W. Van Tassel: Obama didn't know much about anything

President Barack Hussein Obama didn’t know about the U.S. spying on world leaders? Right.

He knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi? Right.

He didn’t know about the imminent problems with the health care website? Right.

He didn’t know that the majority of citizens would be paying more for health care, not $2,500 less, as he repeatedly proclaimed? Right.

He didn’t know that citizens would not be able to keep their existing health plans? Right.

He did not know about his Justice Department’s intrusion into phone records of Associated Press journalists? Right.

He knew nothing about the Department of Justice's Operation Fast and Furious giving military-grade arms to Mexican drug criminals? Right.

He was in the dark about the Gen. David Petraeus investigation? Right.

The president did not know about the IRS disproportionately targeting tea party and other conservative groups? Right.

Obama had no qualifications in 2008 and he has no ability now to be a leader of anything. An honest reading of his books and biography also affirms that.

He is a flimflam man. He maintains a bogus ideology fashioned by a reprobate education.

One more thing he knows diddly about: How to take responsibility for anything.

William Van Tassel, Turner

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RONALD RIML's picture

Van Tassel thinks he knows all the answers to the questions.

Wrong. If he was so damn smart, why didn't he run for President??

Jason Theriault's picture

"President Barack Hussein

"President Barack Hussein Obama didn’t know about the U.S. spying on world leaders? "

I don't get what the deal is here. Not only do I think the NSA should be spying on world leaders, I am impressed with how thoroughly they seemed to have done it. I mean, you hear about the NSA was intercepting communications for here, there everywhere. Last time I checked, the NSA were spies. Their job is to spy. So they were doing their job well.

If I was Obama, I would say "It's not the United State's job to keep your communications private. It's yours".

"He knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi?"
Yup, gonna skip this one. Asked and answered

"He didn’t know about the imminent problems with the health care website? Right."
Doesn't matter - they should have been better on the ball about this. Alot of this is plain old not prepared.

"He didn’t know that the majority of citizens would be paying more for health care, not $2,500 less, as he repeatedly proclaimed? Right."
Listen, until you have signed up and gotten the final costs, any discussions on this are speculation.

As it is right now, I'm spending less on my insurance than last year. Next year it will be more, but overall, it's down over the past couple of years.(Last year it went down ALOT)

"He didn’t know that citizens would not be able to keep their existing health plans? Right."

They can. The problem is not that the law is forcing insurance companies to drop those plans. Insurance companies are doing it on their own, because it is easier to just force everyone into ACA compliant plans. Should Obama pass laws to force insurance companies to continue to carry plans they don't want to?

"He did not know about his Justice Department’s intrusion into phone records of Associated Press journalists? Right."

I don't know what he knew on this one, but I do not agree with the Justice departments actions.

"He knew nothing about the Department of Justice's Operation Fast and Furious giving military-grade arms to Mexican drug criminals? Right."

Hey now, they allowed a straw buyer to purchase firearms legally and then watched them smuggle them across the boarder. They did not give. They were not "military grade", unless AR-15's are military grade, in which case, let's ban em.

"He was in the dark about the Gen. David Petraeus investigation? Right."

I hope so. Petraeus was having an affair. Whooo, who cares?

"The president did not know about the IRS disproportionately targeting tea party and other conservative groups? Right."

Again, I don't agree with what the IRS did. And it looks like criminal charges might be on the way for the IRS administrator, so cool your jets, let the system work

 's picture

Excuse-O-Meter version 2.0

Jason Theriault's picture

(No subject)

MARK GRAVEL's picture

New estimates are saying 128

New estimates are saying 128 Million people will not be able to keep their healthplan due to Obamacare. What a great idea that was.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Barry Hussein oBAMa is what

Barry Hussein oBAMa is what you get when you educate someone beyond his level of intelligence.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Yes we have President Obama............

As apposed to who? Or what. We could be in the beginnings of a Republican White House. Isn't that a comforting thought?
Yes, we could have Mitt Romney with his little side kick Paul Ryan, calling the shots. If that's not sobering enough for you, consider having the Tea Party running the show, as their own party disintegrates before our very eyes. You see, having used Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's charm and intelligence, along with untold millions of Tea Party, AKA Coch Bros. dollars. The front door to the White House is now open to every rich southern Good-ol-boy, who wants in. We all know how much concern those types have for the well being of all Americans.
Yup, we'd have to put up with this for four whole years. Given that scenereo, Obama doesn't seem that bad to after all.............

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Obama is the only chance the

Obama is the only chance the takers have to keep the goods coming in the form of government checks.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Mark, have you ever considered............

Mark, have you ever considered the fact that every time you come out with one of your little jabs at people who rely on their monthly checks, you are insulting millions of people. Many people like myself, who have no choice. It wasn't our idea. Furthermore we all paid into the program we are now benefiting from. Your lack of knowledge on the matter is only amplified by your ignorance of the real world.
I suppose your going to tell me how much you've saved, your 401k's your Roth IRA's. You have it all set up. Well I hate to burst your bubble, life hurts, It also attacks without warning. When it does attack, even with your health insurance, it eats 401K's alive. Roth IRA's don't stand a chance. Pretty soon you find yourself wondering what the hell hit me.
On top of this, you are now jobless, which means no income. With all that going on, you still have a potentially severe painful medical condition. You haven't had fun till you've tried organizing your assets, while fighting a severe illness. Having to travel to other States doesn't help either.
At some point, whether you want to or not, you are directed to switch to SSDI, no choice at all. Now you have that monthly check which does come in handy. If you managed you finances properly that check is just a boost to your livelihood.
Every time, you come out with one of you "Takers" lines, you are insulting millions of people like me. We don't deserve to be disrespected by the likes of Mark Gravel. Just keep in mind, next week it could be you receiving that check.....................

MARK GRAVEL's picture

“Mark, have you ever

“Mark, have you ever considered the fact that every time you come out with one of your little jabs at people who rely on their monthly checks, you are insulting millions of people.”

I suspect my philosophy of smaller government, which means less money for programs, does insult many, many who are on the receiving end. Sometimes the prescription for what ailing this country hurts; you are right, life does hurt. I is not up to me to make your life comfortable. If a reader cannot stomach other opinions, then I recommend that don’t participate in open discussions on such topics.

“Many people like myself, who have no choice.”


“I suppose your going to tell me how much you've saved, your 401k's your Roth IRA's.”

I’m trying to save, but I have to pay for too many other people to build wealth.

“At some point, whether you want to or not, you are directed to switch to SSDI, no choice at all.”

That is why I message these benefits needed to be means tested. That is not making it personal.

“"Takers" lines, you are insulting millions of people like me.”

I cannot control your emotions or feelings. That feeling of disrespect is a feeling you own.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I can stomach other opinions..............

You just hate it when I'm right and your always wrong. You still haven't told me just what "Means Tested" is.
As for saving money, I was able to do it just fine, I had two retirement accounts going when I got sick. One I didn't even know about. I have stocks, I had just as much as you do to pay. I still do have as much as you do to pay. I have no problem paying for what I want. Maybe this smaller Government idea of yours is just as ludicrous as everything else you preach...........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'll bet if the things you

I'll bet if the things you say were happening, the Healthcare Insurance System that the American people were enjoying wouldn't be tipped over on its ass right about now. In terms of health care insurance it would be business as usual instead of this absolute chaos we are witnessing, orchestrated by the worst boob that ever occupied the White House.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Obama expanded SSDI, so some people are good, but....

"900,000 to lose health insurance in California as Obamacare disaster spreads"


FRANK EARLEY's picture

Business as usual..............

Problem is, business as usual for millions of people, was the Emergency Room. If thats what you call sufficient health insurance, then I would not want you tending to my health care. If even half the people who don't have insurance now do get it, that would mean untold thousands of saved lives. My life was saved because my health insurance required me to have a simple test. Not something a lot of people would even think to ask their doctor. I had the test, the condition was identified and surgery fixed the problem. That little incident had nothing to do with my disability, just having access to a doctor was all.
Ya, paper work and red tape are a pain in the butt, websites that fail are an even bigger headache. In the end, this system will work, If I had to be fighting the system now for insurance, I would wait six months if thats what it would take, because now I know how important health insurance is, and I sure as hell wouldn't go any longer than I had to without it.............

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Before oBAMacare hit the

Before oBAMacare hit the streets, how many people were uninsured; 10 million-15 million? Whatever the number is, why couldn't govt. have just focused on a plan to insure those people and leave the rest of the country alone? It would have been less expensive and easier to manage. But, the govt. is broke and the only way they could make it happen was to throw everyone in the same pot and put the burden of responsibility for the solvency of the program on the shoulders of the working stiffs who happened to have insurance. Most of the people signing for oBAMacare now are not meeting the subsidy guidelines and are ending up on Medicaid. That isn't what we were told would happen is it? You'd see this thing in a whole different light, Frank, if,God forbid, you are ever caught up in being part of one of the categories BHO decides to cut in order to make his wonderful program work. It's all o.k. as long as it doesn't affect me, right? Well, guess what?........

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You can't just fix part of this problem......

In order to attain universal health care coverage, you need universal participation. It's the same way all insurance programs work. Actually to be more accurate, insurance is a game of chance. For the insurance company, they are betting that more people will stay relatively healthy, until now they would reach that goal by carefully screening applicants. By disallowing for preexisting conditions or family histories, or just about anything they could dig up to justify not allowing what they refer to as high risk individuals.
On the other side of the coin, we have the paying public. Businesses mostly, We pay our premiums every week, assuming that should something come up. we're covered. Most of us go thru life with very few to no major illnesses or injuries. The healthy folks are the ones supplying the insurance company with both profits, and benefit money for those not so fortunate.
The trick is to keep a good ratio of healthy to sick patients. Obviously if everyone got sick, the balance would be broken. This system is the same for auto, life, home owners, all types of insurance.
There is a reason all these insurance policies are being lost. I'm surprised the administration didn't plan for it because it was bound to happen. You see a lot of policies out there, carried by healthy people who rarely if ever use their insurance, weren't worth the paper they were written on. Many people have found out the hard way, that when it comes to paying up, not everything they were hoping for is covered. I've seen this happen to people who suddenly experience an emergency. I've also seen such things as prescription coverage that actual increases the cost of medications due to little items in the fine print they don't tell you about until you ask.
What happened is that these insurance companies got caught. They were forced to provide usable and affordable insurance policies. The ACA just leveled the playing field. They are requiring a policy that does what you expect it to do. Problem is, it does cost more. As a result of the change in the law, this dilemma of cancelled or changed policies has materialized.
I see this as a serious problem but not beyond repair. It's just one of many problems still not evident in this new program. No one ever thought this program would go off without any problems, and they're proving everyone right. It's just that the Republicans are having a field day with this. They evidently expect perfection in everything the President does, as we see perfection in everything the Republicans do. Personally I feel the Republicans should just put a cork in it, and let the program work. If they don't like it, they should think about winning the next Presidential election. Then they can do it their way..............

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"Problem is, business as

"Problem is, business as usual for millions of people, was the Emergency Room."

At the rate people are losing their insurance, looks like more will be visiting the Emergency room.

"Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance"


Joe Wilson was right, Obama lies.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I agree, the numbers speak for themselves...........

I wouldn't call this an out and out lie on the part of the President. I do however feel he is guilty of failing seeing this coming. I do think they should have assumed the insurance companies would take advantage of the content requirements to boost their bottom line.
The insurance companies changing, or out right canceling policies that don't meet the requirements, are now replacing them with much more expensive plans. It's the nature of the beast, with change comes profit. It's the carriers, not the program itself cutting coverage. This is what I feel the administration should have anticipated. People who carried one of these so called catastrophic health plans, with the huge copay's, huge out of pocket expenses, and very little in the way of actual medical care coverage, are the plans being cut. these policies were of very little use anyway.
We are all going to have to pay, that has always been the plan. Just those who can't afford the premiums will get help. My premiums went up this year just as they always do. The ACA isn't supposed to be a free healthcare program. It's intention is to put health insurance within reach of millions of people who never had the opportunity before. Sort of like a sliding scale system, everyone pays based on their ability. Only now millions more people will have health care.
All I can say to the Republican band standers, trying to thwart the ACA, If you had a better idea, there was plenty of time to put it on the table. By demanding the ACA's demise, you are putting millions of people in mortal risk. I say, get off your ass and start doing something to help the citizens of this Country. Stop your whining, and quit this BS blind loyalty to the Tea Party. They have not, and will not, do anything for the country.
It's only going to be a matter of time before this program is up and functional. Millions are on the verge of experiencing something they have only dream't about. Health insurance has literally saved my life, give everyone else the same chance to live a full life...............

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"I wouldn't call this an out

"I wouldn't call this an out and out lie on the part of the President. "

Say what?

"Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance"

"Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC NEWS that 50 to 75 percent .... can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent."

Obumma knew!


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Liberals seem to have greater

Liberals seem to have greater difficulty in recognizing a lie when one the them lies than they do in recognizing the truth when one of us tells it.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

That is understandable when

That is understandable when one is living a series of lies 24/7; it does get hard to see the truth after a while, especially when the truth means fewer government sponsored goodies.

America's Dr. Right

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Would you perchance be

Would you perchance be related to America's Dr. of Democracy?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I have a strong suspicion,

I have a strong suspicion, Frank, that no matter what the republicans did, you would not be satisfied, because they are republicans. You're not happy with what your guys are doing, so you blame the republicans for their failures and then challenge the republicans to do better. Pretty transparent.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Maybe your right........

Maybe your right, maybe I'm frustrated with Republican failures. Point out something they failed at, or even got right. All I've heard from Republicans in recent history is what the Democrats have failed at. It's been one long tirade after another. I want something done, anything, Democrat or Republican, just do something that benefits the citizens of this country. Just stop the complaining, the accusations, the constant refusal to get along. The weekly conspiracies, the wasting of time. That's what I'm upset about.
We have a Governor who is hell bent on being a dictator. I'm not saying he hasn't had some good ideas, it's his follow through that displaces logic. His biggest accomplishment to date is turning our State into a laughing stock. Our own Governor has come out against working with the opposite party unless they apologize, we have a Republican Party in Washington who refuses to allow the president to accomplish anything. We have a Democratic Party who are just to damn polite to stand up to the Right. As a result we have one huge constipation in Washington.
Ya, that's what I'm getting fed up with......................................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

For eight years democrats and

For eight years democrats and liberals beat on Bush daily. Enter oBAMa...you expected, harmony, comity and cookies and warm milk at night? It's called payback, Frank, and it's a bitch. Is it right? No, but it's what we have and if a republican replaces Barry in 2016, your guys will do the exact same thing again.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Maybe I'll start a new trend.....................

Your right, going back and forth just for the sake of going back and forth is stupid. Politics has turned into a huge game with way to many people. Those in office on all fronts will always be targets of ridicule from the opposing side. It's always been this way. I have noticed that now it's gone way beyond just disliking the other guy. It's become a choreographed campaign to shut down one side of Government. It even spilled over to actually shutting down the entire government.
The blame needs to be placed where it belongs, with the Tea Party. Even members of the Republican Party are starting to realize, this behavior is going way beyond business as usual. It's hurting this country in numerous ways. We are still paying taxes, we are still entitled to something for our buck. I'm just sick of whats going on in Washington, and feel we deserve more out of the ones we put in office, what ever side of the isle they happen to sit on................................

MARK GRAVEL's picture

P.S. It is understandable why


It is understandable why you dislike the Tea Party; they want to cut your government benefits.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"The blame needs to be placed

"The blame needs to be placed where it belongs, with the Tea Party. "

Here we go again.

If you take time to count the total number of Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party members in Congress, you would find that both Democrats and Republicans far out number Tea Party members.

So tell the readers show such a small group wields so much power? It does not really make sense.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I'm surprised at you, the answer............

I'm surprised at you, the answer to that question is something you live and breath, what occupies your every waking thought. The answer is MONEY. The Tea Party and the Coch brothers have an endless supply of money. It's not that I hate the Republican party or the Tea Party either. I just hate what they stand for. I hate their obstructionist policies. their self serving agendas. They intentionally prevent anything constructive being done in Washington. I'm really getting tired of their idiotic Gun Rights attitude. I saw that for years when I drove down south. I swear every vehicle on the road had a gun rack in it, and a really redneck themed bumper sticker. I've had guns for decades, I have never felt the need to jam my 'opinions on guns down as many throats as possible.
As for my "Government check", if I lost that tomorrow, it wouldn't negatively affect me. Like their guns down south, My SSDI, was made my right when they took that first deduction. I never asked for it, it's just been a part of my entire working life. They want to take it away, they can just pay me back my premiums. many, many thousands of dollars. The program is solvent for many years to come, I get that information from one of my brokers whose life is keeping track of revenue sharing accounts nationally. He hasn't let me down yet. I watched a Republican Representative from Texas interviewed on the subject of justifying not expanding Medicaid in his state. I actually felt sorry for the guy, that guy was squirming like a drunk "diamond back". Everything that he tried to answer came out like he had no clue what was actually talked about. He just kept repeating the same old talking points assigned for him to use. It's really sad when a man isn't allowed to speak for himself. Then again, I wonder if this guy could have made it on his own.
I never had a problem with normal Republican arguing, but I won't stand for this total obstruction, there's a big difference.....................

MARK GRAVEL's picture

1. You comment that I just

1. You comment that I just think about Money is a mischaracterization. Let’s look at the facts. Count the number of comments I post in a day. Assume that I spend less than a minute to write each one. Add all those minutes up and compare that sum to the number of waking hours in a day. I think you’ll find that I spend very little time on this post. That said, your assertion is based on a narrow view of my character.

2. “I just hate what they stand for” I understand that people do need enemies to justify and motivate their behavior. Just think of this. You need the Tea Party to pay for your wants. They don’t need you whatsoever.

3. “I have never felt the need to jam my 'opinions on guns down as many throats as possible.” You do have the ability to filter what other people say. I demonstrate this trait with you all the time. Those people are not in control of your emotions, or how you respond. That is all on you. Whether you realize it or not, you are in control of your emotions and thoughts. Hating takes energy.

4. “As for my "Government check", if I lost that tomorrow, it wouldn't negatively affect me.” Remember that I asserted we should means test. By your own admission herein, you don’t need it, so all your verbosity trying to justify your need or right is simply garbage talk.

5. “My SSDI, was made my right when they took that first deduction.” There are no rights. The Government can boot you tomorrow, then where is your right? The fact is nobody has a right to taxpayer dollars.

6. The Texas Representative is making the correct choice albeit difficult; now that is character.

7. “I never had a problem with normal Republican arguing, but I won't stand for this total obstruction, there's a big difference” Are you willing to proclaim that Democrats never obstruct? Let see how you reason.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I'll try to hit the right keys from now on...........

(2) Again without a translator I can't figure out what your saying, but I assume you think people need to be mad and just need someone to blame it on, actually, I just can't stand the idiotic behavior of the Republicans. I often wonder if they realize how stupid they look.

(3) You make yourself sound like some sort of SyFi character, with the power to create or alter thought in others. There's a scary thought. actually I just hate being bombarded with the same old rhetoric every time some idiot thinks someone is going to take his precious gun away from him. It's absolutely embarrassing to listen to some of these alcohol fueled tirades. In all the years I've had guns, I never once thought someone was coming to get them. It scares the daylights out of me, just knowing some of these people have guns to begin with........................

(4) I ask for the umpteenth time, what exactly is "Means Testing"? As for my disability check, I never said I needed it, actually I don't rally need either one. As I said before, I planned early, I made sure, that in the event of an emergency, I and my daughter would be taken care of. I spent years saving just as I would have for retirement, only I took it a few extra steps.
Nothing I've done, or saved or received is wrong or illegal. When I was forced by my insurance company to switch to SSDI after several years, I made no attempt to hide anything, I reported everything. I still file reports on any income or profits I may have coming in. I pay taxes on what needs taxing. So go ahead, give me the "means test"................

(5) I paid in, I'm entitled to a return. I meet all the requirements. End of that argument..........

(6) The Texas Representative made the correct choice, but had no clue how to answer the damn question. When a person starts three or four sentences without finishing any of them, thats called tongue tied...............

(7) This one doesn't even deserve a responce. You going to try and tell me that Democrats are obstructing anything? That Republicans aren't? Give me a break.............

FRANK EARLEY's picture

OK lets get this over quick...........

(1) Judging from the shear number of postsand the times of day you post, You spend most of your day on line.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Payback is good. Perhaps if

Payback is good. Perhaps if republicans take office in 2016, the can gut Obama constituents - welfare and SSDI recipients.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Mark, what are you planning on for retirement??????????

Just curious, I mean I had a 401k and a Roth IRA when I had to stop working. One of them was very well maintained, but you don't realize how little money you actually have, until there is no more coming in. Wouldn't you be at least a little curious about getting a little something in return for all your donations to the system? Especially if you should wind up with a medical issue. I just can't believe your that financially secure that you have no concerns for the future, that you feel cutting Social Security would just be saving money, nothing more. I can say this because I have never in the thirty years I've lived in Maine, actually met anyone who aside from inheritance money, is truly financially secure. I've met some who swore up and down they were all set, but they never counted on the unexpected.
It's always been my practice to have every resource available to you ready, because it's not a matter of if your going to need it. It usually winds up being, how can I get by without it.
You go ahead and push to scrap SS and SSDI, just pray your not one of the millions of people who find out, at the last minute, they need it after all.............

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The fact is that this

The fact is that this government cannot keep spending at the current rate. That said, we are poised to see a correction in spending which means less taxpayer handouts. Keep rationalizing!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"I want something done,

"I want something done, anything,...."

Sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action rather than react based on fear or emotion. Moreover, less is more.


"Want something done,

"Want something done, ANYTHING...." Well just for fun and as an "anything", lets get rid of the old, hideous bandstand in Kennedy Park! Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There's a group trying to

There's a group trying to put together enough money to make badly needed repairs to the gazebo. They'll be soliciting to various businesses and individuals to get it back to respectable appearance....we hope.


Actually, that's not what I

Actually, that's not what I was hoping for.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Would a bonfire that levels

Would a bonfire that levels the whole thing be more to your liking?


"Want something done,

"Want something done, ANYTHING...." Well just for fun and as an "anything", lets get rid of the old, hideous bandstand in Kennedy Park! Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay!

Paul Parsons's picture

Again with "Hussein"

You just had to include his middle name didn't you? Now I wonder why you would do that? Is the motive just an attention to detail, or is it to insinuate something?

You probably sabotaged your whole article by starting out your first sentence with such a below-the-belt move. If I was some blind Obama supporter, I could focus all my attention on that one petty little thing to distract from all the legitimate arguments you make later on (it is certainly a tactic that Republicans are familiar with).
I could also bring up George W. Bush's 8 years of failed "leadership" to try and distract from the current president's shortcomings (another common tactic of the Right). Indeed, everytime one of W's impeachable offenses was exposed, his supporters would try and bring up what an embarassment we thought Clinton used to be, or even go so far as to mention the late Ted Kennedy's car accident from over 40 years ago.
But even if I was to assume you were totally blind to all of the failures (and outright criminal activity) of the previous administration, and even if I assumed you were focusing attention on Obama to distract from the IMPRISONABLE offenses of the likes of Ted Cruz, I would still say that I too have my share of dissappointments in Obama.

But if you want to add any credibility in your arguments for others who might read your words, take the time to answer what you have to say about the Bush years?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So, you're not really angry

So, you're not really angry at the letter writer's use of oBAMa's middle name of Hussein; you're just still pissed off at Bush and chose to focus on that rather than admit to any BHO's multitude of screw ups. And, when did mentioning someone's middle name become a below-the-belt move? Guess I didn't get that memo.

Joe Morin's picture

You showed your hand Paul

Imprison Ted Cruz? Question is whether Liberals, which you clearly are, have realized that you are now the boogey man. The administration has been in power for years with a majority in the senate and for several years a super majority in Washington. The president has intimated and persecuted his rivals. He has a scared and complicit media. I was no fan of George Bush but Obama is not the pussy cat most people thought he was. He's no dove, he's the least transparent, he is either a liar or incompetent in regards to the bait and switch he has pulled with health care. If I can say one thing about Bush is that he owned his actions and was excoriated for them. Obama never knew? Just found out on the news report? This guy should teach dodge ball and the 5 D's. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge. P.S. How's the rest of the world loving our president... His major achievements will list like this. 8 years of economic malaise, Countless scandals in Chicago politics fashion, a regression in race relations, destroying U.S. healthcare, Imposing the largest tax on the middle class ever, throwing more underlings under the bus than any president, destroying relations with our traditional allies, increasing the national debt by ? This second term is going so bad that you will see the media start to pile on him in an attempt to regain credibility in time to get Hillary elected.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

But, but, but, but ..... it

But, but, but, but ..... it is all Bushes fault. Hmm, since when has an ex-president had so much control?

Paul Parsons's picture

Oh good. Someone read my rant.

It is right to call me out on what I said about Ted Cruz. Yes, I signed a petition saying he should be arrested on the grounds that I saw his government shutdown move as an act of sedition, and I think he is the worst thing to come out of Canada since Justin Beiber. But to even bring him up at that time I was making an unneccessary distraction.

As far as the accusation the I am a liberal, I will probably have to say guilty as charged. What is ironic though is that I am probably not nearly as liberal as I was in college, but I am now more likely to identify myself as such. In my liberal college environment it was impossible for me not to see the shortcomings and false logic used by many people who called themselves liberals, and I had a lot more patience to listen to people with more conservative leanings. Indeed, many people who call themselves liberals can still be wrong on many their opinions, and even fail to live up to the better liberal ideals they claim to hold dear. It is just that after more than a decade of constantly hearing the most venomous language used to attack me and those who share many of my values, I have become a little defensive and count myself in solidarity with the "libs" who had previously annoyed me as well. It becomes quite tempting to give some of that nasty language back as some already do, even though that probably just exacerbates things.

As far as liberals being the boogeyman, I'm not so sure that is a new thing. Somehow even when Republicans held both the White House and Congress, we were still the scapegoats of everything that went wrong. Hearing various election campaign commericials through the years, both sides play the blame game, but I certainly have heard the word "liberal" by Republican candidates to label those seen as responsible for the country's problems be used a lot more than I heard the "conservative" used in the same context in Democratic candidates. As far as intimidating and persecuting rivals, I can't say for sure that Obama is innocent of such accusations, but I can say with confidence that Bush is not. Just ask Valerie Plame, outed as a CIA agent because her husband criticized Bush.

I never claimed that Obama was a pussy cat, or that his actions were transparent. I don't think anyone can get close to holding any high political office without selling out, which includes to some extent to stooping so slow as to use the 5 Ds you mentioned. It is certainly not unique to Chicago politics, and even though Obama comes from the same place that produced crooks like Al Capone and Blagoyovich, the judgement of him should stand alone outside the corrupt reputation of his home town. As far as having a scared and complicit media, I'm thinking I wouldn't have heard nearly as much talk about Benghazi or the ACA website troubles if that were true. I certainly don't think I would see so many political cartoons and op-ed peices with a conservative lean. You might be able to make the claim that MSNBC is complicit. But I think the fact that Fox News has more viewers than MSNBC just shows which side of the political fence more people will take the time to find information sources that are truly "fair and balanced".
As far as claiming Bush owned up to his mistakes, I won't be convinced that he has done that until he has personally begged for forgiveness from everyone who knew someone that died in Iraq because of his war based on false pretenses.

Has the middle-class really been imposed with the largest tax burden ever under the Obama administration? That is a true question, not a retort of denial. I have also heard reports that 95% of Americans got a tax break under Obama, but I don't think I can validate the impartiality of that source either. Whether talking about taxes or the economy, there somehow seem to be various charts and graphs, that I don't really understand, that seem to show "concrete evidence" of what 8 year administration things were better under. Since I am already familiar with competing colas and telephone companies providing "concrete evidence" showing they were the better brand, I'm not sure I can trust any such claims. Perhaps only those truly more knowledgable about such things, and history, can judge these matters.

I'm not going to say the international community loves our president, but do you really believe they think less of him than they did Bush? As far as destroying relations with our traditional allies, I am not sure which countries you are talking about? Even if he is ever slightly more critical of the actions of the Israeli government, that does not come close to the Bush administration demonizing France for choosing to stay out of the mess we created in Iraq (how much did that raise our national debt by the way?). Indeed it was major public dissatisfaction with Bush that paved the way for Obama. Maybe we will see the political pendulum swing back, and we won't have Hillary as president. Some will believe you, some will believe me, but regardless we will see in 2016.

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Well......you're right about

Well......you're right about Beiber.


You've pretty much summed it

You've pretty much summed it up William. I agree with every point.


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