Three legislators support Portland pot referendum

PORTLAND — At least three Maine legislators from Portland are endorsing a citizen's initiative seeking to legalize recreational possession of marijuana in the city.

Reps. Benjamin Chipman, Matthew Moonen and Diane Russell are holding a news conference Friday expressing their support for the ballot question in next Tuesday's election. The owner of a cupcake company and possibly a fourth legislator will also be on hand.

Portland voters are being asked if they support a local referendum to make it legal to possess, but not buy or sell, up to 2.5 ounces of pot.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Friends have sworn that Pot, works...........

I've heard from several people I've met in various pain support groups in Portland and Boston, that pot works really good for the type of nerve pain I suffer from. Now nothing kills the pain, but I'm willing to try and find the most effective pain relief.
My only draw back is the laws, or rules, what ever they are regarding pain medications. I have heard that in order to try Pot, I would have to successfully ween off of my present medication. Obviously a rule devised by a politician not a doctor. It's just impossible to do.
If I could purchase it legally in Portland, I could try it without all the asinine bureaucratic regulations in place now. I'm not looking for anything but to try it, to relieve pain, nothing more. So I'm all for this bill..............

Bob White's picture

Believe it or not

I will agree with you on the part that we probably cant regulate it. However once we regulate it are we going after the pot company like we did the tobacco companies? One other thing to think about, if we have the mind set that we cant regulate something so we should legalize it, so what if we look at theft? We cant stop it so maybe we should legalize it and tax it. I know that example is crazy but you get some lawyers and some bleeding hearts in a room who knows what your going to get.

Jeff Johnson's picture

There are just too many good

There are just too many good jokes about a legislator who owns
a cupcake shop wanting to legalize pot.


History should teach us that

History should teach us that there are things we cannot regulate. Drugs are one of those things. The only accomplishment we are seeing from current drug laws is we are filling up our jails and making those who participate in the illegal drug trade rich. Better to regulate the sale of drugs such as marijuana and let the State make a profit on it as it does with liquor and gambling than to fight a losing battle as we now are. Whenever I see law enforcement burning marijuana plants I think of the "Revenuers" smashing stills. Also if drugs were legal and regulated we might not see the derivative drugs such as bath salts and crack cocaine just like we do not see the 200 proof alcohol, strong beer, and wines we would be faced with if liquor were not regulated.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


It sure as hell would clean up the penitentiary's nation wide on top of giving the police force more important time for other matters and saving taxpayers wasted Trillions of dollars that has been spent for decades.


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