R. Houle: Watch the speed increase

The grand wizards at Maine's Department of Transportation have concluded, after extensive study, that the majority of drivers are exceeding the speed limit on our interstate highways by about 5 mph. They are, therefore, increasing the speed limits by 5 mph to match the current drivers' speeds.

After the new speed limits are posted, a new study will show that the new speed limits are being exceeded by 5 mph. If their aim is to bring every driver into compliance, that will happen only when hell freezes over, which will never happen because of global warming.

The only way to get a good average of how fast drivers are traveling is to remove all posted speed limits for one year and make another speed study. That should provide a good average for new speed limits which could involve some safety issues but would satisfy the number crunchers.

In the meantime, let's keep manufacturing and putting up new signs, thus helping out the economy.

Richard Houle, Lewiston

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Just an observation...

Last week as I was driving up to Bangor enjoying the new faster speed limit, some guy in an old red beater went by running about maybe 90. A few minutes later, a cruiser popped out of one of the "Authorized Vehicle" turnarounds and chased him down. As I passed them with that smug feeling we always get when we see that happen to someone else, I noticed another four sets of blue lights by the side of the road. Good old fashioned speed trap.

So this was their plan all along. Raise the limit, let people think didn't matter how fast they went, then BAM! (or WHOOP WHOOP! I guess...)

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Richard, I think the existing


I think the existing signs can be modified (i.e. relabeled). There is no need to manufacture new ones.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Never happen Richard

Because your idea makes to much sense (by Augusta standards) and the state will lose the speeding ticket revenue for one year. God forbid!


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