S. Lunt: Let them pay their own way

Congratulations on the Sun Journal editorial showing why people need Obamacare (Nov. 15). It was well-reasoned, persuasive and positive. Rex Rhoades left out part of the story though. He didn't want to throw stones.

Allow me.

For years now, some citizens and corporations have been free-riding regarding medical care. They have foregone health insurance because of youth: I'm “immortal.” They have decided to play the sickness lottery — "I'll never have an illness or accident" — and it costs them nothing. And, let's be fair, some just can't afford health insurance. Or a business has decided it's a competitive advantage to not offer employees a health care plan. That decision saves them plenty.

How can people afford to take the risk? Because they're playing with the public's money. When people get sick or injured, they are cared for either at government expense (our tax dollars) or at hospital expense (our increased insurance premiums). They get a free ride. The public pays.

You would think the Republicans would embrace Obamacare. It is based on a proposal from The Heritage Foundation (a Republican think-tank), supported by the insurance industry and adopted in Massachusetts under Mitt Romney. Why? Because it requires citizens to pay their own way, if they can afford to, and provides government help with premiums if they can't; and uses the private insurance market, not a government agency, to accomplish that.

For my money, it's about time the freeloaders had to pay their own way. Shame on the Republicans for opposing it.

Stephen Lunt, Auburn

What do you think of this story?

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Tim McClure's picture


Whats the difference from insurance paying the tab or the government? None. Insurance companies, including Obamacare, don't care what the costs are. They pass it on to you in the form of higher premiums. All the while collecting their cut.

Do you think you would get unlimited calling and texting, with a free cell phone, at today's prices if we purchased the service from insurance monopolies or the government? Hell no. We'd still be stuck with bag phones from the 90's. Why should healthcare be any different?

Its time we took personal responsibility for our own healthcare. For one thing we should separated our healthcare from our employer. If we have to rely on insurance to access healthcare at least let us purchase it like we do car insurance. That may offer a bit of a incentive for insurance companies to bring down costs.

But the better solution is for us to pay for our every day healthcare directly and rely on catastrophic health insurance.

 's picture

Tim, you're the least

Tim, you're the least confused poster in some time. Politicians on both sides, but especially the Dems, play up the nonsense that we're getting something for nothing when employers "provide" health insurance. That was the intent when this charade began in the 1940s to get around FDR's wage controls. The pols recognized what a cash-cow they had, and they have been milking it ever since.

 's picture

It requires ...

... citizens to pay - unless they don't want to. I come in regular contact with many 20-somethings, and not one of them plans to sign up. Why should they, when the fine is $95/yr. That leaves the middle-aged, elderly and - of course - the sick to pay the tab for everyone - the exact reverse of the ObamaCare "plan".

It doesn't use the private insurance market - it abuses it. For 3 years that market has been making changes required by ACA. But Obama has again waved his imperial scepter and told the market to forget all those changes, reinstate old policies, and then do it all again next year - and to swallow all the costs of this government make-work.

I agree wholeheartedly that it's time for the freeloaders to pay. Triple shame on the Democrats for preventing it in the name of political expediency.

RONALD RIML's picture

Perfect Rationale of Taxation for National Health Care

The Democrats would go along with that - force the freeloaders to pay - but I bet the Republicans fight it.....

AL PELLETIER's picture

Dead on!

Great letter and solid logic, Stephen. Sure hope Teabaggers read it.

 's picture

Please clean up your juvenile

Please clean up your juvenile vocabulary. Even on the very few occasions when you have something reasonable to say, you sound like a petulant 7th grader.

 's picture

As anyone can see ...

... the hard-core juveniles persist with their hangups. The average junior high school boy thinks anything related to sex or the bathroom is hilarious. Some never outgrow this phase.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Did you "bloviate" that tomato yet?

 's picture

This is obviously not ...

... one of those very few occasions.

 's picture


Tea sacks?

RONALD RIML's picture




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