Credit union: Ousted CEO used funds improperly

WESTBROOK (AP) — The fired long-time head of a Maine credit union is embroiled in a legal fight with his former employer over its allegation he used credit union money for personal expenses.

The Westbrook-based Infinity Federal Credit Union has told its customers of alleged improper behavior by former President and CEO Kenneth Williams, and is suing him.

But Williams' lawyer, Timothy O'Brien, told the Portland Press-Herald ( ) that the lawsuit is retaliation for a complaint that Williams filed against the credit union with the Maine Human Rights Commission before he was fired.

"Mr. Williams will deny all the claims and aggressively counter the action that's been taken," O'Brien said.

The lawsuit cites an audit pointing to 1,200 purchases over two years totaling $66,000 on the company credit card. It accuses Williams of unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud.

"There's zero doubt in my mind that some of these expenses were personal expenses," said Melissa Hewey, an attorney representing the credit union.

O'Brien countered that Williams "was surprised and hurt by the claims that were included in the case after the treatment he received after more than 30 years of service."

The lawsuit alleges Williams' expenses included $11,000 at BJ's Wholesale Club; that he rented two storage units at $184 each per month and devoted one of them to personal use; that he used a company car for personal trips and billed $2,992 in tolls on the Maine Turnpike to the company.

O'Brien said Williams, who is 70, filed an age discrimination and whistleblower complaint against the credit union before he was fired.

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This is what happens when you

This is what happens when you give people too much power...they take advantage...funny how he was surprised and hurt...sounds like a big ole liar, and a baby to boot!!!

Bob White's picture

Linda so much for innocent

Linda so much for innocent till proven guilty. I guess you don't believe in that.


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