T. Shields: 'D' is for dishonesty

“D” stands for Democrat. Could it also mean “dishonesty?” Obamacare promises come to mind. When will people wake up and say, “Enough!”?

Our federal government is headed by a “D” president who takes frequent, expensive vacations. Where is he when tough issues arise? His Senate president, Harry Reid, helps by blocking any meaningful corrective legislation coming from the Republican House. Unbiased reporting of these matters is hard to find in the liberal media.

How should we judge the Sun Journal? Numerous articles and editorials seem bent on making Maine Gov. Paul LePage and his administration look bad; they do not always present a balanced report of both sides of the story. The SJ rarely publishes the voting record of our elected legislators and congressmen. The readers would like to know who is voting for liberal issues that defy common sense.

Maine’s current U.S. representatives march in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and have done so their entire careers. So, if a citizen wants to know how Rep. Michael Michaud would act if elected governor, look at his voting record in Congress. It follows the party line dictated by others. His actions speak volumes.

The Maine Legislature majority Democrats continue to throw their weight around and are proposing new taxes and spending. Maine’s sparse population and low average income limit Maine from funding what wealthier states can fund comfortably.

When will the Democrats realize this?

Our constitutional balanced budget requirement is their reality check.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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LOUISE PARE's picture

T. Shields. "D"

There are good things that Democrats do. Mr Shields should look for some and he could be happier .

Can tell from a mile away

SJ forgot to put the name of the writer on this letter in the printed edition today, but I just knew this was a Thomas Shields letter. How? For one, it's been two months, per SJ guidelines, since his last printed letter (MJ Newell's bi-monthly letter should be coming up any time now). But also the complete lack of supportable facts, the name calling that pretends that Democrats are the only dishonest politicians in Government.

Seriously, why doesn't the SJ just give Shields and Newell a monthly column for them to spew their fact-free rants so it'll be easier to ignore them?

AL PELLETIER's picture

I'm still laughing.

The SJ makes Lepage and his administration look bad. That's why I'm laughing.
It doesn't take the SJ to make him look bad, in that regard Lepage needs no help from the SJ at all.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

Name-calling ?!

Really, name-calling ? and on honestly-- when we got into a War built on a pile of lies by the Republicans-where thousands died and thousands were injured.

RONALD RIML's picture

Don't like the Lewiston Sun Journal, Thomas Shields??

You've obviously no problem hypocritically using it as your sound platform as often as you do.

Talk about being a "User" - Have you no shame????

AL PELLETIER's picture

Happy New Year, Claire and Frank

I sure do miss that "agree" option.
Dr. Shields hits another home run in the insanity world series.



Happy New Year to you too Al. Good luck with those pipes. I guess they named this one right. Hercules.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Same to you Al.............

We can only hope someone hears our plea for the "agree" button, now I have to find someone to thaw the pipes under my trailer. I'll start with the land lord.....................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Should have left your faucets

Should have left your faucets dripping, Frank.
Don't know what it's going to take to get the "agree" button back, but I doubt that it will be us that gets it done. For too many of us, the only thing we agree on is that we wan't the "agree" button. Maybe that's all we'll ever get back, is the "agree" button. Probably because we've worn out the "disagree" button.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Ya, I rememer now about leaving the faucets on.........

That's what happens after living in an apartment surrounded by other apartments for fifteen years, I forgot everything I ever learned about cold weather living. Fortunately, my tool box contains my land lords phone number.

JOANNE MOORE's picture


Do you have heat tape on your pipes? We do, it works a charm plus we leave the doors under the kitchen sink open and this never fails us. Before, we would get out a hair dryer and wait for the pipes to thaw. Bummer.

That tape is great stuff.

That tape is great stuff. Lost power (including the water pump and heat) two days last week, had running water again within ten minutes after the power returned.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Ya, they just finished up...................

My land lord just finished up, they put heat tape and insulation on the pipes. I guess someone left about a six inch gap in the skirting right at the water intake. I'm glad I didn't have to do the job...........


Unbiased reporting

Unbiased reporting is hard to find when the only thing you want to hear about is the reverberation of the echo chamber in your head. Obama doesn't want to tackle hard problems? How about killing Bin Laden, Middle East peace talks, the ridiculous cost of health care, a crashed economy, world wide terrorism, nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea, record unemployment, death of the US auto industry, immigration reform, ending two wars and closing Guantanamo not to mention helping the east coast hurricane victims. He has attempted all of these with Republicans blocking every legislation, appointment, and even peace initiatives even resorting to shutting down the government putting hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work and costing the economy billions. He has done this without resorting to starting new wars and for all the slimy names and innuendoes and false accusations Republicans have said about him he has never responded in kind. I don't believe there has been a president with a more challenging presidency since FDR. And for all these challenges the Republican solution has been new wars, no taxes, less government and to the sick" hurry up and die" and to the disabled" get a job" and to the hungry children "get better parents" and to women and immigrants "eat dirt".

FRANK EARLEY's picture

This letter has to be a joke..............

Blaming the Dem's for blocking any meaningful corrective legislation coming from the Republican House. Accusing the SJ editorial staff of making Paul LePage look bad? Unbiased reporting of these matters is hard to find?
It absolutely amazes me that anyone can say these things with a strait face. First of all, WHAT corrective legislation are you referring to? The only thing coming out of the worst Congress in American history, is total blockage on the part of Republicans. They have done nothing but, as well as bragged about, blocking anything the Democrats try putting forward. Good or bad, it makes no difference, it just needs to come from the Obama administration.
As for Paul LePage, he needs no help from the SJ editorial staff, or anyone else for that matter, at looking bad. He does this himself, every time he opens his mouth. He has no one else to blame. He has totally embarrassed the State of Maine on the national stage. As long as he's allowed to speak in public, he will continue to make himself look bad.
Unbiased reporting won't fix what's wrong with the Republican Party. If they actually do what is making them look bad, the only reporting to make them look good, would be telling lies.
Until there is change in the Republican mentality, these problems will continue. We won't have any improvement until they change their priorities, your next election shouldn't be your top priority. You were put in office for something more than worrying about what will and will not benefit your next campaign. Until elected officials start earning their pay, they get no sympathy from me.....................


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