Shenna Bellows files for U.S. Senate race

AUGUSTA— The former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine filed paperwork Tuesday to challenge three-term Republican Susan Collins for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Shenna Bellows, who's seeking the Democratic Party nomination, tweeted a photo of herself outside the Muskie Building in Augusta, declaring that she'd filed paperwork necessary to become a candidate.

Bellows, 38, resigned a little more than a week ago after more than eight years with the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine.

Bellows is planning campaign kickoff events in Ellsworth and Portland on Oct. 23. She said Tuesday that she decided to run while working with Republicans and Democrats last session to come to an agreement on legislation that strengthens Maine's laws on cellphone privacy.

"We need more courage and honesty and willingness to sit down with people who have different viewpoints and have honest conversations and move forward positive change," said Bellows, an attorney from Manchester.

Bellows is the first to announce a challenge to Collins, a moderate Republican senator born in Caribou. She took office in 1997 and has said she intends to run for re-election to preserve the seat, which is seen as important for Republicans' push to win the Senate majority.

Bellows has never run for public office, but this will not be her first campaign. She helped lead the ballot-measure campaign to approve same-sex marriage in Maine last year.

"I recognize the power of the incumbency, but I am excited to talk about issues of economic fairness and constitutional freedoms," she said.

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 's picture

The Kool Aid Is Served Here Today!

Pour me another one! I may just believe in that hope and change yet!

 's picture

Obama is destriying America

When you take a health care system that 85% of the people are happy with their coverage and totally rip it apart for 15% of the people. There could have been a better way to get coverage for that 15% than doing what they did. This was all about spreading the wealth. We have had Five years of Obama and the economy still is in a decline and no matter how this Administration portrays it the economy is not recovering. I can see the results in my retirement funds which are in the tank.

RONALD RIML's picture

85% of the people are happy with their coverage??

What corner of 'Happy-Town' did you take that poll, James????

And pray tell - care to detail just exactly how Obama is allegedly 'destroying' America?? Which one of the twelve Biblical plagues did you have in mind???

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you or will you be

Have you or will you be signing up for the ACA?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

More than you can see

It has stopped people from losing insurance if a catastrophic occurs.
Prevents insurance companies from denying folks with pre-existing conditions .
Prevents ....

At its heart, the Affordable Care Act is about keeping people healthy and giving Americans the peace of mind that healthcare will always be there when they need it. Irrespective of changes in any person's life circumstances—the desire to switch jobs or start a business, being laid off from work, changes in marital status, or the sudden loss of income—the Affordable Care Act ensures the availability of quality, affordable healthcare.

The law makes sure that insurance companies treat people fairly. Under the law, it will be illegal for insurers to discriminate against women by charging higher premiums simply because of their gender. Nobody—male or female—will be denied coverage or charged higher premiums because of a pre-existing condition, like asthma or diabetes. No one will live in fear of their insurance being canceled. People will no longer be subject to arbitrary lifetime or annual caps in what insurers pay out, thereby denying coverage when it is needed the most.

The act also comes with much-needed direct help for middle class families. They will receive substantial subsidies to make health insurance premiums affordable. Seniors will no longer fall into the huge prescription drug coverage gap in Medicare euphemistically-named the "doughnut hole." Comprehensive preventive care will be available at no cost for women, including mammograms and contraception.

A significant number of these benefits, and many others, already are being provided in whole or in part, such as the millions of young adults (under 26 years of age) who are staying on their parents' policies. As more and more people feel the direct protections and benefits of the new law, repealing the Affordable Care Act will increasingly be considered an absurdity.

Instead of playing politics with the act, it is time to fully implement it across the country. It's also time for Democrats and Republicans to come together to build on the act so that additional steps can be taken to moderate health care costs for America's families and businesses.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you or will you be

Have you or will you be signing up for the ACA?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Don't need it, have insurance under Carpenters Union...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Understood. Those of us who

Understood. Those of us who currently have private insurance with manageable premiums are the fortunate ones. Hopefully, these insurances won't be pulled out from under us.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Hopefully in time

Those managed premiums will subside with more entering the pool. Since for a fact each year for the last 20 years, those premiums have increased due to the high cost of medical care and supplies. When you look and see that most of those increases of health care was in some part of those uninsured that that burden got passed over to those of us who had small premiums that increased annually.

I also remember when we had coverage at 100% then to 90/20 and now at 80/20, and we have a large pool of participants contributing and for a cadillac policy as ours, we were at a COST to the (Plan) not the {persons} of $700 per participant that included the entire family with dental and eyeglasses to now $1400 with (optional)) for retirees, no dental or eyeglasses for $1100. For at least those working the cost is half or very minimal as long as they work at least 360 hours a quarter at $5.75 an hour for Medical with full family coverage.

This was all before Affordable Healthcare Act was set int play as law to protect those that couldn't afford or hold onto because of the monopoly of big corporate insurance companies and hospitals dictating to the consumers.

That is the whole purpose for pooling the resources to give everyone Affordable Health Care.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do you truly believe ACA will

Do you truly believe ACA will really make it more affordable for those who currently have insurance, or will the only ones to benefit be those who had no coverage at all?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I am an

optimist that tries to maintain a positive outlook for all, not just a few. If you never try, you will never know!

Your a optimist? Thats the

Your a optimist? Thats the quote of the day!

Your a optimist? Thats the

Your a optimist? Thats the quote of the day!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yes, but I don't have to jump

Yes, but I don't have to jump off the cliff to know the outcome.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Lame....every blind squirrel finds a nut now and have no smell of things....

Just like all of those Okinawans that leaped in the thousands off the cliffs when the Americans took the island, not knowing, but letting fear overcome their sense of the unknown....Amazing how Okinawa survived and thrived, and guess what....they like YOU the leapers, will never know the outcome because you leap before you THINK or have any visual aspects of the future in a good sense....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Psychoanalyze all you want,

Psychoanalyze all you want, but I will not accept a bill from you.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

All free no fee....

I have tried treatment for the mental and emotional problems of (Dennis the Menace) by having him show his delusions of grandeur, with much dismay he cannot recognize, whereas I have witnessed his type working on a Geriatrics ward many years ago and as for you; you are not here in need of treatment but for arguing.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

They can't

Also received a letter of verification on that exact,,,false rumor...

I sat as a Trustee on the Health and Welfare board with 12 others for 6 years on our funds and I know this to be true since I am a personal friend of the Administrator and owner of the firm that handles our claims/pensions, etc: and Matt and I had a discussion about this very topic at a luncheon for retirees about the ACA.

The law is there to PROTECT not to hamper those that have coverage that fall under the conditions of qualifications...

NEW! AP Poll: Obamas

NEW! AP Poll: Obamas approval tanking at 37%, even with the main stream media in his corner. Also just found out Obamcare web site cost tax payers $634 Million to build after projected cost of $93 Million dollars.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

? Cry me a river

Just like Boehner doe......., Millions, Billions being lost because of Repubs, as you keep whining...

Kim Waite's picture


$634 million, huh? Wow, where did you get that figure? From LOL!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Gallop, GOP falling downhill

Just 28 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the Republican Party, down 10 percentage points from last month, according to a Gallup poll. The polling firm called it a "record low," noting that "this is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992."

What is relevant is Congresses stats since they are gone by 2014....President has 3 years 2 months, before Hillary has the next 4 years...possibly 8 if the baggers keep their heads up their patuts.

Who you going to blame then the Dems, for making the Repubs go down the bowl? guys are taking on water and the chairs on the Titanic is shifting to flip out the Gop/baggers

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

AP Poll Congress 5% approval,,,Stay focused, Bigger Picture

Shutdown Costs at $1.6 Billion With $160 Million Each Day

Republicans are being blamed for shutdown...say bye bye to baggers nation in 2014....Obama is President until 2016...

Shutdown Could Cost $300 Million a Day

Poll: No Heroes in Shutdown, GOP Gets Most Blame

AP-GfK Poll: Republicans get most blame for shutdown but no one’s a hero


A new Associated Press-GfK survey finds Republicans are being largely blamed for the shut down and contains a tidbit that underscores the ongoing problem for the GOP as talk about a “rebranding” totally vanishes: one out of four Republicans support the Tea Party.

The Associated Press-GfK survey, out Wednesday, affirms expectations by many in Washington — Republicans among them — that the GOP may end up taking the biggest hit in public opinion from the fiscal paralysis, just as that party did when much of the government closed 17 years ago. But the situation is fluid nine days into the shutdown and there’s plenty of disdain to go around.
Overall, 62 percent mainly blamed Republicans for the shutdown.


If you look down further in

If you look down further in that poll you'll see Obamas new low aproval rate hits 37%. Now Democrats are turning on him.

Jason Theriault's picture


I was firmly in Collins/Snowe's camps, but Collins voted against the clean CR.

I may vote for Shenna Bellows

Firmly in Collins camp? Yeah

Firmly in Collins camp? Yeah right!

Jason Theriault's picture

I was

You can search this site, I have stuck up for her many times. Even as some of her decisions turned conservative, I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. But this vote, the vote against the clean CR is her purely worried about re-election. She doesn't want a primary challenger, so she is leaning conservative.

So she just lost the benefit of the doubt with me. She'll have to win me with her record, which hasn't been that good the past couple of years

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why wouldn't you stick up for

Why wouldn't you stick up for her, she's a RINO isn't she?

 's picture

Maine has a fine tradition of responsible woman leaders

I would have voted for Olympia had she run. I could have voted for Susan Collins. But But.
The Shutdown. The fact that Republicans met in January and planned this tactic to defund/repeal the expansion of private health insurance, the fact that Ted Cruz went around the country this summer lining up support for shutting down the government; the constant mis-information, mis-representation by Republicans and their media outlet FoxNews (this isn't a shutdown its a slimdown. When did Weight Watchers become involved?); the constant anti-poor, anti-union, anti-working people, anti-growth, anti-safety, anti-anything Obama (even when Obama is proposing Republican ideas and giving them credit) proposals; and the involvement of the most radical anti-woman, anti-gay rhetoric and a complete contempt for the US Constitution drive me to reject even good Republicans because they will, if elected, aid and defend the conservatives who want to destroy America as we know it.

Kim Waite's picture

I still find it hilarious...

...that the shutdown was led by a Canadian whose father fought with Castro the Commie! Yes, ole Ted Cruz is the right wing's HERO!

I can't wait to cast my vote for Shenna Bellows and all the Democrats on the ballot.

Where did you hear that ? ON

Where did you hear that ? ON MSNBC?
Check out this video where TED Cruzs dad compare Obama to Castro

Kim Waite's picture


Did you read this part of the Raw Story link you posted, dimwit: "Cruz likes to mention that his father fled Cuba for the United States, but typically doesn’t mention that Rafael Cruz was actually a pro-Castro revolutionary during the rule of the U.S.-supported, right-wing military dictator Fulgencio Batista."

Bah hahahaha! FACTS AGAIN BLOW YOU IMBECILES OUT OF THE WATER! You've allowed a Castro-Loving-Canadian shutdown the US government!

Off with your heads!

Has Teddy Your Hero produced his birth certificate yet? He needs to!

Obamas the one who's trying

Obamas the one who's trying transform America. Transform it into a third world nation.
How can can group of Americans who believe in the constitution be destroying America?
I think your mind is warped.

 's picture

Dennis don't listen to the personal attacks

You have every right to be wrong.

Jason Theriault's picture

Ok, I'll bite

How is Obama trying to transform America into a third world nation? Because the only thing I think he has done is pass ObamaCare. Which if you think that is transforming us into a third world nation(which, by the way, is impossible), I would point out that healthcare-wise, we are on par with third world nations for infant mortality and other indicators.

Kim Waite's picture

One thing the right wing "constitutionalists"

don't understand is Obamacare is a law. It's not creating government insurance policies. It's a law that forces private insurance companies across the nation to offer AFFORDABLE insurance policies on the state/federal exchanges mainly for the uninsured (though if you have expensive private insurance can trade yours in for a more affordable package!).

Obamacare is constitutional. The End.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The are no provisions in the

The are no provisions in the "law" for granting exemptions to specific disinterested parties. Did oBAMa break the "law" by granting exemptions to unions and members of Congress and their staffs?

Kim Waite's picture

Those with 50 employees or more

can be exempt.

The right wing controlled US Supreme Court determined Obamacare is constitutional. The president hasn't broken any laws. OBAMACARE IS THE LAW OF THE LAND...........GET USED TO IT!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Kim they read

only what they want to and do not comprehend the full implementation of the LAW or what it means...they are like little children playing with their Lincoln logs. They don't take them all out of the box and can't complete the assembly....only just enough logs to build them an outhouse which they congregate in....

Take Dennis for instance focused on the 37% approval of the President at this time in the term.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ignorance is bliss when it comes to your way of even thinking

SMALL amount of people signing up???????....Try millions are signing up, DAILY and the website traffic is more than they predicted...servers can handle traffic to an extent of normalcy, which you could not even fathom with your NO EDUCATION about networks.

Again your mouth has no clout, it doesn't meet the WHERE IS THE LINK to the $600 million and by whom is providing these so called facts????

What did you expect a home run out of the park the first time at bat...Really, you are so blinded by your ignorance it is utterly amazing....

 's picture

know you trying Jerry, but Dennis is not a special case

The right-wing is so gullible, so low-information, so emotionally conflicted; that they can only deal with the fantastic, other-worldly faux-info of say Fox News or other propaganda outlets. Science, logic, facts produce acute anxiety that they can't deal with. Must be gentle.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


The mere fact that they allow him and others like him to procreate is disturbing and unsafe and totally wrong for the country and the ones they spawn.

 's picture

I know and commiserate, but

I get relief by reading and understanding history. We've had people who let their emotions lead them astray before. I reading last night about the William Lloyd Garrison's radical abolitionist followers and how they fell into Spiritualism in the 1850's as compensation for the failure of their postmillennial perfectionism. Even good people can fall victim to bankrupt ideas when failure faces them squarely.

Wheres the Beef Jerry?

Millions signing up? Wheres the proof?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Google it

SFB....learn how to research instead of just reading RIGHT WING blog sites...

 's picture

Who reports

First, you don't know what's in Obamacare. Second, you don't know what its going to cost. Third, while universal health care through the expansion of Medicare to all American citizens would have been the simplest and best solution, Obamacare is a good first step.
Contrary to your unfounded, undocumented, conclusions at the earilest we will not know whether Obamacare succeeds or fails until at least 2015.
So far, no issue that's been announced is a deal breaker or even a threat to be a deal breaker. Do you know anything about major IT systems?
Lastly, I'm pretty well connected but I don't know ay Officials of the Obama Administration to know whether they are embarrassed or not. Think you aren't either.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"First, you don't know what's

"First, you don't know what's in obamacare. Second, you don't know what it's going to cost. Third, while universal health care through the expansion of Medicare...would have been the simplest and best solution, obamacare is a good first step."
Liberal to wife after just having bought a house without her knowledge. "First, I don't know how many rooms it has, or what works or doesn't work. Second, I have no idea what the price is or what the payments will be, nor do I have a clue as to what heating costs will be. Third, it's ours, though, so that's a great first step."

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

First look before stepping off the curb....

I don't buy your analogy with the lame house comment. Second they have established and you can google it of what the cost is for designated areas in all of the states that exchanges have been established.

Third you can read the ACA LAW, and all other exchanges are to follow those guidelines to work within the different plans established.

Paul look and discover before you make the bold statement that you do not know>>>>The facts are out there, research, READ, LEARN, stop being negative....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What did I boldly state that

What did I boldly state that I did not know?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

First off

Don't tell me what I don't know when I provided you just a few links of knowledge....

You have no idea what I do or don't know, so it goes back to WHAT do you KNOW? , instead of just your speculation since you have no PROOF otherwise.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Now, you're beginning to

Now, you're beginning to sound like the guy they muzzle on guys' night out. If you can't converse without getting pissy; conversation over.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Did you notice that

your comment and my answer to your post are Gone? comment # Psychoanalyze all you want, but I will not accept a bill from you.

That has happened several times today?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Fair enough

Not being pissy at all, just you seem to spin the discussion to far extremes of making sense to about the topic..

A projected cost of 93

A projected cost of 93 Million dollars, ends up costing over $600 Million. Obama should have hired a bunch of high school kids to build site. I bet one of Obamas cronies profited from broken web site. The only reason that makes it not funny, is that so much tax dollars have been pissed away by these wet heads.

Kim Waite's picture

I love how the right wingers

can't even figure out that NO website online costs $600 million to launch!!!!! But hey, we're dealing with the children of the nation who don't have the ability to understand the simplest of things.

 's picture

I hope the $600 million figure is a wild guess, but

Facebook and similiar sites are reported to cost $200 million to launch. If true, its remotely possible to be the cost of the entire project because the exchanges are much more complex then something like facebook, but I'll wait to see the real numbers not the guesswork.

Kim Waite's picture

Facebook does a lot more than

what the ACA website does. I read the cost of the ACA website was $35,000,000. A ridiculous number too considering it's a just a website that refers an American on to the Exchange (click your state and it takes to the page) in their state (if one has been set up).

How many of the right wingers know that the ACA website isn't selling insurance policies? I bet none. They all believe Obamacare (ACA) is government offered policies and their braindead worshipers believe each other when they tell each other that!


Atleast Facebook works.

Atleast Facebook works. Everything the government does cost more. Obamcare cost is now projected to cost tax payers twice as much as when the law was passed. From what I heard this morning less than 50 thousand have signed up so far, what a joke. They need 7 million to sign up to make it work. From what I've heard many are having sticker shock, when they see how much affordable healthcare from Obama actually cost.

 's picture

You hear wrong

"Everything the government does cost more." Groundless, uninformed nonsense. At least in the IT field. First, almost any Federal IT project is orders of magnitude more complex than large corporate projects. 40% of large corporate IT projects fail. Almost all run over budget. I haven't investigated in detail but my guess is the Government experience is comparable with large corporations because large corporations and government hire the same consultants to plan, manage, and execute these projects. Neither (maybe excepting some web only corporations) keeps on staff the employees necessary for such massive projects.

Only a progressive liberal

Only a progressive liberal would think our federal government runs smooth and effeciently, with a debt of $17 Trillion dollars.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Again the menace providing information only a week out, frenzy

Romneycare which is 7 years running had the same, slow out the gate enrollment but they seem to ignore that it has been ONE WEEK...keeping in mind one state in contrast to 50 states.....holy batshit from Dennis....

If you look at all of the RED MEAT baggers blogs and slam media TODAY, of the head swollen right wingers is throwing all this meat out to feed the ignorant negative, I HATE Obama fringe.


This brief examines Massachusetts’ experience with coverage and access to care over the last six years, as well as the state’s ongoing efforts to deal with persistent high health-care costs. The brief also compares Massachusetts health reform with the national reforms included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law by President Obama in 2010

51,000 people signed up.

51,000 people signed up. looks like all those IRS agents will be busy enforcing all those $95 fines.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Might have to lay off some of

Might have to lay off some of those 16,000 new IRS agents. Or, they may cut their hours down to 32 hours a week (part-time status) so they don't have to provide them with health insurance coverage. Wouldn't THAT be a hoot? 0O:-)

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Stop the train;

Time to let out the loony tunes into their bizarro world of the confused and lost of the right wingers lunatic delusional thinkers...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You should consider being

You should consider being tested for rabis.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Your mom must have a really loud bark and a little bite!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

To a dog like you, my mom, is

To a dog like you, my mom, is hallowed ground as far as you are concerned. Do you really want to take us down that road?

Your a sick man Jerry. Get

Your a sick man Jerry. Get some help

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

AGREE That comment about your

That comment about your wife is offensive and out of line.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

A reasonable assessment of

A reasonable assessment of the matter.

A projected cost of 93

A projected cost of 93 Million dollars, ends up costing over $600 Million. Obama should have hired a bunch of high school kids to build site. I bet one of Obamas cronies profited from broken web site. The only reason that makes it not funny, is that so much tax dollars have been pissed away by these wet heads.

 's picture

Since Dennis appears unable to find his sources, I went looking

Foxnews is reporting that the launch of cost $93 million. Daily Caller is reporting that someone else estimated that the launch cost $634 million. No information from either report on what it actually cost from official sources. Actually, I doubt anyone knows. It would be very unusual if all the invoices have been sumitted yet and with the government shutdown no one is at the office adding them up.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Doesn't he remind you of the type

of person who has bits of information that is totally incompetent to relay; for instance he calls the fire debt to report a fire and hangs up before giving the location!

I had apprentices working for me like that, but they became trained professionals, where as he would of been dismissed for not ever having the sharpest tools in his box.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Well what do you know!

Daily Caller is reporting that someone else estimated?????

I rest my case as the Big Yawner never can provide any actual facts but always SECOND HAND information...

as the meaning when you get information from someone who made an observation, with no actual facts or research to substantiate the comment.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture



JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Dennis the turkey



JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


That is why you constantly YAWN from totally being incoherent all the time, with no way to give a logical or factual answer and you crawl back into your world of misinformation..

Go crawl back into your hole

Go crawl back into your hole Jerry, you ignorance has been exposed

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Yah, you of all of those here, should know your self as the truly exposed wonder....that you unrecognize yourself to be...

Never come to a battle of wits Dennis when you have none to offer like you do everything you comment///

 's picture

I for one think you have done a marvelous job commenting

but been a like hard on Dennis given you understand the limitations conservatives live under.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Merci` monsieur

I am hard on him, to shake him to see if he can evaluate his misguided ways....but then I shake him to hard and all those hayseeds of his tries to germinate another day. There is no hope for people like him because he is caught up in cognitive bias behavior.

I don't exactly hate him, but if he were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it.

 's picture

I understand

but its all emotional. He's a victim of incessant propaganda and delusional thinking. I do appreciate your comments. Keep up the good work.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Absolutely-- his PMS is

his major malfunction...Pre Mental Stigmatism

Thanks I think you do a great job too...

 's picture

Of course not

members of Congress and their staffs are not exempt. Unions have asked for but not received exemptions. Now they are asking for delays in implementation. They haven't got that either. But if the President choose to delay implementation of any part of the law it would not violate the law.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You're saying the law

You're saying the law specifically allows selective exemptions?

 's picture

Doesn't that I know of;

but its well within Presidential authority to implement an law as practical circumstances permit. If a law says create a new computer system by 2015 and that's an impossible target, the President is authorize a delay until 2017 or 2018 whatever works. The word is escaping me right now but he's also authorized to give temporary I'll use your word which is wrong exemption based on specific circumstances. These are routine with any legislation. President is the Second branch of government. Constitution authorizes him to run his department pretty much anyway he likes.

 's picture

A tip of the hat;

excellent, concise, truthful comments. Nice to read.

More simpply

He's a troll, pushing the buttons he know will get a rise out of you. Like Gravel does.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Don't leave out

That he gets wood when any of his rank and file concur with his rants of stupidity..

I did say "getting a rise..."

I did say "getting a rise..."

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Remember who you are trying to debate, the nonsensical Dennis the Menace with no education, with cognitive bias disorder.

The very one that cannot debate you with an type of logic, but with only sounds bites from the right wing nuts forums....

Jason Theriault's picture


Well - One - The only thing I know if that I know nothing.
Two - Everyone else knows nothing too
Three -If we can put our dumb together, maybe we can make sense of this world.
Four - If I out of hand dismissed anyone, I would be as culpable to the nonsense political situation we are in as they are.

 's picture

Why you reach a condratictory conclusion

test your assumptions. And yours are completely false. Obama is trying to transform America into the world's only superpower that supports the aspirations of everyone on the planet and not to destroy what little credibility we have left.
I don't know what groups you mean, but its certainly not conservative groups because they don't believe in the Constitution. Conservatives are not conservative. They are radical, revolutionary, capitalists following the ultra-individualism philosophy of atheist Ayn Rand and the dominionist Christian philosophy of Christian world domination through political power.
You do. In what way do you think my mind is warped? I have a simple political philosophy - all my political views should derive directly from the Constitution as it was written (in context) in 1787 and adopted in 1789 and amended since. Simplifies complex political questions. What did the founding fathers want - stable economic system that allowed everyone to pursue their ambitions, international peace so everyone could pursue their ambitions, a system of restraints (ambition checking ambition) so that factions could not grow to be so powerful that the national interest would be submerged in personal interest (we would call this a system of regulations at the Federal level). The above seems prudent, rational, and wise so I have choosen to follow it.
Unfortunately, corporate power has for a century defeated the ambitions of the founding fathers and we must all work to re-establish the power of the people.

Would the founding fathers

Would the founding fathers approve a $17 Trillion Debt?
Would the founding fathers be in favor of a IRS?
Would the founding fathers be in favor of that IRS fining Americans who did not purchase a product, like health insurance?
Would the founding fathers be against states rights?

Like I said progressive liberalism is a mental mind disorder.

 's picture

Simple answers

1. Yes. The revolution had built huge debts on the states and the Congress. Among the first things the new Federal Government did was accept Hamilton's Report on Credit, assumed state debts, and created a Federal Bank. The Federal Debt far exceeded the National GDP. The founding Fathers would have seen the now existing national debt as a very managable long term problem. But the Founding Fathers were not economist. They lived in an agricultural society with almost no manufacturing. Capitalism did not exist in the US. There were few banks of any sort. No stock market. No insurance companies except in Philadelphia. No financial Industry. A depression was too much rain in june or too little in April. The worst economic winds came from the Northwest. Their ignorance of Capitalist economic principles was total. So their opinion would and should carry no weight now.
3. Yes. These were practical politicians. Given the events between then and now. Very much yes.
4. Absolutely. The Consttution, as a whole, is an indictment of States Rights. Article I Section 10 is an explicit statement that the states have failed miserably in managing the country since the revolution. Every State after 1776 and in particular after 1781 by its policies had caused popular uprisings against state government. Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts where the State government could not field a military force to defend itself turned the 1786 Annapolis Convention that failed into the 1787 Philadelphia Convention that succeeded. The whole body of the Constitution is made up of powers invested in the States up to that moment that were transferred to the New Federal Government. The Anti-Federalist movement was composed of the defenders of States Rights and they lost and they lost again in 1865. The one thing that united the founding fathers was their disgust with State governments.

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You slammed that one over the fence

The one thing that united the founding fathers was their disgust with State governments.

Because of the unequal treatment for all Americans. States wanted to set up territorial grounds like a dog pissing on his turf, but Dennis the Menace is to vacuum headed to figure that out, but trumpets baggers drooling calls.

Why do you always have to

Why do you always have to insult to get your point across? It just makes you look stupid.

Jerry why don't you move to

Jerry why don't you move to Cuba, if thats what you want. I hear their healthcare is amazing.

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Speaking of Cuba...

Did you hear Ted Cruz the Canadian (whose father also fought for Castro!) is the guy who helped the American republicans shutdown the American government? It's almost as if the Red Coats have taken over America or something!

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You hear lots of strange things, that makes you delusional

They are called voices in your head and faux noise sound bites and you need to seek medical attention ASAP...

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You are quite correct, cuban health care is, for the population

as a whole, much better than health care in America. American health care is better on advanced techniques and research and our care for the very wealth is the best in the world. Given the drawbacks though, I doubt many would move to Cuba just for health care.


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