Legislature rejects LePage's energy bill

AUGUSTA — Maine lawmakers have rejected Gov. Paul LePage's proposal to use revenue generated from increased logging on public lands to help residents buy modern heating equipment.

The Democratic-led House voted 89-53 on Friday in favor of killing the bill that would take $1 million in timber harvest revenue funds to help residents buy things like heat pumps to lower their heating costs. The Senate rejected the bill on Thursday.

The Republican governor's administration says the harsh winter has caused heating costs to skyrocket for residents. It says the state should be doing everything it can to help residents lower their utility bills.

But environmental groups opposed the measure and the plan to increase the timber harvest, which they say will result in unsustainable overcutting of state's forests.

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RONALD RIML's picture

Is LePage still favoring Canadian Loggers over Maine ones??

It would certainly be better to employ our local folks than to send Maine $$$ to Canada.....

I agree Ronald. That could

I agree Ronald. That could have been worked out. The proceeds from the sale of the timber was going to go to helping Mainers modernize there heating systems and such. This bill would have helped a lot of people. It would have helped people be less dependent on the government and be more self reliant. How is that bad?

RONALD RIML's picture

We're all dependent upon government to a certain degree, Robert

Didn't the Portland Fire Department depend upon you as you depended upon the Portland tax payers........

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

He has investments in

the Maple Leaf country, of O' Canada, his first wife and two kids he has to pay alimony and support his kids habits...

Once again, Senator John

Once again, Senator John Cleveland turns his back on his constituents. In my opinion, Mr. Cleveland has no desire to reduce the burden on hard working Mainers. John, I look forward to November. I will NOT be checking the box next to your name!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Be Honest,

Tea potty jokers like you only vote for extreme right wing lunatics....you had no intentions....you wouldn't vote for a Dem, you are too fanatical with your flag hugging not tread on me patriot BS....

Jerry, you love making

Jerry, you love making assumptions. I will tell you though, I was raised in a union family, I have been a member in good standing in a union for the last 20 years and have held several positions of leadership in the union. Just thought I would mention that. So your teapers theory is just that, a theory. I am also the son of a Vet, and a Vet myself.

By the way, for some reason I cannot post anymore in the "Maine Republicans continue to push welfare reforms" thread.

If you would like open honest dialogue where there is no censorship, please, register for a free account at http://themainecitizen.com/ I look forward to discussing issues with you.

PS, I don't even own a "don't tread on me flag, and I do not vote party lines"

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Same in some and not in others it appears

Same here with Union family all my life, and IF YOU DID Read my credentials before he shut down the thread, it provides my background of many experiences. I too am a son of a DAV PH Navy NCO of 22 years WWII and I also am a DAV.

Good to see at least you have a Union upbringing only hoping you clearly see how we are attacked on all avenues by the right that want to shut us down. I hope you can see that in standing up for your Union heritage...I too being retired, remain a dues paying member, because I do not forget where I came from and still remain involved at meetings and other social activities. I have worn many hats in a Brotherhood that protects workers rights and dignity for a better life good wages with great retirement benefits.

Your avatar is a stamped "Don't Tread on Me Flag", so that is a bit off.
You questioned me remember that..you attacked me......also from your holding hands with MG as you know that he attacks your very background and securities? As Wayne had laid it out to you, you share the same seat as he and that labels you as like him.

Jerry, I am 55 years old and

Jerry, I am 55 years old and I remember when I was a kid how the paper mills abused the employees, thus the need for the unions. Today the pendulum has swung far to the other side where unions are actually strangling business. The pendulum needs to be swung to the middle where business can survive and the employees are treated fairly. There needs to be a happy medium.

I would love nothing more than to see Walmart unionized. ;-) A good part of Walmarts success is from government subsidies, infrastructure and land giveaways. I believe in the free market. The government should not be picking and choosing who wins and who loses. I could go on but this is not the venue for these type of discussions where the editor can come in and wipe the conversation.

Register at http://themainecitizen.com/ and we can continue the discussion.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

It has done some stifling, but

"Today the pendulum has swung far to the other side where unions are actually strangling business."

That may be on some but for my trade, that is still going on with abused workers at low pay, no benefits, no protect.

That is what is going to still happen if they are chipped away, it is a full circle, back to the poor standards all for profit share. I have sat on negotiating contracts. They is where they agree or not and mainly compromise. I sat on a board with the 10 largest millionaire contractors of MN and they will tell you they would go only Union for the reason of training, professionalism and productivity, contrary to what other ignorant people will say.

"The pendulum needs to be swung to the middle where business can survive and the employees are treated fairly. There needs to be a happy medium."

That I will agree to, when I questioned at an International Convention to our General President, has be contemplated that we could price ourselves out of the market. He said yes we could, but if the contractors that want to have Union trained, they will either stand, negotiate, compromise or leave...
We spend millions of dollars in our hundred of training centers all over the nation with a 5 million training facility in Las Vegas.

Other Unions are entirely different on all aspects and that is not fair to attack all for those that have their short comings.

It's a complicated subject. I

It's a complicated subject. I too have sat at the table many a times where management wanted to screw labor and labor was not willing to discuss anything. Like I said, somehow we need to get the pendulum back in the middle.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Think Hard and remember, your life securities,

anytime you think of voting for a Repub. They have made that promise to destroy your pension, mine and many others for the years to come. That alone is enough for me to never respect any, EVER......if they say they are not, they lie. We supported two in my local and they immediately turned coat on what they said they wouldn't do.

I have 3 members, Business Agents like myself and two sat on my Exec Board with me, that are 2 State Senators and one Rep here in MN..
I have close ties with what is going on at the political spectrum and with the RTW the other party promised not to do, they LIED, and TRIED and will continue to make workers have low wages,no benefits...that is reality....we had one of the largest contractors, Weis Builders in MN who addressed the Legislature and explained to them they were making a huge mistake...Joe Weis, of Weis Builders is a million dollar corporation and huge contributor to the Right wing and was for many years the GOP Chair...also McGough Construction addressed the same and said the same, the RTW is bad news.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Need to transfer out my wife's new PC that just arrived and repair the old one..later...


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