Websites for celebrities abound

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Here's hoping Miss Double S can steer me in the right directions, as she has for so many others.

I am hoping you may know of a website where I might information such as celebrity birth dates, similar to those printed in Eugenia Last's horoscope column.

While her column is helpful, it only has names for that individual date. I am hoping for, perhaps, a site that has a place to fill in a name, year or specific date and see what comes up.

Even better would be a site that give mini-bios with facts such as names of family members members, acting or singing credits, birth places, hobbies, etc.

Though I own no computer, I am beginning to acquire "surfing" experience at my local library. I will watch for your response and that of other readers. Thanks! — No Name, Southern Maine

ANSWER: There are more sites for celebrities than you can shake a stick at. One of the most popular is The Internet Movie Database has entries by the name of the actor or the name of the movie or show.

You check out, say, Tom Hanks. There will be a list of all his credits, including "Apollo 13." You can then click on that movie and see all the data pertaining to it, such as cast members, who in turn can then be clicked on.

Most IMDB entries have a short bio of the celebrity as well. 

If you just want to check out birthdays, you can go to, which lists all the celebrities born by day. It seems to be very complete, as Sun Spots had not heard of many of them.

For a more historical take on birthdays, try

For information on just about everything, you can't beat There are gaps but, in general, the site has an entry for just about everything.

One of Sun Spots favorite uses for Wikipedia is when she is reading a book series and wants to read the books in order. For many authors, they have a list of all the books the author has written and a short synopsis of the plot to help you figure out if you've read them all yet.

Finally, many celebrities have their own websites. Even if the celeb doesn't have a site, fans will set one up. For example, Tom Hanks' fans have

To find them, just enter their name in the window at and up will come a list of potential sites, along with some basic biographical data, such as age, birth date, children, spouses, etc.

And for the latest in celebrity gossip, you might want to check out It's filled with breaking news on celebrity misbehavior, outrageous actions and conspicuous consumption. Another site with saucy news is

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am writing to you for help in reaching out to former employees of Summit Communications/Answerphone of Maine. We are planning a reunion of people who worked there during the 1970s and ’80s.

Plans are to meet for dinner at Chick-a-Dee in Lewiston at 5 p.m. on Oct. 20. Please contact me by email to let me know if you are planning on attending. Hope to see you all there. — Sharon Rossignol Henson,, 754-8509

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Having recently updated the lighting system, Calvary United Methodist Church in Lewiston has approximately 100 never-used F40CW fluorescent tubes that went with the old system to give away. If you can use them, please call 782-3221. — The Rev. Casey Collins,, 207-782-3221

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