Maine government sends layoff notices to 58 people

AUGUSTA — Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he's sending layoff notices to 58 state employees in case of another federal government shutdown.

The Republican governor says that while shutdown is unlikely, the union contract requires his office to "adhere to a rigid timeline" for notifying employees about layoffs. He says notices will start going out Monday afternoon.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan congressional budget agreement last week. The Senate is poised to send the measure to President Barack Obama this week.

LePage says he opposed the shutdown in October and remains opposed to the possibility of another.

“But the MSEA contract is not flexible. It does not allow for late notice of layoff, even in circumstances like these, where there is a strong possibility that the notice will not be needed," LePage wrote in a prepared statement. "The union contract does not take into account government shutdowns or any other unforeseen factors.”

The Maine State Employees Association criticized LePage's announcement of the notices. "Under our union contracts, Gov. LePage is required to give State of Maine workers at least 10 work days notice if he is going to lay them off, so there’s no need whatsoever for him to have done anything yet," wrote Ginette Rivard, president of the Maine State Employees Association, SEIU Local 1989, in a news statement. "

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So, Monsieur Lepage is going

So, Monsieur Lepage is going to lay off 58 people "in case" there's a shutdown? Sounds a tiny bit premature. You can bet his daughter won't receive "pink."

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Timing is everything..........

It's almost like he's enjoying this. Especially this close to Christmas.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You can bet

Those 58 people would love to take him to the wood shed to teach him a lesson and not letting him leave the wood shed...

Maybe he should lay himself

Maybe he should lay himself off just in case he doesn't win the next election.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Just in case?

That sorry arse will not even come close to being elected for dog catcher...

Steve  Dosh's picture

Maine government sends layoff notices to 58 people

Mainers, Monday the16th 04:20 pm ? Hawai'i time
~ Merry Christmas from your CEO Gov. Paul LePage ~
Melé Kalikimaka , Dr. Dosh *<;-Q~
Coal •

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Will bet

that all of those 58 are Dems that his staff has selected...

AL PELLETIER's picture

Hey Jerry

S'pose he'll ax his daughter?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


or somebody else should...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Check the records

LePage will see to it it is all Dems that get those pink slips....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


the monies he took from the coffers to go to DC and so he again takes it out on the small working class right before Xmas...what a low life POS he is....

he is basing all this on rumor and conjecture of the GOP again threatening another hostage taking for the debt ceiling...This is how the dirty GOP plays games with peoples lives....

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jer ? : Q: How do you spell "

Jer ? :
Q: How do you spell " Scrooge?"
A: Paul LePage •
Melé Kalikimaka you guys and girls .
/s Santa Steve

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Same way

You spell

Low lifes and scum bags...Paul LePage and Family, having Xmas on the people of Maine's tax monies, while others go without...Hope his heart gives out on him...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


The POS has no heart....


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