J. Timberlake: Different visions for Medicaid

Two bills before the Maine Legislature right now offer very different visions for Medicaid and the welfare system in general.

One, LD 1487, would expand free Medicaid under ObamaCare to more than 70,000 able-bodied adults. They are all of working age (19-64), 60 percent are under 45, 60 percent are men, 75 percent are single, and 42 percent of them smoke.

Supporters of Medicaid expansion want the state to pay $800 million for this proposal, even though the vast majority of these able-bodied folks can get low-deductible insurance on the exchange at no cost to the state if they are willing to chip in just $5-10 per month.

The other bill, LD 1776, would begin to pay Maine’s nursing homes what they are owed. They are currently underfunded by Medicaid to the tune of $30 million per year. LD 1776 would close one-third of that gap.

Maine’s nursing homes, and the people who work at them, have been squeezed for funding for years while the state has expanded Medicaid to cover more people. A full 68 percent of nursing home residents rely on Medicaid to cover their food and shelter, and several homes have closed or are close to it due to underfunding.

Medicaid and other public assistance programs were originally designed for children, the elderly and the disabled, not for able-bodied adults who can work.

I support LD 1776 but do not support Medicaid expansion. Maine seniors should be put back at the front of the line for services.

Rep. Jeff Timberlake, Turner

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Great idea Rep. Timberlake

Why didn't we think of this before? We can just ignore the many thousands of people, the working Poor, Those who fall between the cracks of the Affordable Care Act. Yes there will be some who are to poor to qualify for subsidized insurance. We just ignore all these people, and put the money instead into the Nursing homes in the state, by the way, not expanding Medicaid, there won't be any money to put into nursing homes.
However, by ignoring all these needy people now, we will largely reduce the need for nursing facilities in the future. By following LePages lead, we can kill two birds with one stone. Great idea Rep. Timberlake..................

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

He is self serving for the old and the white....votes is a Repub

best friend or it may be for his parents or relatives come first...or all about those of his ilk that have Medicaid and then it's all about protecting them and what's in for them for those that are already eligible and are more concerned about protectionism.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Now here's a real LePage clone!

Take the paragraph beginning with, "One, LD1487". These are the same old fabricated , distorted percentages LePage has been spewing, except for the "42 percent of them smoke". I think that's a freshly made up new one.

Take the paragraph beginning with,"Supporters of Medicaid". $800 million is a totally bogus figure conjured up be Alexander and his group of swindlers. Nothing in this paragraph is credible.

Take the paragraph beginning with,"The other Bill LD1776". Under Lepage's watch DHHS lost $20 million in federal funding for the mental health center. Rides for the needy has been a costly disaster with a million dollars now unaccounted for and, don't forget, Alexander's cool million. All funds that could have been used to repay Maine's nursing homes. Mismanagement 101 !

With Medicaid expansion millions of federal dollars(our dollars) could be used to address the nursing home problem without digging into the state coffers.

LePage is out the door in 8 more months. Anymore letters to the editor like this and you'll be with him.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

$800 million for this proposal,

The Alexander Group fabricated numbers...go figure...

Me Repub, me not smart, me want many people to die, me know they are all able-bodied adults, me think that they no need healthcare.
Rep. Jeff Timberlake, Turner


Me me me ...

Me dopey liberal. Me want cake, eat it too, somebody else pay. Me don't care if me sell kids and grandkids into indentured servitude. Me want free stuff now!

Geraldo the Plagiarist

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

SO, you can get this straight, Waldo,

All of your nonsense, stupid postings of photos, cartoons and text images you post all the time from others sites or Facebook is exactly what , Mr. Plagiarist?

Careful how you point that finger because three more at pointed back at you...Sparky....

GARY SAVARD's picture

Good One!

Good One!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Of Course it would amuse you Gary,

because for you, any simple thing amuses your simple mind.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


how you attack, it might not be on your best interest pal...

GARY SAVARD's picture

Sheesh, the pot calling the

Sheesh, the pot calling the kettle black, Jerry. You spit out insults like a brat I knew in the fourth grade, but feel threatened when someone gives it back, huh? Grow up , Jerry.


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