R. Melendy: Be patient with the ACA

Congratulations to the Sun Journal for its editorial (Nov. 14) about the Affordable Care Act. It was accurate, timely and informative for the general public.

The editorial posed the question of why the law was passed initially and included the answers:

— So people would not suffer and die as a result of not having health insurance;

— To provide access to health care for people with pre-existing conditions;

— To assure that citizens would not lose their homes, savings and financial future due to a serious illness;

— To allow adult children to remain on their parents' insurance policies until age 26;

— To provide high quality health care to the more severely ill and keep them as healthy as possible and out of the hospital;

— To make certain that citizens have access to affordable health insurance if they lose their jobs, or if they plan to start up their own companies;

— To expand Medicaid coverage to Americans who cannot afford to buy insurance, even though they work and are above the poverty level;

— To reduce the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole" prescription gap.

Which parts of that are not worth doing?

We know that the technical glitches with the implementation of the act will improve.

Those who do not like the law, or President Obama, should try to rethink their position.

Ronald Melendy, Auburn

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

People from the great state

People from the great state of Maine, by 2025 payments for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and debt interest will exceed all federal revenues going into the budget [1]. That is a world-class problem in the making, so don't believe people when they say Maine is forfeiting free money - it is not free - because it does not expand Medicaid.

All you armchair genius have no f'n clue how these gifts are going to be paid for.

You are all a bunch of greedy SOBs in my opinion. That is okay since because American cannot afford to give the poeple all this free stuff, like any good leech, you'll die from lack of blood flow (aka money). Let's see how much you sequel then, the rest of us will sit back and reveal in your misery as we utter, "we told you so".

Let's starve the beast we call government.

[1] http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/06-05-Long-T...

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Dear Carol, Mike, and Ernest.....................

Not to be rude, but I need to say this. Your comments regarding the Affordable Care Act, indicate to me, you really just don't want this kind of blanket help for everyone. I can't bring myself to any other conclusions. Everything your saying is purely speculation. No one knows what will happen until it happens. Given the fact that you just couldn't be bothered with helping others, your just jumping on the band wagon with your own versions of how the ACA will literally destroy the world.
You are bombarding the readers out there, in the hopes that you can make them actually believe what you believe is going to happen, is in fact, going to happen. You hope that by instilling these false interpretations of the ACA, you might just stop it from happening.
Even with all your attempts to kill this law, I have to wonder, what are your ideas for a back-up plan? There has to be a back-up plan. People are getting sick, more and more people are losing their ability to afford insurance. These people have only two choices, live or die. If they live we all end up paying for it, if they die, we are all responsible for that death. What we need is a program that satisfies two things, provide affordable insurance to more people, and maintain sufficient health insurance for the rest of us. That would mean that all these trash plans be abolished. They defeat the purpose of the ACA. These new affective policies cost more, but they will actually help in a medical emergency.
The ACA is the program that will accomplish what this Country needs. It's not going to be a walk in the park at first, not everything it's supposed to do will happen at first. If we all stand behind this plan and have some input to improve things, it might just become a smooth running machine. It is going to work eventually, even with the likes of Carol, Mike, and Ernest. All they can do is needlessly slow it down, or they could help speed it up. That's a decision we all have to make............................


Back seat driving

All of the problems listed in this letter are real. They represent real pain felt by real Americans. For those folks doing all the complaining and off the wall predicting all I have to say is if you don't have a real solution to each of these problems then you can keep your bellyaching to yourself. You are adding to the problem and contributing nothing. Let those folks who have a mind to find solutions work it out and keep your backseat driving to yourself.


In case you didn't know, it's

In case you didn't know, it's not up to us to find an alternative plan--that's the job of our elected "officials." And furthermore, last time I looked, this was supposed to be a democracy--we are allowed to have our opinions whether or not they coincide with yours.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Where do we draw the line????????

Yes you are correct, you are entitled to your opinion, however, when someone proclaims out and out falsehoods, when is it proper to call someone out on it? For the life of me I can't figure out where some of these claims are coming from. If you have read the goals and perspective outcomes. The reasons for the law, and the way it will eventually help everyone. These claims just don't make any logical sense. I just can't fathom the outrageous thirst for money, over helping your fellow man............


ObamaCare (AKA ACA) is simply

ObamaCare (AKA ACA) is simply a get-rich-quick scheme. And it's "all about the money." Most of the money will be going into the coffers of the insurance companies and not the wallets of the insured. I further predict that very likely, in a year's time, premiums and deductibles will increase and some medical services currently covered will fade out of existence. After all--insurers do not like to lose.

 's picture

Point by point ...

If the ACA succeeds, it will:

- cause people to suffer and die as a result of having health insurance that's so expensive, they won't be able to afford food or housing;

- reduce access to health care for everyone, for the sake of "fairness"; the new pre-existing condition is "being alive";

- guarantee that people lose homes and savings by hiking up premiums and deductibles;

- bankrupt parents, via those same hiked up items, so the kids can have a free ride;

- reduce the quality of care received by the severely ill because it reduces the number of doctors and hospitals that participate in this something-for-nothing scam;

- again for the sake of fairness, make those few remaining with jobs as miserable as those without jobs;

- by expanding the Medicaid rolls, make healthcare even more expensive and awkward (if nothing else, longer lines) by encouraging a lot of reasonably healthy people to seek "free" care they don't desperately need from a fixed pool of providers;

- reduce the doughnut-hole problem. One out of eight is pretty bad.

But, don't worry; be happy. The ACA won't succeed, because it was designed to fail.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Sylvia Brown

Is alive and well and still whispering in your ear.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

The only problem with

The only problem with the ACA is it is a government program. Big brother is not, nor should it be anyones keeper for any reason.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Government program--yes.

And so is "big brothers" Social Security and Medicare programs.
If the government doesn't do anything about the pathetically poor health care system in this country, who or what will? The insurance companies? The hospitals? The doctors and nurses? And will they all work in harmony to do what the ACA is attempting to do? I think not Ernest.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Al, and what part of social security works so well. A person would be far better off having the amount paid by them and their employer in a private savings account.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Here's the part, Ernest.

August 28th I collapsed in my carport and barely managed to call 911. Acute pancreatitis damned near killed me.
Three years ago I retired and got off my wife's health insurance, saving us $60.00 a week, and went on Medicare.
Had I stayed on my wife's insurance I would have had to pay a $6,000.00 deductible and a 20% co-pay. My total medical bills were $24,680.00. My out of pocket expense would have been $6,000.00+$4,936.00=$10,936.00.
On Medicare my total out of pocket expense was the part "A" deductible of $1,084.00.
Oh, three years on Medicare has cost me $100.00 a month=$3,600. Three years on my wife's policy@ $60.00 a week would have cost me $9,360.
This part of Social Security has worked very well for me and when your 65 it will work well for you too.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Listen to the glee of a greedy old man.

You do realize that someone else is paying that bill. Let's hope you are not that sheltered.

I'll guarantee you that the doctor did not pull that money out of your ass during the prostate examine.

Pushing the bill of on someone else does nothing to lower healthcare costs.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Wassa matter Grovel?

Can't pick a fight with anyone no matter how hard you try, huh?. We all know trading barbs with an idiot is pointless.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

This goes to show that no

This goes to show that no one, I say, no one cares where the money comes from to fund this program. In my opinion, a clear sign of greed.


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