N. Bourgoin: Affordable Care Act

A bill that was put together by Democrats behind closed doors, so determined to have it implemented that Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was quoted as saying, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Not having been read, it was approved by a Democratic House and Democratic Senate.

Affordable: It is not. Premiums and deductibles are unaffordable. Policies are being forced into cancellations, but certain unions are exempt.

Care: Being solely limited to the government's discretion.

Act: The way it was written and passed, it is difficult to understand and shamefully deceitful.

President Obama was so eager to enact the bill, though, because of its introduction to what he really has in mind for this country — socialism. According to his own book, "The Audacity of Hope," he tells how he was tutored in socialism and communism. He knows that once the government controls people's health, it can control the people.

Those who were won over by his purposeful charm (the people, unions, press and other media) and drank his Kool-Aid, are finding out that now that it's digested, the taste is quite sour. His once supporters are now taking a different look at him, his arrogance, his promises, false statements, blaming and lack of accountability for Bengazi, the NSA, IRS, etc.

The saying "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive," seems apropos for his misleading policies and disasters.

Obama also has a "period" problem ... period.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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Brian Jordan's picture

Scrap Obama Care

The whole act is flawed, it should be repealed. Stop the partisan politics and do whats right for the country.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Obama DOJ contradicts him, says majorty of employer based health

That is right, at the same time the President was lying to the American people, the DoJ was testifying before Federal Judge that arguing that most employee health care plans would lose their grandfather status as well by the end of 2013.

Our President is a liar, period.


MARK GRAVEL's picture


 's picture

After the bill was passed ...

... the insurance companies were the first to understand what was in it: Nearly every one of their policies, normal or "trash", would become illegal on 1/1/2014. They responded rationally by restructuring policies and premiums to make them conform to ACA, and notifying customers about the changes. Many, many customers were extremely unhappy to learn their costs were going way up to pay for new coverages, not needed in many cases.

The government responded irrationally by suspending the illegality for a year, until after the next election - what a coincidence - and expecting the companies to reverse their preparations and reinstate old policies for a few months, then to un-reinstate later next year. And for them to swallow all the costs of doing the same work twice, resulting in even higher premiums when the dust settles.

What Obama really wants is for the companies to go out of business, for the populace to rise up and demand the government "do something", so he and his merry band of happy communists can impose single payer. Only then will Claire and her fellow travelers finally understand what health care really costs when they fill out their tax returns.

That's what he wanted but, being the smartest man in the universe, he knew he would never get elected with that plan, and honesty has never been important to him, so we have this incredibly expensive subterfuge.


FRANK EARLEY's picture

Again with the crystal ball.............

Are conservatives the only ones allowed to obtain crystal balls? It seems that the conservative members of the "Hate Health Insurance" group, have their crystal balls working full blast. they all seem to know whats going to happen, way before it actually happens. These people are against people, who otherwise would never be able to get affordable health care, from being able to sign up for, and afford, health insurance. All this because it may inconvenience them a little. Conservatives can't handle anything that may require some form of sacrifice.
The funny thing is, these conservatives are bitching about loosing their policies to more expensive ones. While millions of less fortunate folk, have never had insurance before and in a lot of cases, 20,000 per year, have died or known someone who has died as a result. Yes people dying for no other reason then economics. and the conservatives only care about how much it will cost them. That's what I call real considerate. Nothing like concern for your fellow man.
I'm going to keep pulling for the ACA, it will work eventually. I have no doubt, it's something we need to do to save lives. This whole thing is to save lives first. With time the cost will come down, we just need time for this to work, not Republican blockades to kill it.................

Betty Davies's picture

I agree with Mr. Earley

And I would add that conservatives have no shame, and readily swallow Republican leaders' and media lies. It's sad. They're so eager to cut off their own noses to spite other people's faces. All their leaders have to do is hiss "Socialism!" and the right-wingers gleefully bash whatever they're told to.


Crocodile tears

How refreshing to see all this conservative caring for people who are having difficulty getting health insurance. Up to now their response to the 40 million Americans who were unable to get or to afford health insurance has pretty much been to tell them to hurry up and die and leave the rest of us alone. Republicans are piling it on because there are web site problems and because a few people got their junk policies cancelled BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. For those people who are crying socialism the ACA is not socialist. If you think it is you need to look up socialism in the dictionary. When private insurance companies are issuing the policies and cancelling the policies and making money off them it is called capitalism. There are nearly a million people with pending applications and nearly another million who learned they actually have qualified for Medicare all along. Hate Obama all you want that is still better than "hurry up and die".

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps conservatives are

Perhaps conservatives are looking past those people's greed who want free stuff and see this country is on a road to bankruptcy. The responsible thing to do for all is to cut spending to correct this trend. Moreover, the ACA law is not going to lower healthcare cost because it has to pay for all the people receiving it at no or reduced cost. Add to that the expansion in Medicaid. Wow, we are ripe for more debts.

 's picture

ACA is socialist.

Socialism is where everyone contributes what they can and takes what they need. When I look at the exchanges with their tax credits and medicaid that is exactly what I see. As for the insurance companies they are simply the ones who administrate this socialist scam. It has taken away freedom of choice by forcing everyone to have the same dedictible. I know there are different plans with different copays but they are really all the same. The out of pocket limits for all of them is $6,350. If you get cancer and have $200,000 in medical bills it doesn't matter which set of numbers is used to add up to $6,350.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You forgot that the ruling

You forgot that the ruling class has special favors, so they are shielded from that laws they force people to live under. No different than under any socialist oligarchy. Now pharmaceutical companies can lobby government to dictate which drugs we the people should over medicate ourselves with. Perhaps we'll go as far as seeing laws pass that for all adults to take statins for example because government decides it is best for us.

 's picture

If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.


 's picture

Period might be able to keep

Period might be able to keep his health insurance but what about everybody else?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Good letter, Neil. Now, we

Good letter, Neil.
Now, we wait for the opposing "factual" points of view.


Thank you, Neil, for your

Thank you, Neil, for your great letter. I agree completely. Mr. Obama is a master of "smoke and mirrors" and knows his trade well.


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