Lewiston man pleads guilty to stealing drugs from UPS

A Lewiston man pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to charges of theft from interstate shipments and possession of controlled substances.

Nathan K. Brown, 24, faces up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine on the theft charge and up to one year and a $1,000 fine on the charge of possession of a controlled substance.

His sentencing is expected after the completion of a pre-sentence investigation report by the U.S. Probation Office, according to a written release by U.S. Attorney Thomas Delahanty II.

Brown worked for the United Parcel Service loading trucks in Auburn. Four times between March 29 and June 19 Brown stole packages that contained prescription pain relief medications, including Percocet and Oxycodone, from trucks he was loading, according to court records.

Those packages had been shipped from a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pharmacy to patients in the VA.

On July 2, agents from the VA Office of the Inspector General and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, with assistance from UPS workers, caught Brown as he tried to steal a fifth package that contained the prescription medications.

The case was investigated by the VA Officer of the Inspector General, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

This guy just happened to get caught...........

How safe is shipping medications thru the mail? My guess is, not very. Evidently as long as the drug manufacturer, and the Rx insurance company's get paid, there really isn't much concern for prescription medication winding up in the wrong hands. Case in point.
I just learned yesterday that my Part D insurance company changed the classification of the pharmacy I use. This has a huge impact on their profit margin.
Heading into my second month of several hundred dollar copay's for my meds, on top of my monthly premium, I began to smell a rat. It smelled suspiciously similar to the same rat I smelled last year at about this time.
I called my insurance carrier through Medicare, and got ready for an afternoon of arguing. I soon realized there wouldn't be much arguing after all, due to the language barrier. The guy didn't speak very goodly english. Well about the third try I got someone I could barely understand. Only to find out that my pharmacy, which I've been using for ten years now was no longer a preferred pharmacy. In other words my zero copay's were no longer available. So now I'm out three hundred dollars, and the only choices I have for preferred pharmacies in this area is K-mart, or Walmart. neither of which have drive thru's. Not being able to walk, I have become sort of accustomed to the drive-thru, but no more drive thru's for me. I actually tried telling her about my disability but was told, and I'm quoting here, "TOUGH", if that wasn't good enough I would have to use their postal pharmacy. Which brings me to the point of my post. How safe are narcotics in the mail or other shipping services. I'm doing my part as a patient in trying to keep these medications out of the wrong hands, and here we have the insurance company who could care less where my medications wind up.
Maybe it's time for the LEA's trying to prevent prescription drugs on the street, to start looking beyond the responsible patient, and closer to the source of the medications. I realize that I may be asking a bit to much to be able to purchase my medications from a "pharmacy / drug store". Maybe it's time to look a little closer at the distribution part of the industry. They could care less who or how anyone gets their meds, as long as they get paid......................


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