Policy cancellations: Obama will allow insurance companies to offer old plans for one year

Barack Obama
Charles Dharapak

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking about his signature health care law, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington. Bowing to pressure, President Barack Obama intends to permit continued sale of individual insurance plans that have been canceled because they failed to meet coverage standards under the health care law, officials said Thursday. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bowing to pressure, President Barack Obama on Thursday announced changes to his health care law to give insurance companies the option to keep offering consumers plans that would otherwise be canceled.

The administrative changes are good for just one year, though senior administration officials said they could be extended if problems with the law persist. Obama announced the changes at the White House.

"This fix won't solve every problem for every person, but it's going to help a lot of people," the president said.

He acknowledged that "we fumbled the rollout of this health care law" and pledged to "just keep on chipping away at this until the job is done."

Obama has been under enormous pressure from congressional Democrats to give ground on the cancellation issue under the health care overhaul, a program likely to be at the center of next year's midterm elections for control of the House and Senate.

It's unclear what the impact of Thursday's changes will be for the millions of people who have already had their plans canceled. While officials said insurance companies will now be able to offer those people the option to renew their old plans, companies are not required to take that step.

Insurance companies will be required to inform consumers who want to keep canceled plans about the protections that are not included under those plans. Customers will also be notified that new options are available offering more coverage and in some cases, tax credits to cover higher premiums.

Under Obama's plan, insurance companies would not be allowed to sell coverage deemed subpar under the law to new customers, marking a difference with legislation that House Republicans intend to put to a vote on Friday.

Only last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a Senate panel she doubted that retroactively permitting insurers to sell canceled policies "can work very well since companies are now in the market with an array of new plans. Many have actually added consumer protections in the last three-and-a-half years."

Republicans were unimpressed with the changes.

House Speaker John Boehner, speaking in advance of the president's announcement, insisted it was time to "scrap this law once and for all."

"You can't fix this government-run health care plan called Obamacare ," he said. "It's just not fixable."

Obama, for his part, made clear he would continue to fight ongoing attempts to sink the whole program, saying, "I will not accept proposals that are just a brazen attempt to undermine or repeal" the entire law.

"We're going to solve the problems that are there, we're going to get it right, and the Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people," he pledged.

While the White House deals with the cancellation issue, the administration is also promising improvements in a federal website so balky that enrollments totaled fewer than 27,000 in October in 36 states combined. The administration had said in advance the enrollment numbers would fall far short of initial expectations. After weeks of highly publicized technical woes, they did.

Adding in enrollment of more than 79,000 in the 14 states with their own websites, the nationwide number of 106,000 October sign-ups was barely one-fifth of what officials had projected — and a small fraction of the millions who have received private coverage cancellations as a result of the federal law.

The administration said an additional 1 million people have been found eligible to buy coverage in the markets, with about one-third qualifying for tax credits to reduce their premiums. Another 396,000 have been found eligible for Medicaid, which covers low-income people.

Administration officials and senior congressional Democrats expressed confidence in the program's future. "We expect enrollment will grow substantially throughout the next five months," said Sebelius, who is in charge of the program.

"Even with the issues we've had, the marketplace is working and people are enrolling," she added.

Despite the expressions, the White House worked to reassure anxious Democrats who are worried about the controversial program, which they voted into existence three years ago over Republican opposition as strong now as it was then.

Senate Democrats arranged a closed-door meeting for midday Thursday in the Capitol with White House officials, who held a similar session Wednesday with the House rank and file. Ahead of that meeting, Obama planned to speak from the White House about new efforts to help Americans receiving insurance cancellation notices.

So far, five Senate Democrats are on record in support of legislation by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., to make sure everyone can keep their present coverage if they want to. The bill would require insurance companies to continue offering existing policies, even if they fall short of minimum coverage requirements in the law.

The measure has little apparent chance at passage, given that it imposes a new mandate on the insurance industry that Republicans will be reluctant to accept.

At the same time, a vote would at least permit Democrats to say they have voted to repair some of the problems associated with the Affordable Care Act, as many appear eager to do.

In a statement, Landrieu said Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mark Pryor of Arkansas were now supporting the legislation, as is Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. All but Feinstein are on the ballot next year.

Across the Capitol, majority Republicans in the House set a vote for Friday on legislation to permit insurance companies to continue selling existing policies that have been ordered scrapped because they fall short of coverage standards in the law.

While House passage of the measure is assured, each Democrat will be forced to cast a vote on the future of a program that Republicans have vowed to place at the center of next year's campaign.

Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, who voted for the initial Obama health care bill, said Thursday that members of his caucus want an opportunity to go on the record in support of allowing people to keep the insurance they had.

Doyle told MSNBC in an interview that at a White House meeting Wednesday, House Democrats told Obama about "the frustration level that many of us have" with the health care roll-out.

Doyle said Democrats warned Obama that "if you don't give us something by Friday" to fix the insurance cancellation problem, then many Democrats are likely to vote for the pending House bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, which would accomplish that goal.

The promise of keeping coverage was Obama's oft-stated pledge when the legislation was under consideration, a calling card since shredded by the millions of cancellations mailed out by insurers.

Obama apologized last week for the broken promise, but aides said at the time the White House was only considering administration changes, rather than new legislation.

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Zack Lenhert's picture

The whole uproar over these

The whole uproar over these policy cancelations is completely overblown. Only about 5% of Americans purchase insurance on the individual market, and not even ALL of those policies are being cancelled.

...of that 5%, it's projected that more than half will pay less for similar or even more comprehensive insurance plans.

So all we're really talking about is the 2% of Americans that will end up paying more for insurance, but they'll at least have a laundry list of consumer protections to go along with that price increase... cry me river.

Looks like Ted Cruz was

Looks like Ted Cruz was right. millions of Americans are loosing their healthcare and Obamcare is a train wreck. Our President is a liar, and he should be impeached for the damage he has cost this nation. Over 30 times he was recorded saying if you like your healthcare care plan you can keep it. Many people have gone to jail for less than what he has done.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

oBAMa's new 'fix' for ACA

oBAMa's new 'fix' for ACA only proves once again that the man is not competent or qualified enough to preside over a nerd frat house, let alone an entire country.

 's picture

The problem

is this paper and state have too many democrats that think they have the answer but when they don't they say anyone who complains needs to come up with a better idea. If you have a program that does not work you can always blame someone else and say come up with a better idea. Even though you think you have all the answers.


The real fix

What needs to be fixed is the state of our health care. That is way more urgent than fixing the web site. Just the fact that the insurance companies are using the ACA as an excuse to raise rates, cancel policies, and reduce coverage demonstrates one of the most important things the ACA is improving. People complaining their rates are going up are forgetting that individual policies have had average rate hikes in the range of 20% a year for the last 10 years. And these policies only last for a year. Cancellation depends on whether you use it or not. One lady had a policy that provided $2,000 coverage for hospitalization a year. That's a joke. She pays more than that in premiums. And one actual operation would put her in bankruptcy. The cost of health care has sky rocketed and the studies I am reading indicate it is not because of abuse or overuse. Health care providers have just doubled the cost in the last 10 years because they could. To those griping about the website and the promises I say if you cannot come up with am alternative solution then you are the problem.

Gerry Thompson's picture


Insurance companies allow providers to charge certain maximum amounts, which of course they do. They have agreements to pay a certain percentage of that then the patient pays the balance. It's a racket.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Insurance needs to go.

I agree Claire, what needs to be fixed is the state of our health care. And for this to happen we need to get insurance out of the equation. Medicine needs to be nationalized. Other countries do it, we can, too. Medicare for all, or some type of one-payer system.It would save billions and pay for itself. And we need a system that delivers prescriptions at the same cost as other countries. There should be no one who has to decide between eating or getting their needed medication yet it happens far too often.

Bob White's picture

No one talks about all the

No one talks about all the law suits that people place against our medical field. Do you think that may run the price up? Someone has to pay those huge settlements.

Bob White's picture

No one talks about all the

No one talks about all the law suits that people place against our medical field. Do you think that may run the price up? Someone has to pay those huge settlements.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Who's plan is better?????????

Six years ago, I had the first of several surgeries. I was recuperating in my hospital room, IV bottles carefully administering pain medication, and watching this ridiculously small television. I shared the room with this older guy who had different but just as invasive surgery that I had. Mine had to do with the spinal coulomb. on the third day my roommate was a little agitated. I had two to three more days before I was to be released, I was still in a lot of pain. My roommate was sent home on the third night. His insurance had a cap on hospitalization after surgery. He wasn't to happy about it, and let his frustration be known. If I had been released that night I would have been readmitted within twenty four hours. They were expecting my roommate back, I never did hear what ever happened to him. My guess is that once he got better, he went out and bought a real insurance plan. Those do cost money, but you get what you pay for. I just hope these people check what they actually have, The Republicans will allow these people to assume huge debts, and hospitals to lose money, for no other reason than political retribution. John Beahner the poster child for Washington Negativity, needs to step down and quit lying to the people.............

Bob White's picture

That story Frank is the

That story Frank is the dumbest story you have told so far you don't know what that guy did and this President has had many things go bad while he's been in office and none of it is his fault. Beahner is not the person that has lied to the American people Beahner is not the guy that has turn the Insurance industry totally up side down. If I'm not mistaken Beahner and his counter parts were warning us that this was bad, but no.... you people were blaming Beahner for screwing things up then but we can see now maybe we should have listened

FRANK EARLEY's picture

If thats what you say.........

You know whats really going on....................

Bob White's picture

Well Frank I have heard the

Well Frank I have heard the Presidents promise that was a lie and I do believe people said that this obamacare was going to be a disaster..... So Frank I guess I'm up to speed. Question for you When the government shut down was in progress some people wanted certain things reopened but the president said "you cant cherry pick certain things" SO why can the president "cherry pick" and change certain things to better position himself politically? Don't think he didn't do this to put himself in a better politically position. If this is not the case then why doesn't he make it legal? Is it right for someone to ask you to do something illegal?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

The President or his advisers made a huge miscalculation........

I'm not sure if Mitt Romney made the same mistake when implementing Massachusetts land mark health care reform. I would guess not, but I can see where the president wanted to make the transition as seamless as possible. To do that he figured to allow people to keep existing insurance policies, He failed however to take into consideration, the huge number of "Sub-Par" health care policies out there. Those policies have been around for years, used to create the impression of inexpensive insurance. Problem was, inexpensive insurance, didn't cover much, leaving many people with huge or unpaid medical bills. This is one of the things the ACA is trying to eliminate. So when the president told everyone they could keep their insurance policies if the wanted, the insurance companies started to cancel the old sub-par policies, then make adjustments which in affect made them less affordable but more substantial. They took advantage of the minimum requirements to cash in on these sub-par policies. The number of cancellations was so high that people were blaming the president for lying to the nation. In order to replace the useless policies with usable ones, meant sometimes having to pay a lot more. That didn't sit well with a lot of people. To try and make peace, the President changed part of the law, which would allow sub-par policy holders to keep their plan for another year. Hoping to slow the number of cancellations, many people feel this maneuver was just a stunt. In actuality, it will give everyone a year to learn how the programs work and then allow everyone to purchase their insurance without being gouged by these last minute upgrades by the insurance companies. There, I think thats how it all went down.

Bob White's picture

You could have just said he lied

and would have saved you a bunch of typing. I don't understand the need to bring other people into this mess such as Romney or even Bush they didn't lie to the American people on this insurance. You and the left like to say "Sub-Par" health care policies but did you people ever think that maybe that's all the hard working people can afford or want? Maybe something is better then nothing? I know its hard for some people to realize that sometimes you have to make decisions on what you can afford we don't all have everything handed to us we work for it. No Frank I'm not saying you haven't worked for what you have this comment is not about that. What does allowing them to keep or reinstate their insurance for a year do? other then mess with the insurance companies mess with the American people, it still is going to be the same in a year. If you paint a pig blue its still a pig!!!! The President is asking the insurance companies to do something illegal with his track record I wouldn't trust him. Who knows maybe he's lying now?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Bob, a couple of things...............

First, I didn't bring Romney into this for any political reason, it was his health insurance program in Massachusetts, that the present ACA program is modeled after. The second thing is, yes, you do sometimes need to choose carefully on what you can afford. That being said, how would you like to find out, only after the services have been rendered, that the policy you were expecting to help, suddenly is not what you purchased. That's the problem, it's why so many people are up in arms over the cancellation issue. They had no idea that their policy wasn't worth what they were paying for.
Take for instance your auto insurance, you pay month after month for the best coverage you could afford. You rationalize that Yes, it's a little more than I want to be spending, but I do need my car. I need to be able to fix the vehicle in the event of an accident. Now you fast forward a few years of never missing a premium, and you have an accident. No problem you say, I call my insurance company and file all the proper paper work. A week later a big truck arrives at your door with a pile of brand new parts and dumps them in your yard. Whats with this, you ask, as your dialing your insurance agent. The agent informs you that yes we agreed to replace all the damaged parts with brand new one just like you requested. Unfortunately, had you read the fine print, you would have realized that we never agreed to make the actual repairs. That would have cost substantially more money. You specifically requested affordable insurance, and we gave you what you wanted.
Over the past ten years or so, I have been in the hospital, and had numerous tests done. I have come in contact with people from all over with many different types of health insurance. I mentioned a guy a couple of days ago, sent home three days after major surgery, just because his insurance company stated just how many days were allowed for that particular procedure, I needed six days, and I still couldn't walk for another four. Thats the difference between a good policy and a sub-par policy. Both of us had our insurance through work. So you never know.
I yap so much about these issues because for the past nine or ten years or so, I haven't been able to do much more than use health insurance. I hear a lot of horror stories sitting in them waiting rooms..................

Bob White's picture

This is good Frank we can

This is good Frank we can carry a conversation. You make a valid point however you made a statement that speaks volumes. "Unfortunately, had you read the fine print" It is up to the person to make sure they are buying what they were trying to buy. If you go to a car dealer and buy a Ford Escort and drive it home and then go back and complain that it doesn't ride as nice as a Lincoln who's fault is that? I will admit that these things can be very difficult to read and understand but at the end of the day it is your reasonability. If you screw up it is on you I bet 9 out of 10 times the person goes into a place like the insurance office and say "I want something good" then the agent gives some choices the person looks them over and says " that bad stuff will never happen to me " so I should be ok with this less expensive policy. Guess what it does happen to you and me but who's fault is it really? Just because that person chose to take a short cut now its the insurances fault? The real question is why are they canceling the policies? Is it because they don't cover enough or because they don't cover stuff that certain individuals don't need or want. Does a gay man need maternity in his policy? Does a nun need birth control? and I'm sure there are many other things out there as well. I understand the reasoning to charge everyone for everything so the people who don't use it are paying for the people who cant afford it. One thing I find interesting is that nobody is really talking about the high paying or just the high risk of law suits that the medical industry is open to and have to protect themselves from. Does Canada or other countries see the same type of law suites? You cant tell me that doesn't play a big part in this.

Bob White's picture

Frank tell us of when you use

Frank tell us of when you use to be a insurance sales person.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

A one year reprieve does

A one year reprieve does nothing to fix the broken promise - if you like you doctor, if you like plan, you can keep it period.

Keeping a plan for one year does not complete the promise.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Mark , Right . Ca¢h on the

Mark , Right . Ca¢h on the barrel head •  /s Dr. Dosh :D ~ Happy Thanksgiving y'all ~ http://www.pnhp.org/news/articles-of-interest <- today's news

Steve  Dosh's picture

Obama will allow insurance companies to offer old plans for one

Mainers , Thurs am . .09:00 hst • 13.11.14
One year
The real problem is with all those folks who think they have a good plan now Hahahah ! • /s , Dr. Dosh ,
http://www.mainecare.com <- your choices ( so far )
Not an endorsement for Paul Le Page's non-existant ME health choice site
" ^^ It's all above ME , Susan ^^ "

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"The real problem is with all

"The real problem is with all those folks who think they have a good plan now Hahahah !"

Who said that you can decide what other people think is a good plan for them. I is really none of our business.



Why would you want to stay with a plan that doesn't cover anything? You should be demanding your money back for premiums you paid, for fake insurance. It isn't Obama's fault your insurance company has been robbing you this whole time.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Plans were canceled that were more than adequate

Not everybody needs maternity and birth control on their plan and that's one of the reasons plans were canceled. The stupidity coming from the mouths of liberals is maddening .

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Paying for services that you

Paying for services that you physiologically do not need is nothing more than a hidden tax. Moreover, the law was written so narrowly, that any change, even a premium change of $10, makes plans non-compliant with the law (by design).

Lastly, I agree. To hear the lemmings repeat the party line is maddening.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Good point Kathy................

Not only that, the policies that don't cover anything won't prevent patients who need catastrophic care from getting it, just the ability to pay for it. Thus adding to the cost all legitimate policy holders have to pay. When your premiums and other out of pocket expenses increase, It's not all due to inflation. Its to make up for what these useless policies don't pay to the hospitals. Basically, people allowed to keep these useless pieces of paper, are just making it more expensive for all of us.


Exactly, and that's a useless

Exactly, and that's a useless political move to have to make.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

P.S. It is certainly Obumma's

It is certainly Obumma's fault that people have lost the freedom to choose from many private healthcare options regardless of what you, me, or the governement thinks about it.


Hey Gravel, just curious

does it make you feel funny and/or smart when you disrespect our President by calling him something other than Obama? Aren't you supposed to be the man of nothing but facts? You're nothing but a child and a loser.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Respect is earned. He has not

Respect is earned. He has not earned it yet. To show you I'm that not politically motivated, I did not have respect for Bush either. Neither do I respect John Boehner or John McCain.

A quality leader does not demand respect merely for being a in the role.

Lastly, I'll still sleep well at night even after your name calling....

Now go be a model citizen.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Obama doesn't deserve respect

Obama doesn't deserve respect.


So if

I feel that way about you, can I call you Eric LeAsshole?

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Sure, why not?

Sure, why not? The main difference though is that I didn't devise a scheme to defraud millions of Americans.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Obumma knows that ACA will

Obumma knows that ACA will need tons of money to fulfill it promises - if it ever can. That is why ACA regulations were narrowly written to force health people into the system for that is where the money will come from.

Wait until next year when the employer waiver expires. You'll see this happen all over again. The lemonade from that lemon is that 2014 is an election cycle.


Oh, you mean the same scheme

that Republicans put in place in Massachusetts? That scheme?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

That does not mean we support

That does not mean we support it! Perhaps you missed the earlier point about earned respect...


Seems to be working fine, but don't let that get in the way of

your hate. What's the Republican plan on a national scale again? Oh that's right, they don't have one. Once again, the Republican creed: As long as me, myself and I are taken care of, screw everyone else. Oh, and I have a suggestion for you. On one of the other threads you talked about your 10 empty apartments you have. Maybe if you take the cameras out of the bedrooms and bathrooms, you'll fill them up quicker.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"they don't have one" Perhaps

"they don't have one"

Perhaps you need to do some reading outside your party affiliation - just do some googling. You may not like what republicans have to offer, but saying they don't have a plan is being disingenuous.

"As long as me, myself and I are taken care of, screw everyone else." While you are welcome to your opinion, your opinion is not fact. What you said here is just more parroting from the left.

Lastly, personal attacks are yet another demonstration of how tolerant the left is to different opinions. "I want things, and if I don't get them, I'll call you names." Brilliant!


I never said I wanted anything for myself, so I'm

curious as to what it is you think I want? As far as name-calling goes, aren't you the one using the term "Obumma"? I guess my name-calling falls under the same rationale, something about earning respect. Can't have it both ways big guy.


As a matter of fact, your name calling

is what got me on this thread to begin with.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Okay, how is this?

How about you let Obumma defend himself you F'n lemming.


Hello? You have more choices

Hello? You have more choices now, and cheaper ones with better coverage.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

My choices went down and costs went WAY up

I have only 3 choices now and my annual costs have quadrupled, and that's just the premiums. My previous coverage included everything I needed.


It doesn't even start until

It doesn't even start until January, sir. So if your costs have gone up, that's your lying, cheating insurance agent trying to steal as much cash as he can before Obama makes it illegal for him to do so.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

When Does Obummacare

When Does Obummacare Start?

Obummacare starts January 1, 2013

The individual mandate starts January 1, 2014.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

My costs are GOING up

My costs are GOING up when my new plan takes effect.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Have you ever pondered that

Have you ever pondered that insurance companies cannot instantaneously change everyone’s policy on January first?

While my policy last one year, I did not start the plan on January first, so it is reasonable to assume it does not expire on January first.

Have you ever purchased private healthcare insurance?


So, Kathy, are you speaking

So, Kathy, are you speaking from experience?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

There are only three

There are only three healthcare plans - bronze, silver, gold.

Media reports of actual cost and quality contradict your statement.

Moreover, my private plan cost increased 42%, yearly deductible increase $6000. All other coverage that I care about remained about the same. Your statement was certainly not true for me.

Zack Lenhert's picture

There's actually five

There's actually five different levels of coverage—catastrophic, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum—and there are plans offered by multiple private insurers in each level. Saying there is only three plans is simply a lie.

...and you don't have to buy insurance on the exchange, you can still buy it through the open market.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Okay, there are only 5

Okay, there are only 5 choices. Buying a bronze plan from vendor A or Vendor B does not constitute choice because a bronze plan covers XYZ by law from either vendor.

Zack Lenhert's picture

That's such a ridulous

That's such a ridulous statement... similar to saying "I have no choice in what car I buy because the government mandates minimum safety standards".

MARK GRAVEL's picture

It is not too silly if cars

It is not too silly if cars had to have the exact same feature set, like healthcare under ACA.

A bronze plans from campany A has the same features as a bronze plan from company B, does it not?

How does that constitute choices between bronze plans?

Zack Lenhert's picture

Bronze plans from different

Bronze plans from different insurers do not necessarily have the same features as another company, they only meet the same minimum requirements... They could have different networks, added benefits, different costs, etc. There are still plenty of choices between plans.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

It is your assumption that

It is your assumption that all private plans do not cover anything. We both know you lack the inside knowledge to make that call for everyone, especially when worth is very subjective to the individual whom purchases a private plan.

I don't think anyone is in the position to make the determination of worth in regards to private plans..


Ah, but we don know. The

Ah, but we don know. The reason the plans were cancelled, and still should be, is that they don't cover the things that are required, like hospitalization and chemo, just to name two.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Why, because I don't need

Why, because I don't need services specific to female health. Now I have to pay for them knowing that I will never, ever use those services. In effect, I'm providing those services to someone else.

The two services you point out DO NOT represent all private plans so surely cannot apply to all. Making that connection is disingenuous on your behalf. Have you talked to the roughly 4 million people that had their plans cancelled to back your assertion? I think not. It merely your biased opinion.


Well, I'm not going to get

Well, I'm not going to get prostate cancer but it's covered because most insurance policies are not that specific. I get the girl stuff covered, you get the boy stuff covered, and if you have insurance from the same company as me, we're paying the same premium. Younger people need to pay in for their own future health needs. Since it looks like we'll never have socialized medicine like the other developed nations, getting everyone on insurance will have to do. It's the same as car insurance. You can't drive without it, even if you never get in an accident during your lifetime. But it is just about guaranteed that you will need health care if, God willing, you get to live to a ripe old age.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Car insurance is not a good

Car insurance is not a good analogy for the following reasons:

1. The law does not require an individual to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance.
2. I don't know about Maine, but some states don't require you to purchase liability insurance if you post a bond. A bond of $50,000 in my state will exempt me from requiring liability insurance.
3. I can choose not to drive a car on public streets. For example, when I lived in San Francisco, I did not need a car to get around the city.

ACA is not like automobile insurance.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"The law does not require an

"The law does not require an individual to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance."
True, but a bank won't give you a car loan without requiring you to carry that particular coverage; at least in Maine, anyway. One way or another, they get you.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Examining your car loan

Examining your car loan analogy. If you don't like it, don't get the loan. You can pay cash (that is make monthy car payments to yourself in advance until you have the cash), you can take a loan from 401K, you can mortgage your house as ways to avoid the bank.

Please give am a way to avoid the Obummacare mandate?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

My first thought was a

My first thought was a Saturday Night Special
My second thought is repeal the bloody law.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

See, you could even give me

See, you could even give me one answer, you gave two ;-)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well, they were small, so I

Well, they were small, so I figured I'd throw out a twofer.


DO KNOW that should say

DO KNOW that should say

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Are you prepared to confirm

Are you prepared to confirm that you talked to 4 million people to make that assertion?

Are you ready to humiliate yourself in front of the readership? There is a think called science that I beleive you are not applying....


This isn't about all private

This isn't about all private plans, just the ones that don't comply. That's in black and white, and no interviews are necessary. You're the one who should be embarrassed. You're working yourself up into a lather with this hyperbolic language, Mr. Limbaugh. It makes you feel good but is not accurate.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Gravel is right and you are wrong

Gravel is right and you are wrong

MARK GRAVEL's picture


There is a thing...

Bob White's picture

This has to be George W Bush's fault.

I think a one year reprieve is ridiculous what's going to change in a year????? Again another example of our President demonstrating his KICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD politics. Mr. Obama why don't you fix the problem and don't be afraid if someone doesn't like you. He should watch how our governor gets things done and not worry about the cry babies.

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"what's going to change in a year"

The website will be fixed by then.

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Now THAT's a comforting

Now THAT's a comforting thought.

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It still does not fix the

It still does not fix the broken promise.

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The only true way to fix this disaster

is to can it for good. The only winners in this deal are the takers. You want to insure the uninsured then write a bill the covers them and leave the rest of us the hell alone. I don't feel bad one bit for those who voted this President, (Mr. liar an chief), back into office, thinking they were going to get something better for nothing and have lost the coverage they had, for the price they were paying. You think it's so much better in Canada and Europe, then move there and you can write home and tell us how you like paying their taxes. Nothing in life is for free. Someone has to pay for it. As a matter of fact, move to Greece, where they are confiscating peoples savings to pay for their socialist ways and tell us how that works for you..

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Kudos, David. Good post, man.

Kudos, David. Good post, man.

 's picture

Yes and since when does a

President have the right to make changes to a bill that has already been signed into law without sending amendments for that law before congress for discussion and vote. He has stepped and spit on the Constitution how many times now? He has no respect for the country, he never has and he never will. Mr liar an chief. All you liberals must love being lied to, cause this clown has even got Clinton beat.

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Someone has to challenge his behavior!

And I equally blame the republicans for no challenging the constitutionality of Obama's actions.

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Precisely. The republicans

Precisely. The republicans are as bad as the dems. They should be all over BHO on his unconstitutional faux pas, and none of the repubs has the stones to even bring it up. The rebublican party has a serious lack of leadership.

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09:00 ? rotflmfao again ref

09:00 ? rotflmfao again ref : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_W._Bush_substance_abuse_controversy /s Steve Which Bush Bob ? Barbara ?

 's picture

Really Dosh

is that what you offer in defense of your beloved Emperor. King liar. The Foreign Service must have really affected your brain, talking in riddles like you do.

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Bob ? Which Witch ? The ones

Bob ?
Which Witch ?
The ones who went out drinking with their Secret Service detail as minors ?
jus' askin' • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_family /s Steve ;)

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Please please Steve Dosh

Would you share whatever drugs you are on? If you can't do that I would strongly encourage you to stop posting the groups that you feel affiliated with. For your level of intelligence is clearly inferior to my pet rock. I get why you like Dems so much now, you are such a friggen moron that you couldn't do anything else in life, but you knew if you followed them you would only have to agree with them and want to give stuff away free and you'd be set. Please please lose your keyboard.

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No Joke

I like Obama more than I like you.


I think you need to admit you

I think you need to admit you like Fox News more than anything. Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

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I don't watch TV

other than patriots games. You're obviously a friggen idiot who knows nothing about obama care. But sit at home and enjoy my tax money.

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Ever watch Fox News for more

Ever watch Fox News for more than two commercials, Kathy?
Tell us of three story lines in which they lied.


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