Maine psychologist sentenced to 8 months for fraud

PORTLAND (AP) — A Maine psychologist has been sentenced to eight months in jail and ordered to pay nearly $70,000 in restitution for health care fraud.

Fifty-five-year-old Carole Orem-Hough of Cape Elizabeth had pleaded guilty to defrauding insurance companies by submitting claims for counseling sessions that never happened.

The U.S. attorney's office said Orem-Hough defrauded private health insurance plans by submitting claims for counseling sessions that never occurred, often billing for two sessions per week when she only saw the patient for one session a week.

Federal prosecutor said Orem-Hough admitted Tuesday that she filed false claims but said she felt bullied by the insurance companies and entitled to higher reimbursements.

U.S. Attorney Thomas Delahanty had said the fraud loss was over $69,000 and involved false claims with respect to almost 50 patients.

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Sandra Coulombe's picture

8 months? Seriously? This is

8 months? Seriously? This is what is wrong with our system. Had this been some poor working stiff lying to get medical care for her kids they would be doing 5 years but some well to do doctor/psychologist etc defrauds insurance companies or medicaid and they get a slap on the wrist. How about 5 years, permanent loss of license country wide and reimbursement of all fraudulently obtained funds.
Its the health care professionals committing the most fraud, running up costs for everyone it is time to get serious about some hard core punishments the first time they are caught and make sure they can never do it again by banning them from practicing any form of medical/dental/mental health care any where in the country ever again!

I so agree with you

I so agree with you Sandra..most buy their way out by being able to pay off the lawyers..


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