Auburn lawmaker draws fire for comments about truck drivers

The Maine Republican Party on Wednesday released an email in which State Rep. Brian Bolduc, D-Auburn, railed against noisy trucks and questioned the intelligence of truck drivers.

Submitted photo

Brian Bolduc

"... one look at them and you can see they probably dont (sic) have a whole hell of allot (sic) of brains in their heads," Bolduc wrote in the email.

Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage said the email was written in November and forwarded to the Republican Party a few days ago. He said the email was originally sent to multiple officials, but he declined to say who those officials were. He also declined to say who gave the email to the Republican Party, saying that person feared retribution.

Savage called the email angry, aggressive and offensive.

"I think I'm shocked that Rep. Bolduc thinks so poorly of the hardworking people who drive trucks for a living," Savage said.

In a statement released by the House Democratic Office on Wednesday afternoon, Bolduc acknowledged that he had written the email.

"My email was over the line," Bolduc's statement said. "I apologize for expressing my frustration in such an inappropriate manner."

In its release, the Maine Republican Party redacted the beginning of Bolduc's November email. It highlighted the last paragraph in which Bolduc complained about truck noise in his Riverside Drive neighborhood. 

"We need more police survalence (sic) to crack down on this s**t," the email said. "They rumble past our homes before they get to the bridge and to turn onto mill street (sic) especialy (sic) those god damed (sic) lumber trucks. They release those breaks (sic) and our floors and windows rumble and the sound scares pets and children in our homes. You would think the drivers would have enough common courtesy not to do this infront (sic) of residential homes but then again one look at them and you can see they probably dont (sic) have a whole hell of allot (sic) of brains in their heads."

Bolduc, who is certified as a social studies teacher, went on to demand action.

"I want something done about it pronto," the email said. "I want a cruiser stationed on this road (you can use my driveway) every day between 630 am and 8pm (wich (sic) is when the traffic is running) for a week and i (sic) want to see citations stacking up or ill (sic) have every damned resident of this town who lives on a busy road in that city council chamber!"

Savage called the email "out of bounds."

"I'm fairly shocked at the way that he thinks that he can throw around, sort of his belief in his own power, that he can throw it around and dictate to people what he wants them to do," Savage said.

Bolduc did not return calls or emails seeking comment Wednesday.

It was unclear whether he meant the November email to be viewed as a letter from a state lawmaker representing his constituents or from a private citizen with a gripe. The email was sent from his private email account and was signed, "Sincerely, Brian Bolduc" without his title of lawmaker.

Auburn Mayor Jonathan LaBonte and police Chief Phil Crowell said they were among those who received the original email and both said they considered it a citizen complaint.

"Brian's a resident and he has the right to raise concerns around municipal issues," LaBonte said.

Crowell forwarded the email to Auburn City Manager Clint Deschene in November to make him aware of the complaint. Deschene said he also considered it to be an email from a resident.

As far as the tone and language some found offensive, Deschene said, "When I get emails from residents, I try not to draw those types of conclusions. An email's an email. I address it appropriately no matter what the content or how it's delivered. I try to handle them courteously and with respect."

Crowell said he had received three complaints about trucks in the past year, two of them from Bolduc — including the November email. He said an officer monitored the area with a decibel reader but could not find a problem.

Brian Parke, president and CEO of the Maine Motor Transport Association, recently learned about the email. He said truck drivers try their best to be courteous and professional, but "unfortunately, for every industry there's those insensitive few who give the many considerate professionals a bad reputation and it appears this might be the case with a few truckers in the emailer's neighborhood."

However, he said, "As far as the tone of the email, it's unnecessary to malign an entire group of people just because of the actions of a few."

Jodi Quintero, spokeswoman for House Speaker Mark Eves, D-North Berwick, said the speaker agreed that Bolduc's email was out of line.

"The speaker was pleased to see Rep. Bolduc retract his comments," Quintero said. "The email clearly crossed the line and Rep. Bolduc was right to quickly retract the statements and make that admission."

State Rep. Corey Wilson, an Augusta Republican and a truck driver, said he'd like more. He wants Bolduc to consider resigning.

"(The email) shows to me he doesn't care about the working-class people, which is what Maine is founded on," he said.

Maine Democrat State Rep Lets Rip: Truckers "Don't Have A Lot Of Brains In Their Heads"

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he did not apologized for his remark only they were offended typical Libral buy a house discounted because of heavy traffic
then bitch about the traffic noise

RONALD RIML's picture

Rep. Corey S. Wilson

And the 'Republican Party' represents working class Mainers??




at least they don't go out of there way to insult them

RONALD RIML's picture

If they think they do - You don't have a clue......

Ignorance must indeed be bliss, Jackie-Ray........

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Large difference

Dems do not go around thumping their chest like a bunch of apes like you tbaggers preaching their high and mighty christian values in others faces and jamming jebus down peoples lives as blatantly as Repub/tbaggers do and so tbaggers hypocritically step in the proveriable pile of crap those repubs hypocrites stink up of when they do it...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Wasn't it moral values too?

Former GOP Staffer Ryan Loskarn Appears In Court On Child Porn Charges

US Senator Repub Chief of Staffer


Like there are no imoral

Like there are no imoral democrats

RONALD RIML's picture

There aren't.......

There are immoral democrats.....

But not imoral ones..... Didn't you date the Fuggin' Wagnalls' Boyz????


Well, Brian, once it's out of

Well, Brian, once it's out of your mouth it's gone, and once it's out by e-mail, it might hang around for a while. And please, take some night courses in spelling and grammar--can't hurt! Oh, and take that "Be Nice to Truckers Because They Transport All Those Things You Need to Live"-101 course.



At one time I had a neighbor ( a business actually ) who constantly made noise at night and kept everybody in the house awake night after night and were within their rights so there was nothing we could do. I can well understand that the frustration can drive you to madness. There were days when I was having very uncharacteristic thoughts. And that seems to be what this is. Taking on truckers ? Really? What can he be thinking !!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Well he may get one or two nailed

Since he may of sparked a retaliation by some, but I am sure they will be on the lookout for those jake offs that may think about annoyance for payback, for he may of called it right, from what he did claim as empty headed truckers...

power of suggestion.....

Thomas Hamilton's picture

Is this fellow really

Is this fellow really certified by the state of Maine as a teacher of history? Good grief! Look at the poor spelling, grammar and use of language. Was he educated in Maine – elementary school, high school, college, and graduate school? What does this say about the level of education in Maine? What about civility?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Up is down and front is back, it can be an issue for some...

Brian Parke, president and CEO of the Maine Motor Transport Association, recently learned about the email. He said truck drivers try their best to be courteous and professional, but "unfortunately, for every industry there's those INSENSITIVE FEW who give the many considerate professionals a bad reputation and it appears this might be the case with a few truckers in the emailer's neighborhood."

......Say it again.. it appears this might be the case with a few truckers in the emailer's neighborhood."..------.......

There is a whole lot of truth to it about those bad apples and how ever the man (taxpaying) (resident) put it to those that needed to know and take action he made his point in his probably angered, woken from sleep, wanted to get something done about it...

It doesn't matter what his job is or who the person is, the man and his family and neighbors needed peace and quiet and he sent a complaint at the time from having a bad day..
As if nobody else has ever had one due to lack of sleep from loud BASS booming radios from vehicles or low flying planes, or neighbors dogs barking all early mourning hours and night etc.

We HAD the same problem where I live and the Jake Breaking WAS not even necessary, but done always, by one farmers truck driver all the time. Matter of fact the State police nailed him no less than a couple months ago from complaints from those that live near the interstate off the county road, all forth coming from our one town barber who knows all and everything.

SO YES people are insensitive to others daily needs and issues and can add to anger and dismay when not thinking about others rights to a good night sleep to rise early for a long day of travel and to be at work.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Oh boy, do I have something to say about this one...........

One look at them and we all look stupid, I never heard it that way before. This has come up in the past, a lot of people who don't understand the mechanics of driving truck, can and do come up with some bizarre ideas.
First of all, "Jake Brakes" are a safety item. Especially on log trucks and other heavy trucks. It's basically using the engine compression, as a break. Yes it is loud, and it can be left turned on, which would cause it to engage unnecessarily. It happens. Think about that little inconvenience next time you walk across a floor in your house. That wood your standing on, didn't float down the river to be part of your home.
Now for the intelligence level of truckers. I drove pretty much for twenty six years or so, I also acquired three college degrees. When I left the trucking industry, I became a robotics technician, not bad for a stupid trucker.
Finally, and most important, never, I mean never complain to a trucker about the noise of his truck. You will never get a good nights sleep again, especially Jake Brakes.............

And unlike that alleged

And unlike that alleged teacher, Frank, you apparently know how to string words together grammatically and correctly spelled. I am more concerned that this was a teacher sending this email than I am that he is a State legislator.

Bob White's picture

What a joke. He's a teacher

What a joke. He's a teacher gee I wonder what he's teaching the kids. What big cry baby. I lived near train tracks and it didn't bother me you get use to it unless your a cry baby.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Bob, some don't know what real noise is.........

When I was a kid growing up in W Quincy MA, We had a six lane highway(Southeast Expressway), right in our back yard. It was so loud, we couldn't hear it anymore. Whenever someone came to our house for the first time, they would inevitably ask how we can stand the racket. To which we would respond "what racket". They would leave shaking their heads.............

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Same for me living in Norwalk CT.

I had I 95 right in my back yard, 6 lanes too, so close I could hit the semis with an apple with the trees blowing sideways. The noise was so loud like you said that yelling to your company standing near you was the norm. At least the loud parties were never an issue.

The noise became a white noise after nearly 10 years, withthe passing noise used to lull us to sleep, BUT the brake jaking was not an issue on the straight shot thru and as you and I both know that type of loud braking is heard for a mile when shifting down all the gears. My house is 4 tenths of a mile from the county rd and freeway and I can feel the vibrations off the glass from that faraway...

FRANK EARLEY's picture

There is a simple solution..........

All this craziness about jake brake is really unnecessary. In New York City, they had their beef with air horns, simple solution, signs all over the city, "No Use of Air Horns". A lot of people may not realize this, but tractor trailers also come equipped with normal horns no different than the one in your car. As for jake brakes, they are really only meant to be used slowing down excessive weight on hills. They can however, and I know this because I've done this myself, be left on. You see it's a simple switch that turns them on and off. Sometimes I would forget to shut it off. The next time I let off the accelerator, the damn thing kicks in. So you see, it's not always intentional. Unless of course you complain to much about it.
Drive down Rt. 122 toward Poland, down by Poland Spring they have the "No Engine Brake"signs all over the place. I can only assume that they work............................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great way to have a bunch of

Great way to have a bunch of angry 'roadies' being on the lookout for you. What subject does he teach? Dumbness 101?

GARY SAVARD's picture

Wasn't Route 136 there before

Wasn't Route 136 there before Brian Bolduc? If you live on a highway or major travel route, expect noise and live with it, or move. This 'educator" is a class act...too bad it's all low.

Bolduc email about truck noise

It seems it was apersonal complaint with un ortunate wording; compapred to Lepage's daily gaffes this seems fairly minor, a good penance would beto insist he ride with a hard working trucker for a day

Bolduc email about truck noise

I apologize for not proof reading,+ correcting the spelling error in my previous comment; Imeant to say unfortunate wording

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Suggestion to help

Bob you may look into loading and installing Chrome and make it your default for your Internet browser. Once that is done anytime you use the internet thru Chrome, whereas all text entering will highlight misspelled words and grammar and by right clicking over those red underscored words the corrections will appear for you to select. Makes life and spelling with clearer text possible. You just look before sending and you can easily make the corrections.

Your nephew is a great tenant of mine...John and I went to school and played ball together many moons ago...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Another great feature

If you enter sweepstakes or use sites for ordering items, the pages that need your name, address, telephone, etc. it has an auto fill capability and that can mighty handy from having to type it in on the forms.

Your welcome...


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