Larry the Lawn Service Guy

There's no time for excuses for Larry Tower of Lewiston. He works for a local property management company, taking care of 40 properties a week. He mows lawns, rakes leaves, trims weeds and keeps properties looking neat and tidy.

His job takes him all over town. But Tower has no fancy vehicle with fine lettering on the side. Instead, his method of transportation would cause many to take a second look.

Tower rides a 12-speed Huffy mountain bike, behind which he pulls a kiddy cart loaded with his lawn care equipment. The cart is packed with a lawnmower, weed trimmer, rakes, brooms, wastebasket, and his property assignments, all held securely by a few well-placed bungee cords.

Tower says although he doesn't have a driver's license or car, he has found a way to get around.

"I've managed a way to stay employed without conventional means," Tower said. "This works well for me, and the only thing I have to worry about is a flat tire." In case of emergency, he has a spare bike and a friend who is a bike mechanic who helps keep him on the road.

  "This system works well for me and I don't mind it at all," he said.


Jose Leiva/sun Journal

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 's picture

Way to go Larry! Love to

Way to go Larry! Love to see somebody giving it there all to make a living. You're a shining example of what is possible with a little ingenuity.

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Good for you,Larry! That's

Good for you,Larry! That's determination! There are just too many alternatives these days for people to use " I have no vehicle " as an excuse not to work.


There should be more like him

There should be more like him


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