J. Bishop: Public voted for Obamacare

Republicans want to stop Obamacare because, as they say, the people don't want it. It would be more likely that those people who have the Republicans in their back pocket are the ones who don't want it.

Here's a simple fact that Republicans seem to be blind to: Obamacare is the product of the president's first term. Republicans, including their nominee for president, vowed to repeal Obamacare "the first day in office."

But the Republicans lost the election in what could be considered an electoral landslide. They should see that as a mandate of acceptance for Obama's first term in office, and that the American people do want the Affordable Care Act. If Americans did not want Obamacare, they would have elected Mitt Romney, but they did not.

So, rather than hold the federal government hostage over Obamacare, which Americans obviously do want, Republicans should get to work and start earning the pay and benefits for which those same Americans are being billed.

The public needs to either make them earn the pay and pensions being provided or boot them out of office.

Jeff Bishop, Phillips

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why is this government shut

Why is this government shut down over oBAMaCare not oBAMa's fault, but the responsibility for the 2008 stock market crash was laid at Bush's door step?



Because Obama did not advocate shutting down the government to defund the Affordable Care Act. To blame him for not agreeing to be extorted by the Tea Party is blaming the victim. The crash of the economy in 2008 was laid at the feet of President Bush because he was the one who ran on advocating the deregulation of the banks and financial markets which was the direct cause of the crash. The republicans in congress obviously share the blame because they passed the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act which would have prevented. much of it.


What the people want

In this country what the people want is usually determined by the vote. It is not determined by polls or by talk show hosts or by political pundits. If the people did not want Obamacare we would be listening to President Romney speaking from the White House. He made it pretty clear he would get rid of it as I recall. And yet he lost by a lot. The fact that Republicans in the House did not vote for it doesn't say anything except that the 20% avid tea partiers and the rich folks who bankroll their think tanks were against it. What we are seeing today is a shadow of what life in this country would be like if we were a plutocracy rather than a democracy.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Mark, The GOP had shutting down........

Mark, the GOP, had shutting down the Government in mind from the last elections. That fact has been proven over and over again. That issue alone is worth worrying about. It's not the plan of a sane political party.

 's picture

gop priorities

The gop thinks it more important to shut down the government, and maybe default on the debt, than it is to help sick people see a doctor.

 's picture

Feeling sick, Mark?

Put the blame where it belongs: Obama, Reid, & Pelosi.

 's picture

From AmberAlerts.gov ...

If George W. Bush had shut down the Amber Alert system for a political stunt, there would be a 24/7 TV marathon of screaming fury. But, of course, Michelle's site "Let's Move" is still up and running.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I like the one that says the

I like the one that says the Registration for oBAMaCare site is shut down for routine maintenance. It ran for 3 days and it needed routine maintenance?
They have had 3 1/2 years to prepare for this and they're totally unprepared. The reason? None of them ever believed that the American people would be stupid enough to have this calamity still around by now. I guess WE showed 'em.

 's picture

ObamaCare passed in the House ...

... without one Republican vote. Then the people, those Americans you care so deeply about when it's convenient, fired a bunch of Democrats (Good idea, Ron) and reshaped the House to more closely represent the views of the majority.

But you have another good idea, Jeff. Let's pass a law, over strenuous Democrat objection, that when Congress allows the government to shut down, the first things to be turned off are their salaries and benefits.

Why stop there? Pass a law that withholds salary and benefits for any day of work skipped by any Congresscritter, and make it retroactive to 1/1/07. Under that law, "Senator" Obama would have to reimburse us for two full years of pay received while campaigning for another office.

RONALD RIML's picture

The Republicans are on strike.......

They normally demand strikers be fired. Nice precedent to wave in their faces......

 's picture

Any chance...

...scabs could be used?

RONALD RIML's picture

They were......

But nice try!!!

 's picture

Thank you.

I thought it was kind of neat myself.


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