C. Swanton: Put blame where it belongs

It is extremely disturbing to watch the debacle taking place in Washington, D.C. How could anyone who actually knows what is going on, expect the leaders of the Republican Party to go along with everything that the president, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi demand?

The past five years have been a disaster. The Affordable Care Act was passed behind closed doors without much input from the Republicans when the Democrats held all three branches of government. The bill is critically flawed and more and more people will realize that as time goes on.

The Republicans, if they cannot repeal the law, just want to sit down and negotiate. Obama flatly refuses, as does Reid and Pelosi.

The U.S. system of government was set up so that in the event the Senate and House of Representatives were hopelessly deadlocked (as is the case now), the president is required to step in, negotiate with both sides and, between the three, come up with a solution. Obama has flatly refused to do that.

Instead, he leaves, when he should have been helping solve the problem, and ridicules the Republicans at another of his thousands of speeches. Instead of helping, he throws more gasoline on the fire.

The guy is an incompetent amateur.

He has given special interest groups, including members of Congress and unions, special exemptions from the law.

Is that fair to the vast majority of Americans?

Put the blame for the fiasco where it belongs — right in Obama's lap.

Cornelius Swanton, Rangeley

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Jason Theriault's picture

The U.S. system of government

The U.S. system of government was set up so that in the event the Senate and House of Representatives were hopelessly deadlocked (as is the case now), the president is required to step in, negotiate with both sides and, between the three, come up with a solution. Obama has flatly refused to do that.

Where does it say that in the Constitution? Listen, if you want to make things up to try and excuse GOP behavior, thats fine. But the only person you'll fool is yourself. And they are trying to negotiate with the GOP, but even the Collins plan treated re-opening the Government as a concession.

I think what they want to do is force the President to invoke the 14th amendment so then can then hold impeachment hearings. Because there is no other out other than folding that I can see.

 's picture

Tell you what.

Next time the Democrats will hold up the budget until there's a ban on assault rifles, OK?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I think the Tea Party is just

I think the Tea Party is just fine with that budget cutting technique. I know I am. That is a win-win in my book.

Jason Theriault's picture

Win/win, but for who?

It's a shortsighted and foolish plan. You realize that people put this squarely on the GOP, and the worse it gets, the better the odds are that November 4, 2014 will be a "Blue" election?

But hey, it's win win.... for the Democrats

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps the Republican party

Perhaps the Republican party can shed some rinos like McCain and replace them conservatives to the core.

I rather see the Republican party keep anchored to their core. If that means loses in 2014, so be it. People actually like a divided government, so I'm not sure that will happen. Anyhow, if it does, then the Republicans have 2016 when people get fed up with having their taxes skyrocket.

Jason Theriault's picture


You know, that reminds me of Millard Fillmore. As the incumbent President, he lost his parties nomination for being too moderate. Now, the issue was slavery, so I can understand it was worth fighting over. His fellow Whigs were ticked that he push through the compromise of 1850, and the fallout lead to the destruction of the Whig party.

I bring this up because that is the path the GOP are on. Are you willing to destroy the GOP to become more pure?

Because what will happen is Your new GOP will be far far less powerful as the 'RINO's will either form their own party or join the dems.

AL PELLETIER's picture

To much Fox news Mr.Swanton

You and the likes of that idiot, Ted Cruz, apparently live on another planet.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

where in the consitution?

"The U.S. system of government was set up so that in the event the Senate and House of Representatives were hopelessly deadlocked (as is the case now), the president is required to step in, negotiate with both sides and, between the three, come up with a solution" Just where in the constitution do you find the part about the Executive branch fixing messes in the Legis. Branch??. The Legis branch are charged with making the laws -- so they need to do their job ! The President is NOT required to step in by anything in the constitution.
The special interest group causing all the problem is "The Tea Party" or 80 of the 435 Representatives who represent only a very small percentage of the US Population -- is holding the government hostage to extort their demands. This is where the "blame belong".

MARC A JALBERT's picture

Dear Mr. Swanton:

I just get crazy when the chatter always seems to come back to the ACA. We all know that this is rhetoric in its worst form. Trust me that the President is not at fault for what is happening.

The problems in congress right now, this minuet, today, has to do with passing a clean CR and raising the debt limit which are everyday business decisions for our legislators.

Coming up with all these other reasons not to do it is nothing more than a smokescreen to disrupt and cause crisis and chaos. Do what you should have done and get the country going and then argue yourselves to death about whatever you want to argue about.

You have mortally wounded yourselves and you just can’t decide what to do next? Your constituents at home are suffering because of you right now and that’s the reverse of how it is supposed to work.

I have no trouble reminding you once again that you are there to represent us and to do our bidding for a better life, not cause chaos and gridlock and prevent anything positive to come our way from you.

It is starting to get very old, folks.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Have you ever considered that

Have you ever considered that the Republicans are representing their constituents. An opposing parity is just that, an opposing parity. People don't election non-democrats just to have them go along with everything democrats want.

Opposing parties oppose, thank god.

Andrew Jones's picture

With such low approval

With such low approval ratings of congress, I wonder if anyone feels they are being adequately represented by their elected officials. Haha :)

No incumbency until congress has 100% turnover, I don't care what letter they tack onto the end of their name.


I can just see Obama and

I can just see Obama and Romney kicking back a few brewskis and the new health care plan proposals around a bit--kind of like playing pick up sticks. The real begginnings of that brainchild.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Dear Mr. Swanton....................

To answer your questions, I suggest going out and finding someone who actually knows whats going on.........................

RONALD RIML's picture

The Republicans have never had an opportunity to

pass and implement a National Health Care Program???

Who'da thunk it????

Oh - Silly Me - it's anathema to their genes and chromosomes!!!


The blame

Now really would the world end if the Tea Party just once decided to agree with Obama and the Democrats? Would it really be that bad? The ACA was debated in Congress for over a year and Republican input was invited over and over and no suggestions came forth other than to do nothing. If they don't like the law they have no one to blame but themselves. And you have to admit the law is based on the Mass. health care law which was a Romney Republican plan so they actually did have input. Not only was it passed by Congress but approved by the Supreme Court so it is not all about Obama. And Obama was re-elected by the American people by a wide margin when he ran on promoting this law so you can blame them too. As for whether or not it will be a disaster time will tell. Republicans are so afraid to see it implemented that it makes you think they are more afraid it will be popular and successful in curbing health care costs than the opposite.

 's picture

The monstrosity was passed ...

... without one Republican vote. They made all manner of suggestions, from forget the whole thing to tweak this and that, and all were roundly ignored by the Democrat leadership.

The Supremes did not "approve" it. In a show of wishy-washy-ness, they said one part, the individual mandate, is Constitutional as a tax. The regime calls it a tax when it's convenient - other times it's a fine or a fee.

The craftiest aspect of the ACA was the delay of anything significant until after the 2012 elections. Obama was reelected because of something that hadn't happened yet, and may never happen. But he's used to that. Remember the Nobel Peace prize? Now they're trying to delay until after the 2014 elections, for obvious reasons. A lot of folks who voted for Obama are having second thoughts, now that they're beginning to see what's under this rock - especially those who are saying "Yes, I knew some people would have to pay more, but it wasn't supposed to be me!"

The other crafty aspect was peppering the bill with phrases like: ... as the Secretary decides. The bill can mean anything they want it to mean, and it makes Sebelius the 2nd most powerful person in the government. And, boy, does she know it.

If the ACA succeeds, those who will be most surprised are Obama and the Dem leadership. They want it to fail so they can then swoop down and save the union by imposing "single payer". That's what they wanted in the first place but lacked the political honesty to go for it.


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