Nashua, N.H., school bans students from playing tag during recess

Local reaction: 'Tag' isn't an issue in Lewiston-Auburn schools

NASHUA, N.H.  — An elementary school in Nashua, N.H., is reminding parents and students that playing "tag" violates the school's longtime "no contact" rule for recess games.

Charlotte Avenue Elementary School Principal Patricia Beaulieu posted a letter on the school's website last week informing parents of the school's safety policies. She says while "tag" may seem innocent enough, it has been banned in many schools because of injuries.

She told the Telegraph of Nashua ( that several concussions, a broken wrist and other injuries prompted her to post the letter, and she emphasized that while she wants children to run, jump and play, it has to be in a safe way.

Bill Chisholm, the father of a fourth grader, said the rules are unnecessary and a violation of student rights.

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And we made it without I-Pods

And we made it without I-Pods or I-Pads or feverish "gaming." Ha!

Carol Durgin's picture

School bans tag at school

What next? I am 73 years old and I managed to survive tag, dodge ball, kick the can and many other of life's experiences. What about football, basketball, baseball, soccer and other sports activities? Will they eventually ban them too? Some folks in this country have been taking stupid pills. They would better make use of their time, if they were more observant of a child who came to school with signs of being abused at home or being bullied at school. This country is getting to the point where it is not recognizable. This is only my opinion. From previous remarks, I guess I am not the only one who feels like this.

Jon Cantin's picture


Getting banged up is part of learning. Anyone else ever fall out of a tree? You can learn to avoid the worst injuries but still participate in life. (side note: We all learned to miss a flag pole at Abbott school after "Ryan" ran full tilt into it and broke his nose!)

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Want safety? Then you better

Want safety? Then you better remove run, jump, and play from those recess games.

Do schools even have swing sets and monkey bars anymore?

Jeff Johnson's picture


Made by the same folks that don't correct spelling errors or keep score because they don't want to hurt the child's self-esteem.

"Tag, you're IT! (But I really respect you as a person..."

Steve Bulger's picture


Makes me wonder how we Boomers ever survived childhood, playing so many high-risk games...GAMES!! Who knew???

FRANK EARLEY's picture

How right you are......

Between the rough schoolyard games, and the ridiculously high cholesterol diets most of us ate when we were younger, and the fact that everyone's mother at the time smoked, I can't believe we made it past twenty one. Oh and don't forget that there were no such things as seat belts in cars back then. I still remember many trips to the beach laying across the back window of my fathers Chevy.........


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