Help from courage

It's truly unfortunate how many people are confused about Question 1 to be voted on in November.

Essentially, it is about redefining marriage. Think about it. How can the Maine Legislature vote such a law without bringing this to the people. Fortunately, signatures were obtained and as a result, we all now have the opportunity to vote on this important issue. Hopefully, Maine people will understand the pitfalls of allowing this legislation to prevail.

They need only to look at what has occurred in Massachusetts because of such a law.

Many parents are torn on this question because their children have adopted the gay lifestyle. They support their children because they do not want to lose them. Instead of seeing this behavior as a disordered lifestyle, they accept the lie that their children are born "gay." This is largely not so.

I believe it is, unfortunately, mainly a learned behavior. During adolescence they associate with those who are living that way and adopt that practice. It is a critical time in their lives and they need to surround themselves with upright Christians who are strong role models who can direct them in good moral behavior.

What is more important here? Supporting their children in the consequences of the prevailing homosexual culture of today or standing up for the truth of what it is: a disordered, sinful lifestyle?

Do not parents need to practice tough love?

Help is out there from a group known as "Courage."

Mary M. Roy, Lewiston

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Civil Unions will not lead

"Civil Unions will not lead to us wanting gay marriage". Remember those words?
What will be the next demand after gay marriage passes? Can any one of you enlightened savants tell me?


Shellby, this issue has

Shellby, this issue has never come up before in Maine.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Truth does not allow one to

Truth does not allow one to change one's mind; it is accepted, rejected, or distorted, but it remains truth. It is an inalterable law of the universe. And, no, truth is not what one perceives it to be. That is a major flaw in liberal logic.


We have a representative

We have a representative form of government. You know a Republic. "How can the Maine Legislature vote such a law without bringing this to the people." This is no argument in favor of Question 1. The "people" have no right to vote on a matter of rights. They didn't vote on the Bill of Rights. Why should they vote on marriage equality.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield


Let's be clear on the issue

Let's be clear on the issue to be decided Nov 3rd on Question 1. The Question voids a law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor that grants to any two persons the opportunity to be married should they meet current requirements. It redefines marriage in the same sense that the Loving decision of the SCOTUS redefines Marriage. It means that those partners who now can not get married will enjoy the same rights and benefits that those who now can get married enjoyed.
So far and confirmed by the leader of the opposition to marriage equality Rev. Emrich last night on channel 5, no argument has been advanced by opponents of marriage equality to overturn this perfectly constitutional law. Lacking any reason acceptable to the people they have made up a series of lies to first mislead people but really just to provide an excuse so they can vent their hatred of gays and lesbians on Nov 3rd.
Vote NO on 1 Nov 3rd
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

Mr. Spooner. Thank you for

Mr. Spooner. Thank you for your service and total understanding of freedom and equality. You're a good man.

Linda  Daigle's picture

gdls, as I stated, they are

gdls, as I stated, they are my thoughts, you have yours--that's how i FEEL--you were the one who chose caps first--just screaming back at you--thanks for making me glad I got all that off my chest though--I feel much better-what about you?

Linda  Daigle's picture

I have stated my case

I have stated my case before. I don't hate homosexuals--I just feel at this point in time, and for all the times this issue has come up for vote, it hasn't gone through. I consider myself a Christian, and my children were brought up in the church, but I do not attend church anymore for the express reason of the duplicity that resided in the church I attended. Pastors and Deacons, and other members of the congregation saying one thing on the pulpit and living a very different life during the week. I use my Christianity as my moral compass, and no matter what, am thankful I have it. I (me, not you) feel that Civil Unions are just as useful and serve the same purpose. If you are concerned that your wishes will not be served upon illness or death, get a will and keep it with your lawyer. I speak also as the sister of a homosexual. He himself has stated he doesn't see what all the fight is about. How he lives his life, and who he lives it with is his own business, and after having two long term partners in his life, he would be happy to have a partnership, or civil union, and wonders why calling it a marriage would make it any more formal, loving, or permanent.
I think what hurts me the most in all of this argument is the way people of faith are being mocked. I am trying to not be hurtful, and find myself choosing my words carefully, yet you mock my God, and the book that gives me (again, me, not you) faith and peace. I resent it, and wonder why to get your point across you make a joke of my faith. These are the reasons I question the end results of this election. If people are so hateful now, trying to get their way, how will it be once they get their way. You cannot tell me I have no reason to be fearful, the proof is in all these hateful, hurtful letters.

Linda  Daigle's picture

Wow, you Vote No people

Wow, you Vote No people really make me want to be on your team. So full of love, and desire to just make peace. These are the comments that will make me vote Yes. If this is how it is now, I hate to think of how things will be when it passes. As I have said before, you would help your cause more if you just kept quiet. These comments weren't that difficult to find, are just a few--there are tons more--again I have taken the bait and responded, when I have said I will respond in the election--have a nice day

Rex says new

Mary - you're a hateful bigot.

Rex says

Wow looky here another letter from a bigoted ahole. Making Maine proud.....riumph says new

triumph says new

I read the bible once. Too much sex and violence.
dr. dosh's picture
dr. dosh says new

. .AAaahhh, Salvation in a can * Pƒƒƒƒ† *

triumph says new

maddad, don't flatter yourself. No one gives a crap about YOUR acceptance.

gdls1 says new

Your god does not run this country; the people do.

Paris Patriot says

I just read down through the comments and am shaking my head at the typical buffoonery of the overly religious.

Have any of you morons read the actual same-sex marriage law here in Maine? I bet you haven't.

gdls1 says

This is another fact that gets ignored by the homphobic religious zealots.tron's picture
tron says

I gotta commend you for using your name and address. Most of the bigots that voice your opinion hide behind alias.'


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