Extreme cold temporarily freezes Lewiston-Auburn bus service

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The freezing cold temperatures overnight have frozen airlines and are causing issues with hydraulics and steering systems of Lewiston-Auburn Cityline buses.

LEWISTON — The extreme cold has temporarily shut down the citylink bus system for Lewiston-Auburn.

City officials said the freezing cold temperatures overnight have frozen air lines and are causing issues with hydraulics and steering systems.

A limited level of service, if not full service, will resume once buses are available Tuesday.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Extreme cold temporarily freezes Lewiston-Auburn bus service

Mainers , Wednesday the 18th 19:00
How does the veg oil ( ethanol ) work in -40º f ?
Does it work ?
A: ______________________ ?
Dr. Dosh , Hawai'i
Melé Kalikimaka

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Unless I'm missing something............

When temperatures get this cold, you need to take a few extra steps with regards to items like air brakes etc.
If the vehicles couldn't be housed indoors, than they should not have been shut off. a block heater sometimes isn't enough. I know it uses more fuel, but look at the alternatives. Second of all, wasn't there any air line anti freeze being used. Air brake systems create water in the lines, of course they will freeze in this weather.
Keeping them running may have helped.........................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Good point, Frank. Every

Good point, Frank. Every trucker knows the diesels don't burn any fuel while idling, don't they? 0O:-)

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You may lose some fuel, but...........

You'll have a vehicle ready to go in the morning, Every trucker also knows that an idle truck isn't making any money...........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Are these the same junk buses

Are these the same junk buses whose marquees say, "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"?

What the hell does it matter

What the hell does it matter what the buses say? Why is "happy holidays" so much worse than "Merry Christmas". Yes, "Holiday Tree" instead of "Christmas tree" (in spite of its pagan origins) is ridiculous, but why is it so terrible to acknowledge that Christmas is not the only holiday happening at this time? For crying out loud, there is CHRISTMAS junk in the schools before we even get done with Halloween and you're worried about some Fox News generated "War on Christmas"?

To me it's not about all that diversity claptrap Jerry's going on and one (and on and on) about. It's just plain common sense. People have been saying "Happy Holidays" since I was a kid in the 60s, and even then my parents (good Christian people) explained it thusly:"It's because some silly panywaists can't stand the idea of Christmas and declare war on it every year!" No, I kid. They said "because Christmas is not the only holiday this time of year and it's easier to just say "Holidays" instead of "Happy/Merry [fill in seasonal holiday of choice here, atheists please leave blank]!" I mean seriously, that's a lot of words...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Where in my post did I

Where in my post did I mention ...."some Fox News generated 'War on Christmas'"? That's right; nowhere.

However,no one seemed to care

However,no one seemed to care about "happy holidays" until Bil, O'Reilly started ranting about iton his show on Fox a few years ago. So whether consciously or not, this is an attitude created and fed by that channel.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And, your point?

And, your point?

the point

You didn't have to mention Fox for it to be apparent that you are following their War On Christmas playbook.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

God forbid that I should have

God forbid that I should have an opinion of my own on the topic and, just happen to believe that Christmas should be about Christ. We're not all Kool-Aid drinkers, Wayne. You people are so hung up on Fox, Limbaugh, Bush and Gingrich, that you can't even think for yourselves anymore. Unless Reid, Pelosi, or oBAMa say it, it just isn't so. Well, here's one you won't hear any of them say; Merry Christmas to you and yours.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Look at the books he wrote just on that alone for PROFIT....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

No doubt I vented but

Kristina Vindiola Gets Punched For Saying 'Happy Holidays:' Salvation Army Volunteer Harassed For Not Saying 'Merry Christmas'

but goes to show you how out of control it really is...what's next somebody is shot over this stupid nonsense?


JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Merry Christmas applies to

Christians ONLY....Jews and Muslims and Buddist and hundreds of many others of different religions don't practice it, so Happy Holidays is Universal. Since this is a Melted pot of over 7 BILLION on this planet, you would only care about yourself.....selfishness runs with the right wing mental thinking....

Using Happy Holidays, works for ALL, it is not so bigoted by your one way view like the right wing wants everyone to be.

Besides Jesus was a Jew and why would he care about Merry Christmas when he was born or is that in the Bible too, to celebrate his birth, but since it is not written.

Lets call it Merry Despair...or Merry Dismay....

That's right only Christians are allowed to celebrate.....Romans had it right---feed the lions....
the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ's birth, held on December 25 in the Western Church.
exclamation informal
expressing surprise, dismay, or despair.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There we have it ladies and

There we have it ladies and gents, another rant from America's expert in all matters. Matter solved; Jerry has spoken. That's MY one way view. By the way, it's not a 'melted' pot, it's a melting pot. If you're going to proselytize, do a little googling before you go spouting off.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You're proselytizing on the masses like the right wing force

their agenda for political contributions and FOX ratings just like your half quitter Gov. Palin.

Even according to many Christian scholars, Jesus was actually born in the spring.

In pre-Christian times in the wintertime, people celebrated Saturnalia or Winter Solstice. The original Easter was intended to celebrate the coming of Springtime.

In the A.D. 300's under the Emperor Constantine, the Romans stopped throwing Christians to the lions and decided to make Christianity the official state religion.

Therefore, the early Church Fathers knew they had to incorporate these holidays into the new religion or it would have been impossible to convert the masses.

In other words, Christmas and Easter are not in origin, Christian holidays.....It's Conservatives Who Really Want Christ Out Of Christmas.

Religious conservatives have NO understanding that they are the most hypocritical, least Christ-like and a stain upon our way of life. Take away health insurance , food stamps, shelters, unemployment benefits, voting rights all pertinent to right wing ideology against Christ and the churches teachings.

Atheists are often wrongfully accused of being communists. Ironically, the repression against religious freedom that went on in the former Soviet Union, because of how the Soviet Union demanded that it's citizens be atheists, is an excellent example as to why must always be a compete separation of church and state!

Our nation's Founding Fathers intended for our nation to be a secular republic, not an official Christian nation. So that every American can be free to either choose which religion he or she wants to practice, or even choose to have no religion, and choose to not worship any God or Gods, whatsoever!

The fools who want America to be an official Christian nation have no idea that eliminating separation of church and state would give the government legal authority to confiscate Bibles and other religious books not approved of by the government. And give the government legal authority to close down privately run churches and make attendance mandatory at government run churches.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Xmas or Christmas or Happy Holidays, what does it really matter

Those leading the fight to keep Christ in Christmas need to answer this simple question. What do you think Jesus would care about more: feeding the hungry and caring for the sick or requiring that all Americans say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”? The answer is clear to anyone who has ever read the Bible.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

proselytize with your hypocrisy

???? Show me where I am trying to convert?
Pathetic, the word "melted pot" was a typo, when the spell check kicked it in and went in without my notice...is that all you got you got? If that is all you got then you are one weak piece of cowflap...You the right wing righteous ones take fight for Xmas is the same as the likes of your Palin making trips across the country to politicize Xmas, to convert others in yours and her beliefs of how it should be posted and expressed.

You stand for Xmas and take away its purpose and meaning with all of your hypocrisy and deceit....

But here’s the glaring hypocrisy of the right: they want to keep “Christ in Christmas,” but they don’t want to keep Christ’s teachings in the policies they advocate. It’s as if there are two Jesus Christs. There’s the one in the Bible who advocates helping people in need, especially the poor. And then there’s the Jesus that conservatives worship, whose philosophy is to callously slash programs that help the less fortunate, from food stamps to health insurance to unemployment benefits.

I’m not a religious scholar, but it doesn't take a Ph.D. in religious studies to comprehend the basic teachings of Jesus. The New Testament is filled with passages where Jesus implores his followers to care for the poor. Arguably the best known is Matthew 25:34-36, where Jesus discussed the importance of helping people in need: “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

Yet the same people who demand that we keep Christ in Christmas also support cutting programs advance Jesus’s philosophy. We saw that in September when House Republicans voted to slash $40 billion from the food stamps program. If this had become law, it would've resulted in nearly four million Americans being deprived of these desperately needed benefits. So much for the, “I was hungry and you gave me food.”

Yet the focus of the right’s outrage is when a public school chooses to sing non-religious Christmas songs and opts for more secular ones. Or when a huge nativity scene can’t be constructed on government property. Why isn't their outrage directed at those who support policies that cause suffering to our most needy fellow Americans? These are the actions that truly contradict Jesus’s teachings.

Ya you are the hypocrites of Xmas....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated. Karl Marx

Well stated. Karl Marx couldn't have said it better himself.
When was the last time you bought a down and out person breakfast at a DD? Or, when was the last time you gave $20 to a street person and saw their face light up with genuine gratitude, or $200 to a family who faced eviction? How often have you gone to a local department store and paid off a few layaways anonymously for people you didn't even know?
Some preach it and some do it. I suspect you preach more than you do, but one thing you make abundantly clear is your hatred for conservatives. Real Christlike, eh?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

YOU DON'T DESERVE FACTS, since you can't handle the truth

I gave my neighbor $200 so he could retain a lawyer to try and save his house from foreclosure. The same neighbor I gave my bar stools, and bedroom doors from a remodeling of my home and refrigerator to . The same neighbor that I gave for 3 years my extra turkey or ham I got free from work for Thanksgiving and Xmas. Gave $300 to the red Cross for the earthquake in Haiti.

I gave an elderly woman of about 75 yo in the store line shipping and PAID FOR ALL her groceries of $65 since she was not having enough in food stamps and coupons. I gave the nursing home kitchen near my house 2 turkeys and a 2 hams from my secretary and myself that didn't want the free hams and turkeys from our asswipeemployer.

I help build homes for habitat for humanity. I donated my time to help build a church aon a ranch for the handicapped and blind and build a cabin for the Boy Scouts of America or renovate and restore cabins on the lake at Camp Courage here in MN for helping the disabled and kids that can't walk or play.

I always give money to the panhandler s on the curbs and outside of shops. I would save my dinner extras and give them to the homeless on the streets or in the doorways of shops when out of town on business in San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle etc..

I work in the community driving the elderly to vote and do community service when they can use me...
The many times I would do clothes drives for the DAV and other organizations to help the homeless. To drive to Mississippi to help those during the Katrina floods with my buddy co-workers and drive down in our semi full of donations, water and food and clothes.

YOU have no clue to the many times I have reached in my wallet and handed a family money on the streets when I see they needed it for feeding their kids.

Burn in hell you waste of skin that has no idea what it is to REALLY help others....No I do not hate Conservatives, I loath them to where they should be just like and with Ronnie Reagan today.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Burn in hell you waste of

"Burn in hell you waste of skin"....?????
Now there's a giving, Christian attitude that must make Jesus really proud to have YOU on his side.
..."I loath them to where they should be just like and with Ronnie Reagan today."
That puts you right there beside the Mandela hater. Enjoy your day, JERRY.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Left out years of monetary

Annually $1000 and more every year to all of the needy Boys and Girls clubs, Indian School Foundations, DAV, Help Hospitalized Vets, Cancer, Altimeters, Covenants House Habitat for Humanity and so many more other organizations each year for the last 25 years...

You are totally clueless and not worthy of breathing the same air as me...I Don't need to be a hypocrite Christian like yourself, to help others, it's called carrying about mankind and humans that can use a hand...and not get kicked in the teeth or stepped, or laid off and denied wages around Xmas time like your hero LePage or your likes of CONservatives as you call yourselves, all because they have less and are not worthy and are having a hard time in life for WHATEVER reasons...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"You are totally clueless and

"You are totally clueless and not worthy of breathing the same air as me"..
I shall add that to the list of the many things I thank God for every day. The air you breath is toxic with hatred for anyone who disagrees with you. You preach tolerance of others and look at you; you're a monument of hatred and self-aggrandizement. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back and enjoy yourself while the rest of us stand in amazement.


I guess they want Sharia law

People who are offended at the mention of any holiday that isn't Christian. I happen to be Christian but I don't need for everyone else to be. That's not my business.


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