Car sends refrigerator flying when it crashes into Norway apartment

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An apartment building at 14 Beal St. in Norway was damaged when it was hit by an SUV early Wednesday morning. The driver, Christopher Morris, 34, of Norway, told police he didn't remember what happened, police Chief Rob Federico said.

NORWAY — No one was injured when a car plowed through an apartment building on Beal Street early Wednesday morning. The impact threw a refrigerator and other items across a room.

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The kitchen of an apartment at 14 Beal St. in Norway was damaged early Wednesday morning after an SUV struck the building. Police Chief Rob Federico said the tenant initially believed her refrigerator had blown up when she came into the kitchen and saw the damage.

Police Chief Rob Federico said a Dodge Durango driven by Christopher Morris, 34,  of Norway drove into the building at 14 Beal St.

He said the unnamed woman in the apartment called police after she walked into her kitchen and found her refrigerator across the room.

"She thought her refrigerator had blown up,” Federico said, and didn't realize a vehicle had hit the building at about 4 a.m.

Federico said the vehicle appeared to have gone through a stop sign and between a fire hydrant and a tree before it struck the building.

It was found on nearby Alpine Street where Morris works, he said. Morris told them he didn't remember what had happened, Federico said. There was no indication drugs or alcohol were involved, nor was the driver on any medication, the chief said.

Jim St. John, property manager for Madison Avenue Associates which owns the building, said there are no estimates yet on damage, but one wall in the kitchen will have to be replaced. He said in addition to the refrigerator, cabinets and other items were also thrown about.

 “We were very fortunate,” St. John said. “It could have been worse if she had been in the kitchen making coffee.”

The accident remains under investigation.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

I can answer Clair's question in two words..........

"Cell Phone" A couple of days ago, while attempting to cross East St. going into Shaw's in Lewiston. I damn near got hit head on by a car making a left turn out of the Shaw's parking lot. Cell Phone glued to the side of the head. She looked about twenty years old. At that age anything, never mid the cell phone, is a major distraction. I don't think she ever even saw my vehicle..................

ERNEST LABBE's picture

I can understand

I can understand falling asleep. But not waking up after crashing a building doing that much damage, then leaving the scene, becomes a bit hard to understand.

Thomas Jenkins's picture

Car sends refrigerator flying when it crashes into Norway apart

I believe we call this "falling asleep at the wheel".


What happened to driving?

It used to be that people collided at intersections. This week alone somebody hit a house, a pole, a Dunkin Donuts, a car going slow ahead of him, a car in a driveway, and three cars stopped at a red light. It's one thing to blow through a red light but to try to do it when three cars are already stopped there? Really? What is wrong with these people. They can't all be having heart attacks. There isn't a week that goes by that someone doesn't just drive off the road, weave into the oncoming lane or hit a very large stationary object. How do you not notice a Semi in the road?? First rule of driving EYES ON THE ROAD FOLKS!

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Trust me Claire

Trust me Claire after driving large commercial vehicles for over thirty years, they somehow cannot see an object eight feet wide and over sixty feet long approaching them


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