officer said.

“There was nothing left,” Eyles said.

Willigar was given an Intoxilyzer test at Penobscot County Jail and her blood alcohol exceeded the state’s legal limit to drive, the Hampden officer said.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

ME woman gets stuck, spins tires until car catches fire

Mainers , 20:40 est ?
You are never as think as you drunk you are ?
/s , Steve :D


No argument needed here,

No argument needed here, Kathy. Barbara just did a dumb, dumb thing and unfortunately it cost someone besides her for the police services. Get a tricycle Barbara or take up walking.

Brent Gammon's picture

I hope her insurance doesn't

I hope her insurance doesn't have to pay for such stupidity.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Darwin moment....

Darwin moment....

FRANK EARLEY's picture

How much you want to bet......

She was driving a recently purchased Kia SUV. How much you want to bet she forgot she had four wheel drive....................

Jason Theriault's picture

There is alot of things she forgot

There is alot of things she forgot, like:
Stop pushing the gas when your tires are spinning.
Stop pushing the gas when your tires are smoking.
Dont Drink and Drive.

More likely an engine fire

Or maybe she dropped her cigarette. Mythbuster already showed you can't really spin tires till the catch fire, even on asphalt. Then again, she was in the woods. Maybe the friction from the spinning ignited the leaves.

Jon Cantin's picture

Lets guess the fault here.

Who will be the first to blame the bar and not the person?

If she had died her family

If she had died her family would.


Begging for an argument where

Begging for an argument where there is none. First symptom of Fox News Syndrome.

David Marsters's picture


The fault is the person. The bar tenders didn't force her to drink.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Real fault

The Kia----Killed In Action


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