Bingham wind farm review on hold over bats

BINGHAM (AP) — Review of a proposed 62-turbine wind farm in Bingham has been put on hold in part because of concerns about bats.

Bat deaths are a typical concern at wind farms and it is standard practice to evaluate bat habitats and mortality rates during project reviews. The Department of Environmental Protection, however, may be revising its recommendations on the turning speed of wind turbines, which can be a threat to birds and bats.

Bat populations are already under stress because of disease.

Bob Stratton of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife said birds and bats are more mobile at lower wind speeds, while at higher wind speeds they are more likely to hit turbines.

A spokesman for the developer, First Wind, told the Morning Sentinel ( ) they are working to address the issue.

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 's picture

Would like to see the

Would like to see the DEP/DIFW conduct their own comprehensive avian study.

Bob White's picture

And we wonder why!!!!!!!

And we wonder why!!!!!!!

 's picture

Show First Wind the Door!

The threat of bat, raptor and migratory bird fatalities, massive environmental degradation, human health hazards, property devaluation and harm to the tourism indudustry due to the commercial industrialization of our iconic mountain viewsheds should kill this project in its tracks. Maine's Expedited Wind Law needs to be repealed. None of the existing Maine wind projects are generating a fraction of their promised capacity, and where ARE all those promised green jobs for the local residents? Connecticut has enacted a moratorium on land based wind power, believing all such monstrous projects belong in the "wastelands of Maine" rather than in their back yards. Really? Are we going to allow the city folk of southern New England to sit back and sing "kumbaya" while First Wind blasts our mountains and ridgelines in order to build roads and transmission lines and erect enormous five hundred foot tall whirling blinking machines that produce nothing at all for Maine except a lot of very expensive rusting junk to get rid of in another twenty years? Show First Wind the door and KEEP IT MAINE!

 's picture

need a public hearing

need the facts brought to the DEP .....not studies done by the WIND developer

 's picture

I'm disappointed that the

I'm disappointed that the article does not mention deaths of bats from barotrauma, which is well documented. Regardless of blade speed, wind turbines will still emit the pressure changes that cause bats' lungs to explode.


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