Utility crew receives death threat by frustrated customer

SURRY — Bangor Hydro Electric Co. workers trying to restore power to residents here were pulled from the site Thursday after a threat was made by a customer to the service center. The dissatisfied customer in the area threatened to kill someone if his power was not restored, Bangor Hydro spokesperson Susan Faloon said.

The customer first approached a crew in his area and asked if the repairs they were working on at that time would restore power to his home, according to Faloon. He was told they would not.

The customer then returned to his home and called the Bangor Hydro service center to express his frustration.

Faloon paraphrased the man’s threat to the service center worker: “If that crew doesn’t turn around and get my power back on I’m probably going to lose it. I’m probably going to kill someone.”

And while Faloon acknowledged the frustration many are experiencing, she noted that “any kind of threat or harassment is going to be taken very seriously.”

“We get it,” Faloon said. “We have a lot of employees who are without power, as well.”

About six crew members were pulled from the Surry area as a result of the call, which likely will slow the process of restoration in that area.

The incident was reported to Maine State Police, who said they didn’t have any additional details early Thursday afternoon regarding whether there had been an arrest or charges filed against the caller.

Ellsworth police officers monitored the scene until the crew left. Lt. Harold Page of the Ellsworth Police Department said the customer did not return to speak with the crew.

According to Bangor Hydro’s website, 11,553 customers were without power on Thursday morning as a result of the ice storm that swept through the area earlier this week. The majority are in Hancock County.

At least 275 Bangor Hydro workers are in the field working to restore power, Faloon said. Another 98 people are answering calls and supporting the effort in the field.

Faloon said that repeated efforts to call the service center only hold up progress. She also added that customers should not take matters into their own hands and attempt to clear power lines themselves because some lines may be active.

“Any time customers go out and talk to our crews whether it’s threatening or not, it holds things up and it’s somewhat dangerous,” said Gerry Chasse, president of Bangor Hydro.

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JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

All said and done

That dang fool will have wished he just went back to his house and wait it out like the rest of the other thousands. I can bet if charged his fine and court hearings will cost , more than his non use of electricity.

Fool yelling at clouds was heard loud and clear and those neighbors who now have to wait longer due to this stupidity will not forget and forgive and they will know where he lives....

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Stupidity at it's finest............

People blaming the linemen for not having power, to folks blaming UPS for not delivering by Christmas, just blows my mind.
All you have to do is look out the window, it should become pretty obvious that these line men are not to blame for the power being out for so long. Looking at the entire UPS situation, trying to understand whats really happening, should be enough to make one realize the scope of the problem. No, there's always that small group who feel entitlement. I mean, look realistically at the problem. Last time I checked, UPS, still doesn't have magic crystal balls at their disposal. Granted making the same guarantee they did in previous years may not have been the most logical thing to do. How ever, anyone who is aware of the boom in on-line shopping, should assume the business will explode. Anyone who would rely on their gifts arriving anywhere on time, given the recent weather, and shear numbers involved, is partially to blame. I would never believe a promise so close to Christmas for a package to arrive on time. It's just plain unrealistic. I'm sure they were on target up to a certain point, but underestimated the number of late purchasers this year. There is only a finite number of packages that can possibly be shipped. Once you reach that point, all the promises or claims in the world won't get them there any faster. So I think people just need to chill out and have another "eggnog"


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