Portland's ex-restaurant inspector paid $18,000 to leave

PORTLAND (AP) — Portland's former health inspector who drew the ire of the city's restaurant and bar owners for her tough inspections was given more than $18,000 to resign and promised not to disparage city officials.

The terms of Michele Sturgeon's agreement to resign signed Aug. 22 were obtained by the Portland Press Herald (http://bit.ly/16MjcpC ) under a public records request.

The agreement said Sturgeon agreed "never to disparage or speak ill of the city or any of its products," prevents her from filing any claims against the city and prohibits her from discussing details of her severance.

The seven-page agreement does not suggest any wrongdoing.

A city lawyer refused to discuss the agreement.

Sturgeon was hired in August 2011 to strengthen the city's restaurant inspection program, and failure rates immediately leaped.

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Mike Lachance's picture

It's Portland being Portland.

They (Portland's leadership) are much happier talking the talk than they are walking the walk. Is anything surprising anymore?

Mediocrity! Mediocrity!

 's picture


Let me see if I have this correct. They fired her for doing her job which she did very well apparently. But the restaurant/bar owners didn't' like it and cried boo-hoo to the City of Portland who then paid her off to keep her mouth shut and walk away.

Great...that makes me want to eat out in Portland...NOT.

Pat Doucette's picture


This woman gets hired to do her job. We find out that her predecessors were not doing their jobs (considering the higher failure rates once she started to inspect the restaurants). Now the city forces her out of her job because the restaurants don't want to fix all the things that are wrong in their restaurants. As for me, I will pass on eating at the restaurants in Portland now and go where I know someone is looking out for my health and those around me!

Jeff Johnson's picture

So.... basically she got

So.... basically she got fired for doing her job?

Noel Foss's picture


"You're doing exactly what we hired you to do. But you're doing it too well. So I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go.
Here's $18k; now go away."


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