Lewiston dog owner cited for pig mauling

LEWISTON — A city man was charged with keeping dangerous dogs after his pit bulls attacked and mauled a potbellied pig next door.

The pig, owned by Kim and Jason Nadeau of 103 Acadia St., was critically injured and had to be euthanized, said Wendell Strout, animal control officer for the city. The couple had a second pet pig, but gave it away since the attack, fearing it might meet the same fate, Strout said.

Chris Hanson, 42, of 89 Acadia St. owns the two dogs, who are 7 and 13 years old.

Hanson told Strout someone other than he must have let the dogs out of his home at 5:30 a.m. on Oct. 13.

Strout said he issued a temporary order that requires the dogs to wear muzzles whenever they are in public. He issued a summons to Hanson on Tuesday afternoon, he said.

Strout said he had spoken with Hanson before the attack about keeping his dogs from running loose.

Hanson is expected to be fined between $250 and $1,000 for the civil violation, plus damages, according to state law. A judge can also issue a permanent muzzle order, can order that the dogs be euthanized and can order restitution to be paid to the owners of the pig.

If Hanson should violate the judge's order, he could be charged with a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 364 days in jail.

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MEGAN PARKS's picture

What a difference a day makes ...


Not so much attention given to this one, probably since they weren't "pit bulls" but lovable, cuddly retrievers.

 's picture

I noticed that, too.

I noticed that, too.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Among the deadliest and most vicious of all dog breeds

Among the deadliest and most vicious of all dog breeds with killer instincts, originally bred to fight and kill other dogs, Pit Bulls are now widely popular as companion dogs, especially in American cities. Their popularly is strange given their homicidal history and aggressive in-bred traits, but that is seemingly part of the appeal. With its powerful jaws, thick skull and muscular legs the American Pit Bull Terrier (and related breeds) makes short work of children and adults it attacks often maiming them for life. The very name "pit bull" is used in our language to signify a singularly tenacious state of being.

This breed is variously cited as being responsible for nearly a third of all fatal dog attacks in the United States, in part due to its tenacity in a fight. Pit bulls cause one-third of dog-bite related fatalities while only make up less than 2% of the dog population. Because of the deaths, maulings and serious injuries inflicted by Pit Bulls, many countries worldwide ban these dogs altogether or require licenses for ownership of them. In response to many high profile maulings and fatal attacks by Pit Bulls, many US cities and towns have specifically targeted the breed with legislation restricting ownership and increasing penalties on owners for attacks made by their Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are often responsible for attacking and killing other dog breeds as well as cats and small pets. Police officers often need to shoot and kill this breed in order to subdue it after attacks on humans or other animals in US cities. In recent years several owners of these dogs in the United States have been criminally prosecuted in homicide cases. Sadly, many of the owners of these deadly dogs do not possess insurance and the maimed victims go uncompensated. Apologists for these vicious dogs abound online, but facts are facts. These dogs have little or no business being pets in anyone's household they are simply too aggressive and dangerous.

 's picture

Pig was not attacked by a dog.

This pig was not attacked by a dog, it was attacked by 2 dogs. Because of pack mentality there is a big difference. Any time there is more than one dog the behavior can be different than any of those dogs by himself. This is true of all breeds.


Whether it was a pit bull or

Whether it was a pit bull or any other large dog, the point here is the animal was not under the control of its owner. This time it happened to attack a pig....next time it could be a child. Apartments are no place for large dogs of any kind. These animals need room to run and they are not going to get that in the city. There are laws for a reason. In this case the dogs attacked another animal but there are other scenarios that could have occurred....they could have attacked a person or a child or in the area that this happened they could have gotten hit by a car. Pet owners need to be responsible for the safety and actions of their animals and if they cannot be responsible pet owners then they do not deserve to have one. And just to be clear....I live near where this happened and there are many children who play outside including my own who could have been hurt. It is not a breed thing in my opinion. It is a safety issue and an issue of owner responsibility.

Sandra Coulombe's picture

I am really not a fan of dogs

I am really not a fan of dogs in general but seriously large dog meets pot bellied pig equals dead pig unless dog's owner is standing there holding it back on a leash. That is not an indication of a bad dog it is nature taking it's course. Dogs are all carnivores by nature and pigs especially a small pot bellied pig is dinner time to any large dog.


Nice comments Megan and some

Nice comments Megan and some humans can indeed be vicious.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Where are the Pit Bull apologists on this one

It's time to systematically "discontinue" the vicious and unpredictable breed.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Pit bulls............

I was reading an article just last week, in it, they explained that although the name pit bull is more descriptive of the dogs history, rather than it's breed, It's temperament is no less volatile than any number of other breeds out there. The pit bull, with it's strength and body style is stronger and gets more attention when they do misbehave.
As to the behavior of the dog, it's not really any different than most other dogs. The most viscous dog I ever new growing up, was one of my sisters Irish Setters. This dog also went on to become a National Champion. You catch that dog in a bad mood, or reach your hand in her vehicle (numerous signs warning against doing so), you could easily lose a finger or two. I know of a gas station attended down in Dedham MA who will attest to that.
I still stick to the old adage that it's how the animal, what ever breed, is bought up, it's enviroment, and most of all, it's training. Even with all that, any animal could be dangerous.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Even if true, the pit bull

Even if true, the pit bull is capable of doing far greater damage than smaller and less powerful breeds and the dog attack fatality statistics confirm that.

Stacey Hall's picture

No they don't.

Breed attacks haven't been tracked for over 5 years because people have a hard time differentiating between bull breeds and sometimes even toss other dogs on the pit bull pile. ( adbadog. com/p_pdetails.asp?fpid=48 ) and ( americanhumane. org/animals/stop-animal-abuse/fact-sheets/breed-specific-legislation.html ) Take out the spaces to use the links. "According to the American Pet Products Association, out of 73 million pet dogs, 31 million are classified by their owners as “mutts”. While almost all BSL refers to “pit bulls,” many breeds of dogs have the facial and body characteristics of a “pit bull,” but are actually not pit bulls at all, including Labrador retrievers, bulldogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, mastiffs and many others."
What it does boil down to is reporting. Think about the stories you see, they usually fall into 2 categories - "PIT BULL MAULS!" or "Dog bite causes concern.". The paper knows you will be picking their product up to be all indignant and rage filled over that first story, but the story about the black lab that has bitten 4 neighborhood kids? Not so much. Randomly using the word statistics without showing your research leads one to believe that the "statistics" you refer to are your memories of the last few stories you may have seen that got you upset.

 's picture

I checked that site and it is

I checked that site and it is dedicated to outlawing "pit bulls." They consider any of four breeds and mixes to be a pit bulls. This is done so they can inflate their statistics about the dangers of these dogs. Dogsbite.org should not be considered a credible source of information.

 's picture

That's the first accurate

That's the first accurate thing you said. Because of its strength and speed any large dog can do more harm than a small dog. Even though a dachshund might be just as likely to bite it isn't physically capable of doing what a bigger animal can do. Does that mean all except the toy breeds should be banned?
A want to add this. Of all the dogs I have known in my life the one that was the most likely to bite was a neighbor's labrador retriever. The next two on my personal most likely to bite list were a beagle and an old english sheepdog. These three dogs had something wrong in their brains that made them very likely to snap with no warning. It can happen with any breed. Another thing that should be mentioned is aggression towards other animals is not an indicator of aggression toward people. Just because a dog killed a pig does not make him dangerous to people including small children.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Apparently you don't get it

It's the combination of size, strength and proven aggression that is the reason the breed should be banned. When a lap dog attacks a small bite mark is left they may draw blood. When a pit bull attacks the results can be fatal and statistics show that pit bulls are responsible for more fatal attacks on humans than all other breeds combined. The fact that you think the pit bull that killed the pig is ok to have around a small child speaks volumes about the state of denial you live in when it comes to pit bulls and common sense.

 's picture

Read the article again.

I didn't say the dogs (note dogs, plural) that attacked the pig should or shouldn't be around children. The only thing I know about these animals is they attacked a pig. There is no mention of these dogs doing anything bad in the past. I suspect the muzzle order is an overreaction and will be lifted. These dogs were off-leash and unattended at the time if the incident. That is prime conditions for pack mentality to kick in. There is no indication that the owner can not control them when they are leashed or that they would not be reliable with voice control if he is present.

GARY SAVARD's picture

I owned a Staffordshire

I owned a Staffordshire Terrier, A/K/A "pit bull", for 10 years, until cancer took him. During that time we had horses, cats, and raised turkeys. I never had a problem with his attacking these animals, or , as well, humans. Recognizing that he was physically capable of serious damage though, I was always sure to keep him out of potentially adverse situations. Actually, no different than with my horses. Your lack of knowledge of the breed and their traits is why you hate them. Any large dog has the potential of causing serious harm if not properly trained AND supervised. Blame the owner, not the dog. Blame the owner, not the gun.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Just curious......

Hey Eric, do you even know what a Pit Bull is? I mean the actual actual breed itself....

 's picture

No, Frank, he doesn't.

No, Frank, he doesn't.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Can we claim liberals as

Can we claim liberals as dogs?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I hope you meant................

I hope you meant can we claim dogs as liberals? In that case the answer would have to be no, I think dogs definitely lean a little to much to the right.............

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Yes, I do Frank

Yes, I do Frank

MEGAN PARKS's picture

Although I agree...

Although I agree that humans can be vicious and unpredictable, to "discontinue" our breed seems a bit exaggerated. But if you're volunteering to go first ....

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

and the first Pit Bull apologist chimes in

As soon as I read the title I knew it was a pit bull. Even pit bulls raised by responsible and loving owners tend to "go bad" at a much higher rate than most other dogs and more importantly when they do the results are usually tragic.

MEGAN PARKS's picture

Media VS Reality

If you research and read the FACTS, pit bulls are not the breed most likely to "go bad" and attack. The media sensationalizes pit bulls in this decade the way the dobermans and rottweilers were in past decades. In addition, it has been proven that many of the reports involving "pit bulls" are actually cases of mistaken identity- people call almost anything a pit bull nowadays.

My dog is a Boxer, with very clearly defined Boxer features. At least once per week while on walks or at the park some uninformed citizen makes a comment about my "pit bull".

The fault falls on pit bulls when bad owners are involved... the Michael Vick's and regular people who intentionally raise the dogs to be mean. But again this is not breed specific, bad owners equal bad dogs regardless of their breed.

What it comes down to is that ignorance is the problem on all levels; the uninformed citizens who make assumptions and the bad owners. But it is not limited to a specific breed of dog.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Then lets be fair about this

Then lets be fair about this and euthanize all dogs that cause great physical harm to individuals or other animals - simple.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Fatal dog attacks this decade

Keep in mind that many of these "mixed breed" dogs are pit bull mixes

2003 14 Rottweiler (5) (36%) Pit Bull (4) (29%) Mixed breed dog (3) (21%)
2004 15 Mixed breed dog (10) (67%) Pit Bull (3) (20%) Rottweiler (2) (13%)
2005 29 Mixed breed dog (11) (38%) Pit bull (10) (34%) Rottweiler (4) (14%)
2006 30 Pit bull (14) (47%) Rottweiler (9) (30%) Mixed breed dog (4) (13%)
2007 34 Pit bull (14) (41%) Mixed breed dog (7) (21%) Rottweiler (4) (12%)
2008 23 Pit bull (12) (52%) Mixed breed dog (7) (30%) Husky (2) (9%)
2009 31 Pit bull (11) (35%)
Mixed breed dog (11) (35%)

Rottweiler (2) (6%)
Husky (2) (6%)

Mastiff (1) (3%)
Boxer (1) (3%)
Alaskan Malamute (1) (3%)
Weimaraner (1) (3%)

2010 36 Pit bull (15) (42%) Mixed breed dog (9) (25%) Rottweiler (4) (11%)
2011 33 Pit bull (14) (42%) Mixed breed dog (8) (24%) Rottweiler (4) (12%)
2012 34 Pit bull (13) (38%) Mixed breed dog (9) (26%) Rottweiler (3) (9%)

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

The reality is that pit bulls are responsible

The reality is that pit bulls are responsible for more fatal attacks on human beings than any other breed. That's not a media myth. It's a fact backed by statistics.

 's picture

Read the breed standard.

This is taken from the official UKC breed standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier "Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed and highly undesirable."
27 of the 93 dogs who have earned Superdog title in UKC competitions are American Pit Bull Terriers. Very few problem dogs are purebred American Pit Bull terriers registered with the UKC or ADBA. The vast majority of the "pit bulls" reported in the media and hated by idiots like you are mixed breed mutts that might have some APBT, Staffordshire Bull terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer or American Bulldog in their DNA. The fact that you use the words pit bull instead of using the full name of the breed tells me that you do not know your dog breeds and the media doesn't, either.

Stacey Hall's picture

Well said!

People also need to think of it this way, what if the article just called them dogs but said they killed a boar? That's a type of pig and pigs can be nasty vicious things (who cares if there are different types that look similar?). On a side note, my ex mother-in-law had a pot bellied pig and I have never dealt with a nastier, more vicious creature. It had to be put away when we came over because it would lunge at the backs of your legs and it could (and did) break skin.


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