Ballot 2013: Paul St. Pierre, Lewiston School Committee Ward 2

Biographical information

Paul St. Pierre


Paul St. Pierre

Office Sought

Lewiston School Committee, Ward 2

Home Street Address

12 Ventura St.

Campaign Phone Number


Campaign Email Address


Facebook page


Twitter Account


YouTube Channel


Occupation or primary source of income



Associate of Science Computer Information System, Laude, University of Maine at Augusta


I've been married for 43 years, and have two granddaughters in local schools.

Public offices sought or held?

This is my third consecutive run for School Committee in Ward 2.

Civic organizations

Ice breakers

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite book?

What is the best political advice you have received?

I am not in politics, and therefore I am not exposed to political advice.

What Maine political figure do you admire most?

Local politics

What has Mayor Robert Macdonald done during the past two years that you agree with? What has he done that you disagree with?

What has the city council done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

Approve the school budget in a collaborative effort with the school committee. I have no disagreement with actions of city council over the past two years as my civic service is in the field of education, and I just don't have the opportunity to attend city council meetings and get involved in the extensive details of their decision making process.

What has the city administrator and the city staff done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

What has the school committee done during the past two years that you agree with? What have they done that you disagree with?

There are many positive accomplishments over the past two years. The school board has been very focused on providing the best possible education for Lewiston's youth and has been very functional in its business.The school committee has also successfully negotiated contracts with both teachers and ed techs through an interest based bargaining process. This has provided well managed gains for both the school board and our educational professionals.

What should be done with Bates Mill No. 5?

Any last words?

It is my opinion that on a scale of one to ten (with ten being the highest), in terms of things in life that are important to contribute to, education is a ten. It should be every school board member's primary focus at all times.

Paul St. Pierre

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Jodi Wolverton's picture

Grandchildren attending public school?

I'd be curious if Mr. St. Pierre would clarify his comment about his two granddaughters being in local schools...are they are in the public schools or in a private school like St. Dom's ? It is my understanding that his grandchildren do not attend public schools.


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