Committee postpones meeting on CDC review because of weather

AUGUSTA — The Legislature's Government Oversight Committee postponed its Friday meeting because of the snowstorm that started Thursday morning.

The committee will meet at 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 21, to continue its review of the Report on Healthy Maine Partnerships' FY13 contracts and funding. It is scheduled to meet again on Friday, Feb. 28. Both meetings will be held in the Cross Office Building, Room 220.

At its last meeting in January, members of the bipartisan committee voted to invite a select number of officials at the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention to answer questions about issues raised in the Healthy Maine Partnerships report prepared by the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability.

Committee members had questions about the process the CDC developed to distribute funding to the HMPs in 2012. They also had questions about allegations that documents were destroyed to evade a Freedom of Access Act request from the Sun Journal and about documents that were created in response to that request.

All five officials who were invited to appear before the committee have declined. They are CDC Director Sheila Pinette; Deputy Director Christine Zukas; Debra Wigand, a division director; Andrew Finch, senior program manager for the HMPs; and Lisa Sockabasin, the director of the CDC's Office of Minority Health and Health Equity.

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JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Say bye jobs, finances and hello to Bubba and Big Jane

When Feds & GOC come thru the back door into this investigation and all it takes is ONE, with discovery, these 5 folks are cooked. The cover up is so transparent, and these idiots have no idea what a Federal investigation (FBI) can do to your nerves and your lives. Lying to Federal inspectors/Agents is a crime. Once the State then the Federal is done with them their lives will be a nightmare.

LePage won't be able to help them one bit while he is joining the other dirty Guvs' in the penal system.

Pauly as a teenager was a punk, bully, drunk and liar.... Ed or Pauline that raised him spoke of these many incidences, just like they told their closest friend (my mom) at their home and my home and out at their camp at Tacoma Lake...or when I drove Pauline and my mom to Florida back in 86'...

Paul LePage is a calculating power hungry liar, abusing his power...worst taking advantage of others lives for his gains.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

It is amazing to me.....

...........that these 5 people don't realize the gravity of their situation. Are they THAT stupid to believe they can just walk away from all this? Not by a long chalk!
LePage isn't going to protect them. I think he even may have threatened them. Not personally, maybe, but his kind have ways of making people act against their own best interests. I hope they come to their senses and come clean.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I had a bosses just like that---twice

They uses their minions to do the threats. They later Call you in the office after, than to try and make you sweat and shiver....The reality was my boss(es) found out, I dealt with and took people like him out...They feared me more.

My last boss 4 years ago found out, that there are people like me and others that will take you on and we have no regrets when the justice prevails and the bad guy is removed. They DO find out that they are not un-touchable or above the law.

After the Federal investigation and dealing with him and his staff, I had to testify against them in court,(where I was under Federal/State protection to move out of state 18 years ago) his kind of intimidation and threats failed on me. It takes people with principal and integrity to take on these bullies and the intimidation of bullies like LePage andChristie.

But those that think that the boss is going to protect them; they are living in la-la land, those two bosses I had, couldn't protect theirs.

These followers of LePage will go down and they will go down hard with no net.....just like my old bosses those minions have no jobs, no credibility and are BROKE....

AL PELLETIER's picture

Plenty of time

To issue subpoenas. Gitterdone!


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