Augusta man seeks to fill yard with toilets to protest zoning decision

AUGUSTA (AP) — An Augusta man is pooh-poohing the city's decision to nix a Dunkin' Donuts by putting toilets in his yard.

David Labbe said a developer wanted to buy his house for top dollar and tear it down to make room for a Dunkin' Donuts. But the deal was scuttled when the Planning Board, backed by neighbors, refused to change the zoning.

To show his contempt, Labbe put five toilets in his yard, which have yellow and pink flowers growing in them. He's now put up a sign saying he wants 60 to 70 more commodes to fully show how he feels.

He told the Kennebec Journal ( ) that his neighbors angered him by opposing the zoning change, so he's doing the same to them.

Neighbors call Labbe's behavior childish.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Toilets in the yard? That's

"Toilets in the yard? That's a bunch of crap!!!" bellowed the angry parrot while sipping on his iced DD Caramel Latte.


Well, I had thought

Well, I had thought attracting business to Maine was a priority--apparently not. And how about this man who was going to sell his property so it would help the unemployment issue--I guess some folks, like his neighbors are never happy--OH, NO. Not in our backyard.


Residential zone - not business

For this to be approved would have required what is called spot zoning - a very bad thing since it nullifies the reason for zoning.

The jobs created are pretty much part time, minimum wage, no benefits which means that the taxpayer not only loses value on real property on that street but then has to subsidize the business by providing employees with SNAP and MaineCare so that they can afford to accept a job.

This may be NIMBY, but with good reason. Consider your own reaction if the property opposite yours suddenly generated thousands of cars from early morning to late evening. But it is easier to criticize from afar.

Bob White's picture

I do and I have

See Tony the way I look at it if my neighbor decides to build something on HIS/HER property then what business is it of mine? I don't care if it is millions of cars, trains or planes. This is why we as people buy property to make it ours grant it I may not be happy but still its none of my business. I do have options I can talk to my neighbor, I could buy his property or I can move.
As far as bring jobs as small or as few benefits they are still jobs maybe a stepping stone or a job for someone to pay there way through school. See Tony not all jobs are ment to support a family but they can support a student and give them some of the tools to be in the real world. One other thing you did forget to mention is the property tax's sales tax all the other taxes that business pays also look at the support business that it takes paper good, food, trucking and what about the accountants I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of other ones where I have never run a Dunkin Donuts. Have you? So Tony don't be so quick to criticize. We all sit here and wonder why things are so expensive well this were it starts.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture




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