N. Bourgoin: Constitution threatened

As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama not only promised change, but that he would "transform" America. Most people accepted, unknowingly, that it would be for the good.

He later said that "We have flaws in our Constitution" and that "We are not a Christian nation." God was being pushed aside.

The nation is being deceived and becoming a socialistic nation.

In 2005, at the Yale University Law School, multibillionaire George Soros (a destroyer of many nations) held a conference called "The Constitution in 2020," including leftist university professors and also John Podesta and Cass Sustein, who ended up arranging and handling Obama's campaign and his move to the White House. The powers that be "needed" and purposely hand-picked "one who was no one" to become president.

The conference's goal was that the Constitution would not be the supreme law of the land, but be subject to international laws and other nations. That would allow, for the first time, a leader to lead from a central position with such power — globally. The movement was called "democratic constitutionalism" and the plan for implementation is 2020.

Soros' socialistic constitution, leaving Christianity out, failed in South Africa. America's First Freedom magazine wrote, "Soros' policy/influence machine (is) 'the center for American progress.'" It has been a front of left-wing ideals that the Obama White House turned into policy.

John Adams wrote: "Our Constitution was only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."

Where is the media on that?

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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Jason Theriault's picture

Nothing to see here.

Listen, as I am this sectors UN Commander, I can tell you that there is nothing to this at all. There is no UN Agenda 21.
We are not going to take your guns away on November 27th from 14:00-23:00 GMT.
We are also not going to force everyone to start using GMT planet-wide.
We are not going to start gathering dissidents collected from GOP and NRA records, and send them to 250+ different camps, the closet being in Houlton(46.12,-67.79)
(Otis AFB will be used to keep certain "Patriots")

So relax, the non-transition will be easier if you just relax.
Also, we are not putting valium in the water.


Jason Theriault
Camp Houlton

MARK GRAVEL's picture

...and Hitler will not invade

...and Hitler will not invade England.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

(No subject)

JOANNE MOORE's picture


More off the wall, heebie-jeebie, right wing religious clap trap. You sound like Ted Cruz's father, a Fascist! I am sick to death of your vision of what our country should be. We in this country have certain rights and one of them is freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion, especially your brand of Dominionism which would gleefully cellebrate the distruction of the planet. You can take your Armageddon and other assorted wet dreams and crawl back under your rock of ignorance.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Joanne is all for freedom

Joanne is all for freedom unless it involves confiscation of earned money to pay for Joanne's healthcare or big welfare programs. Then Joanne is willing to cram her vision down everyone's throats.

Freedom is a two-way street which the blind cannot see.

 's picture

You need...

...to run for president, Neil. Be our savior.

 's picture

Neil, thank you for sharing

Neil, thank you for sharing your honest view points.
Someone has to have the backbone to say the truth, sometime.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Some people are just never satisfied..............

Some people can never be satisfied with just the present political disaster, they have to be searching for the next one to keep the fires burning in Washington......

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Walmart Shelves Emptied in Food Stamp Shopping Spree

FRANK EARLEY's picture

The real face of the starving in America...........

Mark, I just helped a friend of mine out with a cord of firewood, I had another friend over to help load it, and now I feel better because I know she'll have some heat in her house. She receives food assistance, Just this morning she met with someone to help with keeping her house paid for. I've known this woman thirty years, when ever I needed help back when I got sick she was there. Until last November, she worked a very difficult job, something she has done as long as I've known her.
Because of one inconsiderate individual, doing something not only illegal, but down right dangerous. In one split second of irresponsibility, he, for all intent and purposes, took that friend of mine's life away from her. In that moment she lost almost everything precious to her. It's very difficult to have a State Trooper visit you at work, with what you know isn't going to be good news.
Mark, you and Bob, enjoy ridiculing those who you consider laying around waiting for a hand out. No one can be so devastated to the point of not being able to work. In your narrow little mind, its easy to just pull yourself up by the boot strings and carry on. In your world there are no excuses for being anything less than perfect. These so called entitlement programs are a thorn in your wallet, and no one deserves help. Well I beg to differ.
This friend of mine has a long way to go, we have numerous court hearings in the near future, in which she's going to have to re live an incident she still, to this day, can not even talk about. Just being at work, she would rerun the image in her mind of the State Trooper approaching her with the news. She is going through hell every day and she never did anything to bring this on. Yet to you, she's lazy. I would say waiting for a hand out, but that privilege hasn't been granted yet. Almost a year later and she is still fighting for the assistance she needs. Is this the same system who gives out benefits to any Tom Dick or Harry who asks?
Not a whole lot of years ago, another friend of mine was in the same battle. She worked hard, you never would have known how short her life was going to be. Not a lot of people did know, but she did. She never let that slow her down. She was one of the best Waitresses I've ever known. She was also one of the most out going and happy people I've ever had the pleasure of being friends with. She loved to dance, Damn, she would spend an entire afternoon, just getting ready. She would go out and she would be the first to dance on the speakers, and the last off the dance floor. You couldn't tell. Mark, you might think she was capable of working, you were wrong. When she finally applied for Disability benefits, she had to fight even though she was in the mid to late stages of a terminal disease. Again evidently everyone is accepted without breaking a sweat. This system is so broken that anyone who comes along just puts out their hand and there you go.
Mark, I don't know where you get your information. You preach your hatred of anyone who finds them self in desperate need of help. Whether that help is temporary or long term or permanent. You blame them for their misfortune. In your opinion, everyone is cheating the system, and those who somehow really need help are destined to live in near poverty conditions. Evidently, illness does not tolerate enjoyment or happiness. No you have to suffer.
I get my information from the real world. I deal with real problems, I deal with real people. I step up and try and help people instead of just bitching about how inconvenient they are to your life. I'll tell you something else, as much fun as arguing with you is, it's a lot more fun to help someone out who needs it. If you put half the effort of your bitching and moaning, into actually helping someone out with an electric bill, or getting their vehicle fixed, you would realize how much energy you and Bob are wasting...................

MARK GRAVEL's picture

P.P.S The face of America's

P.P.S The face of America's welfare system.


MARK GRAVEL's picture

P.S. Let us all do the right

P.S. Let us all do the right thing and cut Federal Government spending by 33%, so we all can live better with smaller government.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Good to hear you are helping

Good to hear you are helping where you can. It goes to show that we don’t need big government programs to get things done.
I donate my time to meals on wheels, yet I rarely feel the need to broadcast that fact. For me charity is personal; I’m not doing it to impress anyone, but I understand that charity is all about the attention for some individuals.

Now let us get to the meat of the discussion. An outsider may read your post and wonder why would someone who can work a cord of wood, stand for 4-6 hours a day (not sure I can even do that), and own expensive toys need to be on SSDI? Just a thought I had.
I cannot speak for Bob, but I view welfare as a temporary condition, not a way of life. Yes, there are some exceptions, but they should be rare. In my opinion, you would not fall under that exception; you appear to be capable of working at least part time given your own admission.

Some individuals seem to lack vision. Vision to see how an ever increasing debt will affect those you claim need help. When there is no more money to go around, let us see who will be crying then.

In your own words, you don’t care since you’ll probably be dead by then. Isn’t that a selfish point of view.

Lastly, if you are concerned about wasting energy, you should count the number of words you write to Bob and me combined. We are very conservative with our words.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

OK, I'll make this short.........

They will not let me work, I have no choice...
SSDI is not welfare, and again, I had no say in receiving SSDI, sue me..............

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Sounds just like another

Sounds just like another excuse to me.

Who are they and how can they stop you from working. If "they" are doctors, you are free to ignore any doctor's recommendations. Perhaps the doctors are saying that you must not work to continue to receive SSDI, which is more believable. That said, if you go to work, then you will not need SSDI anyway.

Lastly, tell the readers where money for SSDI comes from? That is correct, it comes from the taxpayers. Bazinga

FRANK EARLEY's picture

This will be it for me......

The "they", are the insurance companies. They pay for my medical treatment. If I ignore them, I may not be able to work or anything else for that matter. I have no choice. I am on SSDI, not by choice, but was required to switch by, you guessed it, my insurance company. So you see, I can do pretty much anything I can, but if I don't do what the insurance companies say, I'm screwed. so what would you do.....................


No media

If the media never covers any of this I have to wonder where you learned all these hot tidbits. Or did you make it up out of whole cloth like most of the right wing noise.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Tidbits, Claire?

He got all this red hot info. from Ted Cruz so it must be fact.

Andrew Jones's picture

Of course the constitution is

Of course the constitution is flawed. We've had to amend it 17 times.
Also; we are not a christian nation. We are a nation of religious freedom.

Edward Bulger's picture


The Constitution was written by Christians for Christian freedom, using the Holy Bible as their guild. When it was written the Christians who wrote it were not thinking about Hindu freedom or Muslim or any other religion other then Christian. They are benefiting by something that was written not with them in mind. That’s a beautiful thing and it gives them a chance to see how great it can be having religious freedom because of laws that were written for Christians by Christians. I support the President as we all should. He is OUR President , our country’s leader. I don’t agree with everything he does but I support him and so should the rest of the nation. I hated when Bush II went into Iraq stretching out our military. My son was sent over there and was in combat. He is still suffering from that physically and mentally. I didn’t like President Bush making those decisions but he was OUR president and I supported him too. This bi-partisan crap is for the birds and if you don’t think this is a Christian country, so is that thought. God bless America .

MARK GRAVEL's picture


"I support the President as we all should."

Bah, Bah, don't follow anyone. Be a leader of one, yourself. Our government is leading the US to financial ruin; why do you want to follow?

Bah, Bah, sheeple.

Jefferson would be surprised

Jefferson would be surprised to be called a Christian. He was a Deist.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

You are out of touch with reality.

And people who think your way or the highway are dangerous. Religious freedom pertains to ALL religions. What do you suggest? That we lock up anyone who does not believe in God? What about the Jewish religion? Does your religion have a master plan for them?

Let me say this: Fascisism will come to our country wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible. Ain't no way, bub.

Andrew Jones's picture



As you can see, the authors were of a diverse religious background and therefore it was not "written for Christians by Christians". Some of them were skeptical of or had outright contempt for the concept of Christianity. They wanted a country to call their own where they would be harassed or jailed for not sharing the same religious opinion as the monarchy of England.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Until I was 13 or 14.............

Until I was 13 or 14, I lived about 41/2 miles from the final resting place of John Adams, and his son, John Quincy Adams. I have seen the crypts, that contain the two former presidents and their wives. It's in the basement of a church in Quincy Mass. Now I've been in a lot of Catholic churches, and Cristian churches, but this church was definitely not either of them. I could probably Google it, but I'm not that curious, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Christian though...............

Andrew Jones's picture

Ahem... would *not* be

Ahem... would *not* be harassed or jailed for not sharing the same religious opinion...

RONALD RIML's picture

So Neil, you know God is Christian.

When did She convert????

MARK GRAVEL's picture

When is the last time you

When is the last time you have spoken to god face-to-face?


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