Mother, daughter charged in dispute that damaged Monmouth cemetery

AUGUSTA (AP) — Prosecutors have brought charges against a mother and daughter they say caused $34,000 worth of damage at a Monmouth cemetery when they rammed each other's cars.

District Attorney Maeghan Maloney told the Kennebec Journal ( ) 42-year-old Melissa Grant and 20-year-old Savannah Lowe were charged with aggravated criminal mischief in connection with the Sept. 28 incident at Monmouth Ridge Cemetery.

They have been summoned to court Nov. 26.

Police say Lowe tried to keep Grant from leaving the cemetery by hitting her mother's car with hers because she thought Grant was drunk. Grant retaliated by ramming her daughter's car.

They knocked over numerous headstones.

Grant says there was no dispute. She says her daughter's foot got stuck on the accelerator, accidentally striking her car, and she feels terrible about the damage.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Here's an idea.................

They keep passing all these bills to charge extra taxes on alcohol, Why doesn't someone come up with a bill to add a tax on alcohol, which would go into a fund to repair all the damage done by drunk idiots.

Lewis Tracy's picture

I'm glad

I'm glad to see that they have decided to file charges against these two. We'll have to wait until the trial to see just how serious they are about holding them accountable for the destruction they caused.


Oh, just cop to it. Excuses,

Oh, just cop to it. Excuses, likely stories... this is why you get into these situations in the first place! Get honest and your life will magically clean itself up.


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