Rumford board to begin interviewing town manager applicants

RUMFORD — Selectmen are expected to begin interviewing town manager applicants next week.

Selectman Jeff Sterling said Tuesday night that the board had received about 20 applications for the job being vacated by Town Manager Carlo Puiia.

Puiia said Thursday afternoon that selectmen met Monday evening to review the applications and resumes. They narrowed down the number of candidates to call in for interviews. He said that although his office is facilitating the town manager search for selectmen, he's got nothing to do with it.

Puiia tendered his resignation on Sept. 19 following an executive session of the board. Selectmen unanimously voted to accept it.

In his resignation letter, he wrote that his decision to resign was “a personal one,” and one that was “based primarily on family values.” Later that month, Puiia told the Sun Journal that he resigned “to focus more on his family's happiness and safety.”

He said he would stay until they appointed a new town manager, or until the end of the business day on Friday, Dec. 20, whichever came first.

Sterling said he believes the board will appoint someone this month.

Before being appointed town manager in June 2009, Puiia served as the town's tax collector for 13 years, and worked as a self-employed tax preparer before that.

In other municipal government news, Tuesday's ballot tallies remained the same after being recounted and verified Wednesday, according to the town clerk's office Thursday.

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Brad Gallant's picture

Merging of services...

I don't see how it would make any sense to hire ANY leadership positions (Town Manager, Department Heads, etc.) in any Town participating in the study for regionalization of services. I would think making short-term, interim decisions would be most prudent. Rumford hires a Town Manager next month and when the study is done they say, "Rumford/Mexico should share a Town Manager"...we have wasted time and money. Mexico hires a Police Chief and when the study is done they say, "Rumford/Mexico should share a Police Chief"...more money wasted. Just my $0.02.

Phil Blampied's picture

TM Candidates need to meet the public

The finalists for town manager really should have a listening session with the public before a final decision is made on who to hire. They should understand the true challenges facing the town and the political realities.

A free-spending town manager who thinks the town is in great shape and can afford a large municipal budget would run into a buzz saw of opposition from day one. In fairness to the candidates and to avoid political upheaval, the candidates need to understand more than what I suspect the members of the selectboard alone will tell them.


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