Your new job nightmares

Do you remember your first day on the new job? You were sporting a new haircut and some fresh duds. You had gotten plenty of sleep and practiced what you would say to your new employer and the colleagues. You did everything right. So how did everything go so wrong?

Whether you accidentally set fire to your new boss' toupee or fell victim to a workplace prank, we want to hear your horror stories. We want to hear your success stories, too, if you've got them. Send your tales of first-day-on-the-job exhilarating success or agonizing failure to Mark LaFlamme at

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Your new job nightmares

Mark 4:35 hst ? Tuesday
Q: Remember the ' world's worst job , ' waaaay back in 1 9 8 6 ?
A: DC Mayor Marion Barry's crack whore •
hth , Steve :D , ƒriend of Ken ( and Migñon ) Mundy , DC lawyer ( rip )


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